Naruto yawned as he lazily stretched his arms above him. He turned his gaze upon the sleeping form of the pink haired kunoichi lying on the hospital bed. Like Sasuke, he was shocked when he found out that the shadow they were chasing after was none other than the teammate they have been looking for.

"Sakura-chan, what happened to you?" he muttered. He sighed as he remembered hearing Sasuke asked the same thing.


Naruto was able to catch up to the shinobi he was supposed to capture. But he was becoming worried the enemy would escape since they already reached the valley near the border.

"No time to think about it…" he said as he conjured a kagebunshin to help him with rasengan. He focused his chakra on his palm.

He looked up to get a clear view of the rocks he will blow up to prevent the enemy from escaping through the valley.

As he finished rasengan, he jump to the rocks and targets the rocks above causing it to crash down, blocking the only path out of the valley.

"Oh shoot!" he gasped as he realize the blow was too powerful. The enemy was caught up with the explosion and had lost conciousness. He dragged the body away from the debris and check for a pulse. "Whew! That's close, Sasuke'll kill me if we won't be able to get intell."

He remove the mask and was slightly surprise to find out that the shinobi is in fact, a girl. He let out another sigh and carried the girl on his shoulder. He started his way back and look for Sasuke.

Naruto have no idea that the enemy Sasuke was chasing was none other than Sakura. He stood there gaping at the still body of their missing teammate in Sasuke's arms.

"What happened to you, Sakura?" Sasuke said as he stared at the girl wearily.

End of Flashback

It took a lot of effort just to tear the Uchiha away from Sakura's hospital bed. It was obvious he didn't want to leave not until he could see Sakura awake. The Uchiha haven't slept for two days straight since arriving at Konoha. He was so worried of the damage he caused but Tsunade confirmed that the deep wounds Sakura got were not from the fight with him. He have been watching over her, feeling guilty and at the same time relieved he was able to get her back. Good thing Tsunade threatened to ban him from the hospital if he don't go home and take a rest himself. She even went far as saying that it is Hokage's orders. Sasuke conceded and agreed to go home for awhile. Naruto assured him that he would notify him if anything happens.

He let out another loud sigh and started to pace around the room. He stop when he heard a soft knock on the door. "Come on in." he answered.

Hyuuga Hinata opened the door slowly. "Is it okay? I-I heard that Sakura is here so I thought…"

"Oh, it's you Hinata-chan! Come in…" Naruto said grinning, obviously glad to see Hinata.

Naruto offered her his chair and gave him a nod of thanks before sitting. "How is she doing?" she worriedly asked.

"Fine, I guess. Shizune-neechan had checked on her awhile ago. Most of her injuries had been healed but she hasn't woken up ye— " Naruto trailed off. He was distracted when he saw a slight movement on the bed.

Did she just move her hand? He asked himself, not entirely sure.

"What?" Hinata asked as she took a glance on the sleeping form of the girl beside her. Her eyes widened. "She's waking up!"

They both waited for the girl to open her eyes slowly. "Sakura-chan?"

The girl blinked several times before looking at their faces. She opened her lips to speak. "I-I'm n-not Sakura." She stuttered before hugging the blanket to her.

The two were shocked, both gaping at the pink haired girl who just denied that she is Sakura.

"But you are!" Naruto insisted. It's impossible because she looks just like Sakura. "I've known you for—"

"I don't know you!" she replied, just as confuse as he is.

"Don't you remember? I'm Naruto, your teammate. I've been your friend since we were kids." He said grasping both her shoulders.

"I-I don't know… I c-can't remember… Arrrgghh!" she screamed and put her hands on her head.

"Naruto-kun, calm down. You're scaring her." Hinata lead Naruto away from the panicking girl. The Hyuuga then quickly ran to the Sakura to calm her down.

"Sakura-chan, can it be that you have forgotten us?" Naruto murmured clearly stunned as he stared at the girls.

"What is going on here?!" Shizune said entered the room.

"I'm not sure, too. I have to tell this to Sasuke, now. I'll leave everything to both of you." Naruto said as he left Shizune and Hinata to deal with the terrified girl.


Sasuke was just about to leave his apartment when Naruto came barging in through his door.

"What the—?"

"Sasuke! Sakura-chan's awake! You gotta come to the hospital now!" Naruto said but Sasuke had already charged ahead before he could complete his last sentence.

"Teme, wait!" Naruto paled since he haven't explained to situation to the Uchiha yet. "Kuso!" he muttered under his breath as he tried to catch up with the Uchiha.

They were near the hospital when Naruto realize that Sasuke wouldn't even bother going through the door.

"Uh-oh… this is not good!" He let out another curse when he saw Sasuke immediately leaped through the window of Sakura's room. He sighed and then also jumped to the window.

Naruto had already predicted of this happening. He wasn't surprised at the scene that unfolded in front of him although a different thing could be said with Shizune and Hinata when they saw the Uchiha hugging the pink haired girl.

Tsunade who was also in the room raised her eyebrow at Naruto.

The blonde boy just shrugged. "Don't blame me. He was too fast so I wasn't able to explain properly."

Sasuke hugged the girl tightly and said, "I'm glad you're back."

The people in the room held their breath as they waited for Sakura's reply. They are worried the girl might start panicking again.

Sakura who had recovered from the shocked of being held tightly, slowly replied. "Wh-who are you?"

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