AN: Alright, here's where I'm coming from with this story. Lisa never got hold of a pen. She did make the call and unfortunately for the Keefe's, they did die. For those of you who have seen my other work, you'll quickly realize that I'm drawn to strong male characters that you just don't know all that much about. This little fic is for the downtime between chaps getting beta'ed for my other story.


Chapter One – According to Plan

"Come on." Jackson said calmly as he pulled a very traumatized and depressed Lisa along behind him. He needed to get them out of the airport, too many people and way too many cops. They'd made it all the way to the tram and off before Lisa finally spoke up. He was amazed, he expected a barrage of questions the moment they stepped off the plane but she'd remained rather subdued after finding out that Keefe's entire family was going to be along for the ride with him. He wasn't fond of killing kids either but you go where the work takes you.

"But you said..." Lisa began, putting little resistance into his hold. They weren't supposed to be going anywhere. He was supposed to get the call that it was done and then make his and call his dog out from in front of her dad's house.

"I haven't gotten the call yet Leese and we're not sticking around with so many friendly law enforcement types around. After all, I still remember your little bathroom message." Jackson put more force in his grip and led her to the loading and unloading portion of the airport.

"But my baggage..."

He cut her off again. "Isn't going anywhere for the moment."

To anyone else in the airport, the couple might have looked like they'd just had a bad flight; perhaps fighting even but no one would have guessed the true relationship of the two. Coconspirators in an assassination plot, even if one of them was unwilling in the whole thing. The moment they walked out of the sliding doors, near the Delta terminal sign, a large black sedan pulled right up to them in the slowly moving traffic lane and stopped. The engine remained on, the car was put into park and the driver got out and walked away.

Lisa never saw his face as the high collar on his light jacket, sun glasses and hat covered his features well. Jackson wasted no time in pulling her over to the passenger side of the car, opening the door for her and pushing her inside. He took a chance and didn't secure her to the dashboard with the cuffs he knew would be in the glove box and just walked around to the driver's side of the car instead with the hope that her quiet attitude would continue. Slipping inside, he noted that she made no move to try and escape but just stared out the passenger side window. He easily pulled into the moving lane of traffic and they were off.

Only then, did Jackson Rippner breathe a sigh of relief. They'd pulled it off. Well, at least he'd pulled off his part of the plan. He'd never liked it from the beginning and even though he'd voiced it several times, he'd been shot down. Quick, last minute jobs were always dicey and people seemed to allow the allure of too many dollar signs to drown out the fact that there were too many variables. Surprisingly, he'd been able to convince them all to wait until Keefe traveled to Miami instead of the original New York plan. It at least gave him seven weeks to plan the assassination and do a bit of surveillance on the key to the whole mission. After watching Lisa for six weeks, he'd insisted that he be the one to play the part on the plane. Not only did he not trust anyone else to do it but he also wanted to meet the attractive woman face to face. He hadn't done field work in over a year but when you have the gift for this sort of thing like he did, you really don't lose it, like riding a bike.

He was actually surprised that he'd pulled it off. Even with him playing the key role, he still only gave the operation a fifty percent chance of success. If it didn't, then they had a backup plan to get him later on in Miami, granted that no one suspected anything out of the ordinary and Keefe's security detail didn't change up the routine. But now here they were, heading out of the airport parkway just as he'd planned out with his mark sitting surprisingly docilely next to him. He now had two options on how to deal with her but he'd made up his mind on the plane after their little tussle in the bathroom. Yeah, he knew what he was going to do.

"Thirsty?" He asked the woman next to him. When she didn't respond, he grabbed behind the seat for the cooler that he knew was there and pulled out two bottles of water. The two bottles were identical save for the barely noticeable raised bump that graced one of the caps. He gave that one to her or at least he held it out to her for a few moments and then set it in her lap when she didn't make a move to take it. He then opened his with the hand he'd kept on the steering wheel and took a long draught of the refreshing and cool liquid.

They drove in silence for several minutes before Lisa broke her self induced, almost catatonic state. "Do you have any aspirin?" She asked, reaching for the bottle in her lap and twisting open the cap. She didn't notice the mark on the lid just like she wasn't supposed to.

"Sorry Leese, fresh out." He answered and inwardly smiled as he saw her take a long drink of it, though he made no outward sign of how pleased he was. Just then, his cell phone rang and he pulled it off his belt and flipped it open. "Yeah?" He asked into the phone. "Alright, sounds good." And then he hung it up. He briefly looked over at Lisa who was looking at him expectantly. "It's done." He said and turned his attention back to the road. He knew she was still looking at him, waiting for him to make his call in return. The one he'd told her he would. "I'll make the call as soon as we stop."

"But you said..."

"I know what I said and I'm still going to make the call so sit back and relax." He could see the look out of his peripheral vision that clearly said, 'relax, yeah right' but she did sit back and look out the passenger window again. Several minutes passed and though she hadn't expected it, Lisa did in fact begin to relax. Then her relaxation turned into grogginess and by the time she looked down at the half consumed bottle of water in her hands and put it all together, it was too late. She was out a few seconds later.