You know how people are always writing fanfictions where Zim ends up falling in love with Dib/Gaz/Tak/insert OC here, but they always ends up being completely out of character? I know I do. Now, most people are able to let it go for the joy of fluff, but not me. Nope. This is a fanfiction about ZATR, and I'm going to do my job as a writer to keep them both in character!

This chapter is supposed to be short, just getting down the setting.

Perhaps I'll end up scrapping the project later if it proves too hard, but until then, enjoy.

"My Tallest, wait'll you see my next plan for destroying the humans. It's brilliant!" Zim rambled excitedly into the transmitter.

"Ah, Zim? We're kinda busy today with…ah…" Tallest Purple said, trying desperately to figure out someway to get this annoyance to go away.

"Our snack inspections!" Tallest Red leapt to the rescue.

"But I haven't told you about my plan yet! You see, I'm going to focus their sun's powers, and make all their plants-"

"Look, Zim. The snack inspection is very important. Why don't you call back later?"


"Glad you see it our way. Bye!" And with that, they hung up.

Zim stared at the screen in momentary disbelief, then turned to the elevator. Couldn't the Tallest see that this plan was pure genius? Didn't they want to watch as he destroyed the humans? Well, the snack inspection did sound pretty important. Maybe he should wait until they were done to unleash his plan.

WARNING. Intruder at the door.

"Eh? Oh, alright. Computer, take me to the kitchen." The elevator doors opened, bringing Zim up the toilet passage. Climbing out, he saw GIR and Minimoose were watching…that show.

"That monkey…" Zim muttered as he glanced briefly at the screen as he headed towards the door. Upon opening, his jaw dropped in shock.