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Inspired by the ficThe Stroll Down Death Road by www. Wrathchan .com (remove spaces before searching). A great story.

I went searching for more like it but couldn't find any and was deeply disappointed. So with the help of my friend I have been writing this. It is set in 1910, while they are in Central. There will be eventual Royai, probably not much but at least there will be some. There also might be some OCxOC. I have three OC's in this story so far. I've already written up to I think about Chapter 12 and have thus far typed up 3.

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Chapter 1

The stench of…

"Lieutenant?" Colonel Roy Mustang called as he poked his head out through the gap between the open doors of his office.

Second Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye looked up from her work "Yes, sir?" she replied.

"Could you come in here for a minute?" he asked and vanished back into his office without waiting for a reply.

Hawkeye set her pen on her desk and stood, pushing her chair out as she did so. She walked over to Mustang's office door and pushed it open enough to allow her to pass through. She entered the office and closed the door. When she turned to look at Mustang she noticed that his back was to her.

"Sir?" Hawkeye called, unsure if he knew of her presence.

Mustang turned around and Hawkeye couldn't help but give a half-snort at the ridiculous, but clever, contraption on his face.

Nose clips.

She sniffed and grimaced.

"Can't get away from the smell, even in here?" she half-asked, half-stated.

He shook his head. "Nope."

He then threw a small object at her which she easily caught.

She opened her hand and looked at the object.

"Thank you," Hawkeye said as she put on the nose clips. She sighed in relief "At least it's not one of those smells you can taste," she thought aloud, her voice sounding congested due to her forcefully blocked nose.

Mustang sat down at his desk and beckoned Hawkeye closer. He folded his hands on the table and Hawkeye stood at attention on the other side. Both looked serious, well as serious as they could with nose clips on.

"At ease, Hawkeye," Mustang said, his voice congested as well.

She relaxed and awaited Mustang's orders.

"I have an errand that I need you to run," he told her.

"'Errand', sir?" she spoke carefully.

"Yes, errand," he replied "I just need you to deliver these files" he lifted a small stack of files and set them back down "to Brigadier General Tromp."

"Tromp? Tromp?" Hawkeye muttered thoughtfully "Um, he's the General with brown hair that's starting to grey, dark brown eyes that look black and is about 6'4", right?"


"He's all the way on the other side of the building and the easiest way to get there is to go through the male temporary dorm area. That's still cordoned off after Fullmetal's 'super stink bomb' accident."

"'Super stink bomb'?" Mustang said cautiously, almost afraid to know.

"Yeah. Apparently it was intended for this office, sir. All I can say is thank god it backfired and went off before he could get here," Hawkeye replied.

"Mmm," Mustang nodded quickly "Thank god… I think."

"Well, I'll take the files and be back soon, sir."

"Good, good," Mustang said as he handed Hawkeye the files to be delivered.

Hawkeye took a deep breath, removed the nose clips and handed them back to Mustang.

"Keep them," he said, pushing her hand back towards her.

"Thank you," she breathed out. Consequently, this led to her having to inhale again. She grimaced. "If Havoc could smell this" she gestured to the air around her, clearly meaning the smell hanging in the air and soaking into everything "he'd agree that bean burritos do not agree with him."

She turned and walked to the door, pocketing the nose clips as she walked. She opened the door and walked out.

Before she closed the door, she heard Mustang laugh heartily and mutter "Who do they agree with?"

A/N: Just a little humour to kickstart things. Everything twists in the next chapter. The real action begins in Chapter 3.

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