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Chapter 17


Riza's teeth chattered as her body shivered in a futile attempt to keep itself warm.

She had no clue what time it was. She guessed it was mid- to late- morning or early afternoon. It was really hard to tell, the light was slowly dimming. It wasn't dimming like if the sun was setting, more like clouds or something was blocking out the sun's light.

Both of her arms were completely and totally numb. She couldn't move them at all unless she really focused. Of course, her mind was in such a groggy state that she couldn't focus on something as trivial as that for more than a few seconds. As well as that, it hurt to move her arms, especially the left one.

The same went for her right leg. It was numb through and through. It was easier to move than her arms but it caused even more pain to move her leg.

The only limb that she could move without pain was her left leg. Not that it did her much good. Standing wouldn't do much for her.

Her eyes started to slide shut. As soon as they were closed they shot straight back open. She couldn't fall asleep. If that really had been Edward and another military officer she'd seen earlier, and not just another hallucination, then help should arrive soon.

Hanging there, forcing herself to stay conscious, she felt useless. Completely andutterly useless. This was the first time she'd ever felt truly helpless. It scared her.

Three out of four of her limbs were unusable and even if they weren't and she wasn't chained up, she had no weapons. Sure she could do hand-to-hand, but it really wouldn't do much good if her opponent was armed with a knife.

Her amber eyes started to slide shut again. She let them.

She would just rest her eyes for a minute.

Just for a minuteā€¦

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