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"Hurry up Terri, the train is about to leave" Terri ran to the station and hugged her mom.

"Thanks for everything. I'll call you when I get there Mom""You better! Take care. I love you" Terri

smiled and got on the train. Terri gave her ticket to the man and grabbed a seat. "I hope your ride

will be enjoyable Ms… Fletcher." the man smiled and gave her back the ticket. "It will, thank you"

Terri grabbed a pillow and started to drift off. She awoke with the train blowing it's

horn. She got off the train and found a taxi. This time I will not let anyone steal anything, she

thought. She laughed remembering what had happened last year. When she arrived to the dorms she

smiled and called Jay. Jay was Terri's boyfriend from the summer before.

"Jay, I'm here" "Hey Terri" She smiled when she heard his voice. "Wait right there!", he told her.

She stood there and saw him come down the hall. She squealed and hugged him.

"I missed you!", she squealed again. "That's good because we would have a problem if you didn't." Terri

smiled and kissed Jay. "Guys go get a room!" Terri knew that voice and turned around. Denise and Kiwi.

"Guys Oh my gosh!" She ran and hugged Denise. "So up to being roomies again?", Denise smiled."So where's

Robin and Sloan?", asked Terri. Jay laughed and looked at Kiwi. "Well you won't believe this but there

off together in England." Terri opened her mouth and couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Are you

serious?", Terri exclaimed. "No Joke", Jay laughed." Well Robin must have changed", Terri laughed and

grabbed her suitcase. Just then a girl rang the door and Jay ran to it. "Ask her the password", Terri

laughed and starting walking with Denise. "I'm going to go grab some grub want anything?", asked Kiwi.

"Yeah, I want caffeine", Denise replied. "Same here", Terri replied. "Two cokes got it" Kiwi ran off and

Jay came up with the new girl. "I was wondering if you would ever come back", laughed Terri. Jay smiled

and introduced Terri and Denise the new girl. " This is Laura, she plays the piano, flute and sings" Terri

noticed the girl was drop dead gorgeous. "That's awesome!", Denise smiled and shook hands. "Need help with

anything just ask", said Jay and grabbed Terri's hands. "Jay! Don't just leave her here ", whispered Terri

. "She'll be fine with Denise. Right?" Denise nodded and Jay took Terri's suitcase. After they had put her

suitcase in the room Terri and Jay went up to the roof. "Our secret getaway" Jay smiled and kissed Terri.

"This is one summer not to forget", whispered Terri. Jay held her close and they rocked back and forth looking at the stars.

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