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"Showtime," Jinx thought to herself as she let herself fall through the newly-made hole in the ceiling (courtesy of Gizmo) of the Jump City Bank. She gracefully landed on her platform shoes and looked around the bank. The tellers' booths were all empty. The air was still. The only noise she could hear was the chattering above the ceiling. Gizmo, Mammoth, Billy Numerous, and See-More were up there ready to come down once Jinx confirmed that the coast was clear, while Kyd Wykkyd stood on top of the roof of the bank, ready to teleport to the rest of his teammates if the Titans or the cops were on their way to the bank. Jinx saw a red light in the corner of the room, obviously one from a security camera. Pink waves shot out from her pale outstretched hand at the camera, which immediately shattered into pieces and fell to the ground. Her pink eyes scanned the room for any other cameras. After seeing that she had destroyed the only camera in the room, she looked dead ahead at the locked vault about ten feet away from her. "This is going to be easy," she muttered to herself, showing a small smile. "You guys can come down now!" she shouted.

"Crud!" she heard Gizmo yell from above her head.

"What happened?" Jinx asked, slightly annoyed, eyes still fixed on the vault.

"The hole's not big enough for Mammoth! The crudsniffer's stuck! I can't push him down!"

"Are you kidding me?" the pink-haired witch replied, craning her neck back and tilting her head up to see Mammoth's legs and lower abdomen in the hole. His legs were kicking back and forth as he strained to get down. She slapped her forehead and thought of a few things to tell her teammates that were along the lines of: "Why do I even bother with you guys?" Instead of saying what was on her mind, she fired a hex at the ceiling and moved out of the way while Mammoth came crashing to the ground, along with parts of the ceiling, and Gizmo.

"Er, thanks," Mammoth said sheepishly, not bothering to stand up. Gizmo got up immediately and said a few curses under his breath while he made his way over to the vault. He took out several mechanical devices and got to work on getting it open.

"Enough messing around, guys," she said sternly. "If we don't finish cleaning the vault out in fifteen minutes, I'm sure that the—"

"Don't worry about it, Jinx," See-More said, dropping down from the hole and landing two feet away from her. "We can beat the Titans."

"Yeah, no sweat," Billy Numerous said, also jumping down from the hole and landing on top of Mammoth, who was still on the ground. Once he realized where his foot was, he said, "Er, sorry partner" and backed away from the giant. Mammoth grunted in response.

"I remember the last time we were close to beating the Titans, and it was because Robin for who knows what reason had a pacifier in his utility belt, Beast Boy was wearing a bunny suit, Raven had a yellow dress on, and the others were dressed ridiculously as well!" Jinx yelled. "What does that say about us? Come on…please, please pull off this robbery," she pleaded with her team. Even though Jinx had put thoughts of joining the Brotherhood of Evil out of her mind for the moment, she still wanted the Hive Five (or six) to be the top teenage group of villains in the nation, and maybe even the world one of these days. They were lazy and idiotic sometimes, but Jinx deep down did think that the group had potential.

"Yeah, yeah, just keep your mouth shut," Gizmo said as he cracked the vault open, a satisfied smirk on his face. "Man, these vault locks are getting easier and easier to open."

"Whatever," Jinx sighed. Mammoth was approaching the vault when a blur of red and yellow zoomed by him and shut the vault. An alarm went off and a red light filled the bank that went on and off.

"Not again!" See-More whined.

Kyd Wykkyd appeared in the bank, rising through the floor of the building. "He's alerted the Titans."

"Who?" Mammoth asked, confused as always. He got up from the ground and shook some ceiling debris out of his orange hair.

"Kid Flash!" Kyd Wykkyd yelled. "We should get out of here, now."

"I agree," Jinx said, trying to hide her smile that appeared once the name of the super fast superhero was mentioned. "Hive Five! Move out!"

The Hive Five busted through the door of the bank and moved up the street to headquarters. It was about two miles away. Each member of the Hive Five was thinking that the group needed to invest in a vehicle or something (except for See-More and Kyd Wykkyd, who could actually fly). The red and yellow blur ran past them and cut them off. It then circled around the Hive Five and before they had a chance to catch it, it sped off in the same direction from whence it came, which was the complete opposite direction of the Hive Five headquarters. The group of teenage super villains stood in their places for a minute or two, eyes either staring off into the distance or giving awkward glances at each other, very confused as to what had just happened.

"That was…strange," See-More thought aloud after the two minutes of silence.

"Yeah! I agree," Billy Numerous said, while scratching his head and dividing in two.

"Same here!" his duplicate said, also scratching his head.

"The idiot probably got scared of us," Gizmo said, a proud grin forming on his face. The other males of the Hive Five looked at Gizmo as if he had just grown another head. Gizmo was the technical genius of the group, but his assumptions like that were almost always wrong.

Jinx said nothing. She only stared at the beautiful red rose that somehow managed to find a way into her hand.