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"I blame you for this, you know," Jinx chuckled, lightly elbowing Kid Flash's side as they walked to her room. "If it wasn't for you, this past week wouldn't have been so confusing. I swear I'm going to wake up with a headache tomorrow, and it's going to be your fault."

Kid Flash put his arm around her shoulders and said, "You're welcome," with possibly the biggest smirk Jinx had seen in a while. "So, what changed your mind?"

"Are you going to gloat?" she laughed.

"Maybe a little," he joked.

"Ah, fine, well, I just don't think I'm cut out for this. Robbery, I can do, but the whole 'take over the world' thing seemed a little pointless, and I know several examples of 'city conquest' that ended in complete and total failure. The best villains, though, are the ones who have these amazing world domination plans, or…I don't know, something big like that. Thieves don't get as much publicity, and well, I want to be somebody."

"Aw, so this had nothing to do with me?" he nudged.

"Not a thing," she grinned. "Anyway, I have to pack up and get out of here, soon. There's no sense in living here anymore." Once she and the teenage speedster entered her room, she warned, "Don't trash it this time."

Kid Flash was about to tell her that she was the one who ripped her bed to shreds, not him, but he decided it'd be best if he didn't mention it. While Jinx went over to her closet to find a suitcase, he walked over to her night table and picked up her sketchbook. He flipped through the pages and thought to himself. "Wow, she really likes unicorns. They take up about fifty pages here, and hey, what's this? Oh, wow…I had no idea…"

"Jinx?" he spoke, looking over at the pink-haired witch neatly packing purple and black stockings into her suitcase.

"Yeah?" she responded, not looking up.

"These are really nice drawings. Part of me was worried that you threw out the roses."

She scoffed at the idea of that. "I'd sooner marry Beast Boy."

Kid Flash imagined the pairing. It was certainly odd. She was so pale, and he was so green. Their children…would they be lime-colored? He stopped his daydreaming and asked, "Right, so, if you're leaving the Hive Five, where are you going?"

"I…don't know," Jinx said truthfully. At the moment, she had only been thinking of leaving, and just leaving.

"Well, after returning about a hundred stolen items, my apartment now has enough room if you'd like to be roommates."

Jinx thought for a moment. She figured it was either that or Titans Tower, and she had a feeling they wouldn't let her stay the night after that time her, Mammoth, and Gizmo took over the tower. "Um, sure, that sounds good," she said. Then she sighed. "I don't think I can pack all of this stuff into one suitcase."

"No problem," Kid Flash said. "Is that one full?" After seeing Jinx's nod, he grabbed the suitcase and ran out of the room. When he returned about five seconds later, it was empty. "Okay, continue packing," he said. Jinx smiled and continued to put various items in her closet into the suitcase. While she did this, Kid Flash got a little restless. "I'm going to, uh, take a tour of the lair, if that's okay with you."

"It's fine," she said.

Kid Flash sprinted down a hallway and saw a door with Mammoth's name printed near the top. He opened the door and walked in. He noticed that everything in there was huge, including the refrigerator. He opened it and stared inside. It was mostly empty, except for a box of apple pie. Feeling not in the mood for pie, he closed the fridge and decided to move to someone else's room.

The next room in the hallway was See-More's room. The décor was a little strange. The color of the walls alternated between black and white. There was a door painted black on a white wall. Kid Flash opened it and there appeared to be about seventy different optical illusions staring at him, along with bright colors masking hidden images. He shut the door immediately, feeling a little dizzy from the bright colors. "Okay, next room," he thought to himself.

Billy Numerous' room had the most beds by far. They were all twin-sized beds with red sheets and red pillows. His closet was enormous as well. What really cracked up Kid Flash was the number of pictures decorating the walls. They were all of Billy (or more than one) posing in parodies of works such as "American Gothic", "The Scream", "Washington Crossing the Delaware", and others. Kid Flash opened the door to Kyd Wykkyd's room and seeing as it was completely dark, and he kept groping the wall for a light switch, but couldn't find one, he decided it would be best not to go in.

The last room down the hallway was Gizmo's room. It was filled with half-finished inventions. There were scraps of metal on the floor, on a table in the center of the room, and on his bed. His room was the only one with a computer, he noticed. Other than the welding torch and the machinery, it was a fairly normal room. "Alrighty, then, I think I'm done," Kid Flash said to himself. He ran back to Jinx's room, which was pretty much cleared out, save the furniture, which would never be able to fit into her suitcase.

"You ready to go?" he asked.

"Yep," Jinx said.

A few days later, Jinx came running up the stairs to Kid Flash's apartment. She had just finished her morning jog and was feeling pretty good after the endorphins kicked in. It hadn't taken long for Jinx to start calling the place home. Once she entered the living room in his apartment after leaving the Hive Five, the whole place felt more like a place to live than a place to sleep.

Her only problem was training. Kid Flash just ran around outside whenever he patrolled, and so he didn't have any exercise equipment in his apartment. He mentioned that the Teen Titans probably had equipment that she could use, but she still didn't feel like talking to the Titans much, especially since they had no idea she had left the "dark side", and so she went a while without feeling the adrenaline rush that came from dismounting a balance beam and sticking the landing.

When she got out of the shower after her jog, she saw Kid Flash on the phone, saying he'd "be right there." He looked worried.

"What happened?" she asked.

"It's the Brotherhood of Evil," he said, a little panic in his voice. "They froze Robin. One of the Titans informed the police, and well, they called me for back-up. I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty big battle. They have every villain I can imagine there, as well as a bunch of superheroes, but the problem is that most of them are frozen, or at least that's what Arnold told me."


"He's the captain of the police."

"Oh, I see. Right, okay, I'll be ready in five minutes, and then we can go. I'll try to hurry," Jinx said, running over to her closet and pulling out an outfit. She ran back to the bathroom, closed the door, changed quickly, and came out. Her hair was still a little wet, but if Kid Flash was carrying her, it would dry in two seconds.

"The base is in Paris," he explained lifting her up bridal style, "and so it might take me a few minutes to get there."

"Sure," she said. She never admitted it to him, but she liked being carried like that when he ran. He was off and the scenery flew by in a flurry of images. They passed the city in a few seconds, and before Jinx knew it, the boy was practically flying across the Atlantic Ocean. They approached land again, and after a minute, Jinx knew that they were in Paris. Once they were outside of the Brotherhood's base, he put her down and they stared at it. Even from the outside, they could hear a battle going on.

"Aw man, we're missing out on the fun," Kid Flash said, good-spirited as ever. "Hmm, looks like we'll have to go through the wall. Hold my hand."

Jinx nodded and took his hand. She felt a little dizzy for a couple of seconds, but before she knew it, she was inside the base. She let go of his hand and watched him run to battle. She saw the Hive Five and thought that this was going to be a lovely surprise for them.

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