Welcome to the Zodiac Host Club

By: Ochako107

Standard Disclaimer

A/N: Well everyone... took me a while to do it but here is the end. (Silence) I'm sorry! I couldn't let it go! Gah... I tried really hard so I hope you enjoyed our journey. I must say I enjoyed writing this as much as I hope you enjoyed reading this. I put so much effort into this story and with all your awesome reviews cheering me on, it made me want to make it as best as I could. So one last time, thank you to all my readers out there. Without you, this story wouldn't have made it as far as it did. So without further adieu... Good bye to the Zodiac Host Club.


Warm sunlight filtered through the windows as Tohru shuffled around in her large cozy bed. She felt like she'd been sleeping a hundred years, all with the same continuous dream. She was walking through a storm in a ratty wedding gown. She tripped and blanked out and upon waking up she found herself in a house of unimaginable fantasy.

A Host Club.

How odd to stumble upon a house of men that wanted to make girls happy...

...What a dream...


Tohru snuggled deeper into her sheets. She could remember a part of her dream where a silver haired man woke her up by nearly screaming in her ear. Instantly she opened her eyes fearing to be scared out of her wits again. Her blue eyes only met amber ones staring back.

Kyo smiled next to her, his head propped up with his hand as he gave her a goofy grin. "What's with the shocked face? Crappy dream?"

She leaned closer to him and kissed him full on the lips. "Not really. Not at all actually." She began laughing. A dream? This definitely was not a dream! "Good morning..." she muttered after a moment.

"Morning," Kyo responded. "I would have let you sleep more, but we're supposed to go to that stupid-- I mean--" Kyo thought a moment, "important party Ayame is throwing."

"Another Blossom Ball?"


Tohru sat up as the sheets pooled around her. Kyo never saw such an angelic sight with the sunlight shimmering and highlighting her brown hair. He remembered wondering what it would be like to wake up next to the angel next to him. "Well, what is it for?" Tohru asked while tilting her head to the side.

He always found this adorable.

"I don't know."

Tohru popped out of bed and ran to the dresser to pull out some clothes. "Ayame might need some help! Gosh, I'm so lazy; I should have woken up much earlier!" Reaching on top of the dresser, she checked her cell phone to see she had a missed text.

'Morning, Sugar Bunny! We can't wait to see you later for the party! You'd better be prepared, ahhh! I've been waiting for this day! Kagura-chan.'

Kyo leaned over Tohru's shoulder while yawning, "What that?"

"AH!" Tohru snapped her phone shut and stuffed it in her pile of clothes she was going to change into. "Um, you know, Kagura-chan sends odd messages to me sometimes. She's excited to see us, that's all."

'What's she been waiting for today for anyway?' Tohru thought to herself as she began dressing for the day.

Kyo turned around, still not used to the idea of changing in the same room. Sure, they slept together and all, but watching her dress seemed almost like a tease.

'Oh, you're so perverted...' his mind scolded. 'So what?' He argued. 'At least I turned around! Not that I don't want to look… but that's the not it! She might think I'm a creepy!' He could see a miniature him turn around and cross his arms. 'Whatever, perv.'

"Kyo!" Tohru laughed seeing Kyo standing in a corner with his face bright red. She was still holding her shirt in her hand as she put her other hand to his forehead. "Why are you so red?"

Kyo tried not to notice she was only in her undergarments. "N-Nothing."

She gave him a stare. "Are you afraid to see me naked? I mean, we have already…"

"NO!" She was taken back from that. "N-No, that's not it, I just... argh!" Kyo went to the dresser and got his own clothes. "It... it's you know... not polite or whatever..."

Tohru blushed and looked down at her feet while twirling a strand of long hair between her fingers. "Oh. I'm sorry..." She looked up at him with big puppy eyes.

He wanted to reach out and kiss her right then and there and never leave the bedroom but he turned around, controlling himself. "Such a tease," he muttered under his breath as he took off his sleeping shirt. He was about to scold himself again when he felt her arms wrap around his back. He paused and looked behind him to see Tohru holding him close while staring at nothing in particular.

"But Kyo, you tease me too..." she muttered innocently.

Kyo froze in his place. "T-Tohru, come on, we're never going to leave with you acting like this!"

She once again looked up cutely. "What do you mean?" She watched Kyo's face scrunch up again and she laughed. She knew what she was doing. She let her fingers trail away from his stomach while sighing. "Okay, I'm sorry." She moved away from him but suddenly felt his strong arms hold her again.

"Don't think you got away from teasing me so easily." He bent low to catch her lips with his. Boy, he never got tired of kissing her. He deepened the kiss hearing Tohru respond to him.

She stared at him and broke into a grin. She pushed him away playfully. "Oh, come on, mister. We've got to get over to the main Sohma house." She watched Kyo only stare at her, his bare chest revealed for her to stare at. How did she end up this lucky? He was too good to her. She shook the thoughts from her mind, worrying more about trying to help out with the party. She went to the bathroom to finish getting ready. "We can... finish this later..." She heard Kyo curse and she closed the bathroom door.

Tohru and Kyo sat in the car, on their way to the estate. As Tohru watched the scenery flash by the window, she only thought of all the events that occurred a year ago...

...it seemed so long ago.

Her life seemed so alive now, so much brighter with people she really loved and cared about. She turned to Kyo who was driving the car and then back to the window. She watched a bird fly with traffic almost like it was racing the cars as it dashed low and high before taking off into another direction, daring to choose which ever path it wanted. It was an amazing sight for Tohru to see. She wondered where the bird would fly to next.

Coming to a stop light Kyo turned to Tohru. "Have you decided when you want to visit Satsuki?"

She thought a moment before nodding. "I think I will visit next weekend if that's okay. I decided to take a day off at the restaurant so I could visit him. My boss said it was okay since it was only a month ago that I stopped going to therapy. He really is a nice man! He wants me to get better, that's really so kind of him. I know that Satsuki would thank him too... if he could." Kyo only nodded before turning back to the road. She leaned forward to try and get a look at his face. "Do you think I'm being too presumptuous in thinking I can still help him?"

"Maybe..." Kyo paused, "...But it wouldn't be you if you didn't care about him anyway. I'm not worried though. He's getting help now, and I think he's realized what he did was wrong."

"I believe that too," Tohru said. She stared down at her lap as the car began moving forward again. "After that day, even when I went to therapy and everything, I still wanted to make sure Satsuki was okay. Taking him to that clinic probably was the best thing for him but to be all alone there... feeling like no one really cared about him at that hospital... it must be scary..." She saw Kyo staring at her from the corner of his eye. "And knowing that I can visit him on the weekends makes me feel good. He was sick and I want to be sure he's getting better. After all it's been since last fall that... well," Tohru blushed, "you know..."

"He went completely psycho?"

"For lack of better words..."

Kyo sighed. "Yeah... I still don't like the bastard... but he wasn't right in the head. Besides, the visits are monitored and I'll be waiting for you. I know this will be good for you too, Tohru. No one likes to end things on a bad note. Visiting him might put things to an end..."

"Yumi-san sent me a letter the other day after I wrote to her telling her about Satsuki's problems," Tohru said, "She visits him every week. Despite everything, she really does care for him. She isn't so bad either." Tohru giggled to herself. "Maybe we could become good friends!"

"I highly doubt that…" Kyo muttered thinking about the mouthy woman with a fox-like laugh.

"It's good that she cares about him."

"I don't know how much he likes her though…"

"True. But he is very lucky to have someone that loves him so much no matter what," she reached over and squeezed his hand, "Like I am lucky to have you." She watched Kyo blush and she smiled. "I love you."

He turned and smiled back.

They reached the house and upon entering, the pair saw that the festivities were well on their way to being completed. The theme for this ball was stars. Black table cloths decorated the circular tables with glitter shimmering on the black fabric. The walls were also adorned in black with shooting stars and lights that twinkled. It felt like floating in space with so many shimmering lights dotting the room. All of this and the decorations weren't even done yet! On the ceiling were even a few constellations Tohru remembered Kyo pointing out to her on their date so long ago.

"It's beautiful," Tohru gasped. Kyo nodded, also admiring the rather intimate ambiance.

"Isn't it?" Suddenly from behind Kyo popped up Ayame. "I'm so glad you like it!"

"Gah! Get away from me, you freak!" Kyo growled, upset at being startled by the snake. He rubbed his shoulders as if getting the chills. "Gosh, that guy gives me the creeps sometimes."

"Ayame-san! The decorations are just amazing! It really does top last year's ball!" Tohru gushed.

"You don't say?" Ayame laughed.

"Is there anything I can do to help? Just tell me what to do and I'll try my best!"

"We couldn't have you doing such menial labor, my dear girl! You just relax. Today is an important day after all, you know."

"It is?" Tohru asked while Kyo's eyes widened.

"Of course! You see..."

"Ayame-san!" The party of three turned to see the caterer standing with an enormous cake box.

"Coming, Pierre! You'll have to excuse me; there are still things to be done!" With that, Ayame skipped away to talk to the staff members.

Tohru watched as many people bustled around them: people fixing the lighting, musicians turning and arranging chairs, butlers and maids cleaning, Tohru couldn't remember if it was this hectic last year...

...Then again she spent half the day letting Mine pamper her. Tohru's eyes lit up suddenly when she saw the woman occupying her thoughts. She watched as Mine sauntered over to Ayame's side and held up two pieces of fabric for Ayame to inspect. After a brief discussion Mine laughed and put away the fabrics. She was about to walk away when Ayame pulled her close and kissed her. Her eyes seemed to dance as she smiled into the kiss and hugged Ayame as well. It was about seven months ago that Ayame had announced that he and Mine were going to get married.

She remembered because dinner that night was the most lavish she'd seen in her entire life and she couldn't forget how silent Mine was that night. The woman was never quiet! She was so speechless, but when her tears of joy sprang fourth, she knew that Mine had been waiting for Ayame to ask her that question forever. Yuki on the other hand looked deathly pale.

'Imagine what their children will be like! Argh! I'll die! They'll be a bunch of annoying, hyper, clothing obsessed chibis! Running around and creating havoc!' Yuki had said while Tohru patted his back in comfort.

In contrast to what Yuki said, Tohru knew he'd still love his nephews and nieces that were soon to come. Besides, who else were a better pair than Ayame and Mine? Sometimes Tohru watched Yuki stare at the couple and then give himself a small smile as well.

"I'm glad that Ayame-san and Mine-san are happy together," Tohru muttered more so to herself than anyone.

"Imagine their annoying children... haha, serves Yuki right anyway! I hope they annoy the crap of him!" Kyo laughed rather evilly. Tohru chuckled nervously and they walked towards the TV room.

"Oh hey, Tohru! Long time no see!" Uo laughed while Hana stood up from her seat.

Tohru let go of Kyo's arm seeing Uo and Hana in the room. She gasped and ran over to them, surprised to find her two friends there. "Uo-chan! Hana-chan! What are you two doing here? I mean, I wasn't expecting…!"

"Well Ku-chan invited me to come with him to this 'really important ball'," Uo said while bouncing a small child on her knee. "And I can't stop this little one from seeing her Auntie Tohru can I?" Uo laughed and held the small girl up for Tohru to see. "Say hi to Auntie Tohru, Kyoko."

Tohru took the child from Uo and rocked it gently. She had brown eyes and mahogany brown hair just like Kureno. The small baby squealed at seeing Tohru. "I still can't believe you named her after my mom..."

"She was a big part of my life and helped me through all the crap I got myself into. Besides, I feel like she'll have a fiery spirit like Kyoko when she's older."

"Or just a temper like you, Arisa..." Hana added.

Tohru giggled and cooed the small child. "Hey there, baby! You're just the most adorable thing on two legs! Yes you are!" Tohru bent down to tickle the baby when it reached out and tugged on her hair. "Ow... not too hard..."

Kyo watched Tohru fondly as she played with the child wondering what kind of mother she'd be like but quickly turned to Hana who always seemed to know what he was thinking about. He decided to keep her away from the current private thoughts. "So Hana, what brings you here then?"

The girl's mouth crept into a smile as she turned to look to the window. "Kazuma Sohma invited me."

Tohru and Kyo both were floored with amazement. "KAZUMA?"

Uo quickly went to pick up Kyoko from Tohru's suddenly jello-like arms. "D-Don't just say stuff so plainly! She could have dropped Kyoko, Hanajima!"

"I just love the surprised looks on people's faces..."

"Freakin' almost made Tohru drop my baby."

Hana apologized gracefully before turning on Tohru and Kyo who were still shell shocked. "Yes, does that surprise you? We have been dating for over a year and a half now."

Tohru was the first to recover. "Oh Hana-chan! That's wonderful! I know you'll make Kazuma-san very happy!"

"My world is coming to an end..." Kyo muttered in a corner.

Uo laughed while smacking Kyo on the back. "Aha! Imagine Hanajima as your mother!"

"Stop it!" Kyo growled. Suddenly baby Kyoko began sniffling up which made Kyo stop his yelling. "Aw crap, come on, don't cry!" He said. His plea did not settle well with the baby and it began bawling.

"You idiot! Look what you did!" Uo said raising a hand to Kyo.

"It wasn't my fault!" Kyo ducked Uo's punch and ran to her other side. "Chill out, Yankee!"

"Why I aughta...!"

"Arisa?" Everyone turned to the door where Kureno stood. "What's the matter with Kyoko-chan?"

"This idiot here made her cry!"

"Did not!" Kyo said to his defense. Tohru and Hana went to Uo, both trying to mollify the crying child. Kureno went to his child as well leaving Kyo alone on the other side of the room. "Damnit."

"Aww did that big meanie scare you?" Hana extended her hands while her violet eyes glowed mysteriously. "Come to Auntie Saki, chibi." The baby suddenly hushed and reached out for the electric girl.

A dark cloud formed over Kyo's head. "How can that baby not be scared of Hana?"

"Well, good to see that you've met Hana, Kyo," A deeper voice answered.

Kyo spun around to see Kazuma. The man had a hair cut, chopping off his silver pony tail. He was smiling as he passed Kyo and went to play with the small child as well.


"Hello there, Kyoko-chan!" Kazuma said, ignoring Kyo for the moment. "Did scary Kyo make you cry?"

"You're not helping, shishiou!"

The older man laughed and turned to Kyo. "It's good to see you, Kyo." He turned to Tohru and his eyes widened. "Tohru-kun, you look well. Kyo talks about you when he's at work, but it's good to see you again. How was therapy?"

"Oh, it was fine. I was a bit shaken up after the whole ordeal but I think I owe my recovery to Kyo! Really, he took such good care of me! He made sure I went to my sessions, he took me to see Hatori-san for check ups, he cooked when I was not feeling well, and he really was the best!" Tohru beamed as Kyo blushed. "He and I bought a small apartment a little ways out of town and I got my own job at a restaurant. I couldn't ask for anything more than what I'm blessed with now. Kyo makes me so happy!"

Kazuma had a grin on his face at seeing his pupil and adoptive son blush so hard he looked like he was about to explode. "Ah I see. You two are on first name bases now. Kyo did not tell me that." The silver haired man's grin grew. "That's good to hear." Kyo turned even redder.

"Darling, can you come with me for a moment? I need you to help me with something..." Hana said taking Kazuma by the hand. The older man's hand seemed to simply mold over hers as he raised her hand and kissed it.

"Of course, Saki," He turned to leave the room with Saki as Kyo looked for the nearest waste basket.

"I think. I need. To hurl."

"Oh come on, Kyon-Kyon, be happy for them," Uo laughed as she passed baby Kyoko to Kureno. "They'll have super babies if you think about it. With your dad's martial arts skills and Hanajima's electric powers, their children will be invincible super babies that will kick serious ass!"

"Gah!" Kyo began clawing at his head as everyone laughed at the idea.

"What's a day without surprises?" Tohru laughed. She kissed Kyo on the cheek making him stop retching at the idea of Kazuma and Hana. "Wouldn't you want your master to start a family? He raised you; I know he'd be a great dad. Even to super babies!"

"They won't have super babies!"

"Even so. They'd be adorable kids. And they'll have an older brother that'll be there for them." Tohru smiled as Kyo looked up at her. "I always wanted a brother or a sister. No... I always wanted a family."

Everyone fell silent before Kyo turned away from Tohru. She watched him, afraid she'd upset him or something before he turned on her. "What the hell are you talking about? You have a family. Right here. All of us."

She stared at Kyo. All the Sohmas came to her mind; her friends, her family. She felt tears welt in her eyes and she nodded. "Y-You're right, Kyo!" He ruffled her hair and she laughed. She had a family and a person to love and have his love returned to her. Everyone grinned at the couple, so obviously in love.

"Maybe everyone would like lunch now? Kazuma and I have prepared it," Saki said, rentering the room.

Kyo turned on that comment and gulped, "Master is cooking?"

"It sounds delicious!" Tohru chimed.

"Yeah, if you're looking for your death wish!"

Saki laughed at that. "It has improved. I promise."

After lunch (which really wasn't bad at all), Kyo went to talk with Shigure. Tohru on the other hand wanted to wander outside in the gardens. There were gardeners pruning the flowers, still preparing for the night's party so she tried her best to not bother them.

Upon turning the corner to where the fountain was she found Hatori sitting there reading a book. He looked up and closed the book.

"Hatori-san! I didn't see you at lunch, are you feeling well?"

"Yes, I just wasn't hungry. Thank you for worrying." There was silence for a while; the pair just watching two birds play tag before fluttering away to another part of the garden. "How is Kyo-kun doing...?"

Tohru nodded. "He is fine. He said sometimes he feels like he forgot the details of our time together, but when he looks at me," Tohru blushed a little of embarrassment, "He said he remembers."

"I see."

Tohru continued to stare at her lap, only letting her eyes shift to Hatori. "How are you doing? I mean... well... since that day..."

Hatori sighed and stared at his hands. He remembered his heart racing, his brain pounding and feeling like he was cornered. He still could not forgive himself for attempting to erase Kyo's memories but he had to do what he had to do.

After realizing that Kyo still had his memories, he was thankful but confused as well. Why didn't he erase Kyo's memories? He took some thinking and experimenting (Momiji always wanted to be the experiment) he realized his powers were gone. When the curse finally broke with Kyo, his powers must have disappeared as well. What an odd feeling to not have that gift... that curse... to weigh on his shoulders anymore.

All of them... could live as normal people.

He turned to Tohru and reached for her hand. He couldn't believe it was by his hand that he could have stolen her happiness. The one girl that he really loved like family. "I don't think I've ever felt better in my entire life." He watched Tohru's entire face light up and she began giggling like crazy. It felt so warm to be carefree the way he was with Tohru.

"I'm so happy for you, Hatori-san! I really am! I always wanted Hatori-san to be happy and...!"

Hatori put a finger to her lips, silencing her as he leaned forward so their eyes were level. Tohru never saw Hatori's eyes look so... warm.

"And I always wanted Tohru-san to be happy," he whispered.

A breeze blew by as the pair sat in the garden in silence. Hatori placed a loose strand of hair behind her hear and nodded. "Why don't you go get ready for the dance tonight? Ayame tells me it's going to be quite the scene."

"O-Oh... okay then." Tohru stood up and turned to Hatori. "Thank you for everything. If there's anything I could ever do..."

"Just be happy, Tohru-san. That's all I want from you."

She nodded and walked back into the house.

Hatori watched her go before staring down at his book. She was ready.

"Oh boo hoo, I can't believe you just spewed the most beautiful and yet simple words to our Tohru-kun! She's like our little baby, don't you think, Ha-san?"

"Weren't you with Kyo-kun?" Hatori asked. His voice suddenly edged with annoyance at seeing Shigure pop out of the bushes next to him.

"Yes yes, but we are done talking. I was just out looking for you when I caught you holding a finger to our precious flower's lips! I didn't want to interrupt--!"

"So you were spying?"

"--Dare I say it, I thought you were going to kiss her! Oh, you naughty man, and after I just told Kyo...!"

"Shut up. Sometimes I wonder how disgusting your mind really is."

Shigure laughed and sat next to his friend while brushing off twigs from his sleeves. "But you know," Shigure said with genuineness in his voice, "The way you said that, Ha-san... I don't think I've ever heard you sound so truly happy. It shows how much you care about our precious flower."

Hatori didn't say anything but did admit to himself the same thing.

It was the night of the ball and Tohru was just done putting her high heeled shoes on. She took a look at herself in the mirror, admiring the buttery yellow dress she adorned. It hugged her tightly all the way to her bottom where a small train began off the back of the gown. Mine of course, was the mastermind behind the dress and Tohru was happy as always with the results.

She opened the bathroom door only to run into Machi!

"M-Machi-san! Good evening!"

Machi looked just as surprised to see Tohru. Machi was wearing a plain faded skirt and a white blouse while holding a dress bag in her arms and a pair of black strappy heels. She bowed in respect, mirroring Tohru's motions. "Hello Honda-san."

Tohru stared at her and began laughing. Now where has she heard that before...?

"Tohru is fine, Machi-san."

The other girl blinked and allowed herself a small smile. "I'll try to remember that."

"I see that Mine-san has made you a dress as well! Does Yuki-kun know you are here?"

"Sohma-kun? I... don't know. Mine-san sort of... swept me away as soon as I walked through the door."

"Oh yeah, she does do that a lot." Tohru smiled.

Machi visibly relaxed knowing that she wasn't being targeted by the seamstress. "She really does talk a lot. She cannot wait for her wedding and wants me to be part of the wedding party. Sohma-kun thinks it's a ploy for his brother to tease him."

"That's really amazing! Their wedding will be ornate and beautiful I know it! Just look at tonight's ball."

Machi nodded. "Tonight is supposed to be a very important ball... Yuki invited me..." suddenly the girl slapped a hand over her mouth, dropping one of her shoes. Ever since she started coming around the Sohma house, she'd always called Yuki as 'Sohma-kun'. How could she have let it slip that she called him by his first name?

Tohru hurriedly bent over to pick it up, as hard as it was in her dress, and handed it back to Machi. She winked at Machi saying, "I'll let you in on a secret." Machi paused before nodded slowly with a faint blush to her cheeks. "He secretly wanted you to call him that."

She blinked as her eyebrows knitted together. "Are you sure? Soh-- I mean... Yuki told me it was okay to call him 'Sohma-kun'... when we were here."

"I think Yuki-kun wanted you to feel comfortable. Besides that, Ayame-san would have teased him to death if he knew you were calling him on a first name basis the first day you came over. I think Yuki wants you to just feel comfortable."

"Oh..." Machi stared down at the bag in her arms. "That's... sweet. To be honest I was a bit... nervous."

"Don't be." Tohru said, taking her hands. "Here's an idea! Why don't you get dressed? Maybe I can help you with your hair and make up if you'd like? We could go to the party together!"

The other girl nodded slowly. "I'd like that very much."

Tohru nodded and together they got to work. She was so happy the first day she met Machi. It was when Yuki was at the hospital for his bullet wound. It was all over the TV of the incident and as soon as Machi saw it, she rushed to the hospital. The nurse at the desk wouldn't let Machi through until Kisa found her and made up the excuse that Machi was Yuki's aunt. Kisa never saw anyone look so desperate to see Yuki and decided to let this strange girl see her cousin.

When Tohru saw Machi at Yuki's bedside, she knew she really liked Yuki. Even when she reached out to hold his hand while he was unconscious, Tohru could see the smallest fraction of a smile reach Yuki's lips.

Tohru smiled at the memories. Machi liked Yuki in a different way that all those fan girls at the host club did. Machi and Yuki's relationship was of understanding. She was happy for the both of them.

After Machi was done getting ready, the two girls went to the main room to see the final product of a whole day's preparation.

Of course it blew them away. As they descended the stair case Tohru held onto Machi's hand and pointed to the edge of the stair case.

"Oh Machi-san! There is Yuki-kun, come on!"

"H-Honda-san!" Machi said as Tohru pulled her with excitement. They reached the first level and Machi blushed at seeing Yuki stare at her so intensely. She wore a dark almost liquid purple dress that was smooth to the touch and had only one strap on her left shoulder with a heart pendant. Yuki was stunned to see her look so beautiful.

"Oh what fair young ladies have just descended from heaven!" Ayame called. "It really is lovely! A sight only to true sore eyes!"

"Stop babbling..." Haru muttered to Ayame. Ayame laughed and everyone waited for Yuki to make the first move.

"Well don't just stare at her, moron, dance!" Haru said pushing Yuki forward.

Yuki nearly tripped and caught himself before running right into Machi. They looked at each other before Yuki gulped and held out a hand to her. "Y-You look... lovely Kuragi-san. Would you like to dance?"

Machi looked to Tohru who was grinning rather stupidly. She turned back to Yuki and smiled. "Thank you... Yuki..."

"Y-Yuki?!" Ayame gasped, freezing in place.

Yuki looked startled for a moment before he began laughing. Everyone else looked shell shocked as Yuki led Machi to the floor to dance.

"Machi, that must be the first time in a long time anyone has actually surprised my brother like that!" He laughed as the pair started dancing. Machi laughed too and shook her head. "But really," Yuki said now staring into her cool grey eyes. "You look beautiful tonight." He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek which made her blush.

Back with the group Momiji poked Ayame. "Oo! He's rock solid!"

"Did you hear that?" Ayame finally burst out while unfreezing himself. "She called him by his first name! Amazing! Ah, sweet young love!"

"Enough of the young love!" Mine said appearing at his side in a flash. "What about our love?"

"Of course, of course! Come my fair queen and let's dance the night away!"

"Okay, sweet king!" Mine said as Ayame swept her away.

Tohru glanced around the room and noticed that the usual bustle of girls were not present at the dance. She turned to Haru. "Hatsuharu-san? Why aren't there any customers?"

Haru shrugged. "It's a party for just us tonight. Isn't that something?" He grinned at Tohru. "Actually... this is party is part 'Good bye' I guess."

"What do you mean?"

"Good bye to the Host Club. But don't get all upset," Haru instantly responded seeing Tohru's quivering lip, "It was bound to happen eventually and tonight feels like a good night to finally tell you."

Tohru bowed her head and smiled anyway. It was true... everyone was changing, relationships were changing. A Host Club would not be in order anymore. No one needed... a Host Club anymore. "Well... what is the other half of this party for, Hatsuharu-san?"

"Hua? Oh, I don't know. Now if you'll excuse me, I think Rin is coming over now." Tohru turned around toward the dance floor and indeed Rin was walking straight toward them wearing a rather scandalous slinky black dress. Dare she think it, Tohru thought she looked totally cool!

Haru grinned at seeing his girlfriend and went across the floor to meet her. Tohru gave Rin a slight wave while Rin acknowledged her before Haru swept her to the dance floor where the other Sohmas were dancing and others were talking. Tohru smiled now standing alone by the stairs. 'That's odd... no one knows what this party is for! Well, the Sohmas do like to throw parties all the time. But why do I feel like I'm out of the loop?'

"Tohru-chan!" Suddenly Kagura launched herself into Tohru, hugging the girl to her last breath. "I'm so happy to see you! Really, I really really am!"

"I can tell!" Tohru said with swirly eyes. "It's so good to see you again Kagura-chan." The other girl beamed and the two friends began chatting away. Tohru was glad she wasn't standing alone anymore but boy was Kagura really excited.

"Why are you so… excited, Kagura-chan? I mean…"

"No no it's okay to ask! But… you'll just have to wait and see, won't you? Ah ha ha, excuse me, I think I need some punch. Jan ne, Tohru-chan!" Before Tohru could say bye, Kagura was scouting out for some food. Tohru shrugged and smiled any how and looked around the ball room.

Hiro, Kisa, and Momiji were engaging in what looked like a hilarious conversation at a table. Ritsu stood in the middle of the dance floor swaying to his own tune by himself. Kazuma and Saki sat on the edge of the dance floor with baby Kyoko on her lap, watching Uo and Kazuma dance around the room. Hatori stood against a wall nodding with the music while drinking some punch. Ayame and Mine were spinning aroudn the room as well, laughing rather loudly actually. Haru and Rin were off to the side on the dance floor lip locking as they swayed back and fourth. Yuki and Machi of course looked rather regal as they danced. Yuki was always a very good dancer!

Her family...

She couldn't be any happier.

Her shoulders sagged slightly noting that a certain someone was missing from her view.

Across the way, two figures stood hidden by all the dancers on the floor. "Kyo, she's standing there all alone," Shigure pointed out.

"Shut up! Don't you think I know that?" Kyo said feeling his heart lurch at just the sight of her. He felt sweaty and rather sick. It was about a year from the last ball they had. He had planned everything for tonight.

That's right... it was not Ayame this time, but the little kitty himself. Tonight had to be just perfect for her. She'd have the life she wanted. The one he wanted to give her if she'd let him.

Kyo looked up at Shigure. "Hey."

"What is it?"

"Are you sure... its okay?"

"Well," Shigure put a hand to his chin, "you did come to ask me about it and considering I truly care about her as if she were my own daughter, it'll be okay. I promise. Even Hatori agreed. Don't get your panties in a wad, just do it! You know what she'll say."

Kyo rolled his shoulders and took a deep breath. "O-Okay."

Shigure patted Kyo on the shoulder. "Take a deep breath, you're too serious!"

"Like you'd know what this is like!"

"Well I'd take a stab at it; I've known quite a few women to know."

"Forget it, you pervert."

"I kid, I kid!" Shigure laughed while Kyo glared at him. "But seriously, isn't this what everyone wants? To love someone and have their love returned?" Kyo stared at Shigure as he nodded. "Go on, Kyo. Propose to her. You've been waiting for this-- heck-- everyone has been waiting for this."

Kyo reached into his pocket pulling out a black velvet box, feeling its weight in his hand. He was ready for the next step, but was she?

Hell, what was he thinking? Of course she was! He loved her; she loved him, what else was there to think about?

He straightened up and approached Tohru. She caught sight of him and broke into a huge grin.


Kyo kissed Tohru and she beamed. He could live off of those smiles forever.

"Tohru, will you walk with me?"


Together, they took their first step toward their future, one that they hoped to share with one another and for all their family to remember as well. Silently, the guests began to pile near the windows and doorway, watching as two silhouettes stood under a blanket of stars holding each other close. Finally, Kyo's figure dropped on one knee and held out a ring to Tohru, everyone smiling or crying, knowing this day would finally come. They began cheering and shouting, no one could contain their excitement as Kyo got back up on his feet and the pair stared back at their wonderful family.

They'd never forget the Zodiac Host Club. It was what brought them all together like this. It was what brought Tohru close to someone again and what brought Kyo to truly love someone for the first time. Now he'd finally popped the question, giving her a chance at a new start and helping her learn to love again.

And of course she said yes.

The End