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Twist of Fate

I'm not quite sure what happened

My body is not in my control

It had been taken over

By the darkness within my soul

Dormin used me as a pawn

And I'm now his puppet, too

I can only hope

That he'll still make my one wish come true

The villagers have come to stop me

But they are too late

Dormin has been unleashed

And had filled my body with his darkness and hate

Then the shadows began to fuse

Into my body, they merge

And my former body began to mutate

Because of Dormin's power serge

Everything thing becomes a blur

My spirit is now tossed to the side

It's now Dormin's body

And he takes it for a joy ride

However, my fellow villagers

Managed to thwart Dormin's plans

And they tricked the spirit

Of this cursed land

A bright light burst

And Dormin lost his grip

The hold of the shadows

Suddenly began to slip

I began to feel a force

Pulling me towards the light

It took me a few seconds

Before I realized my plight

Tossed around like a rag doll

Or another light, cheap prize

My body began to change

Back to its normal size

I tried to fight the current

But it was a battle I couldn't win

Towards the bright light

I was being sucked in

As a last ditch effort

I grabbed onto the stairs

I swore to keep my grip

Even if my muscle tears

I looked into the distance

And saw Mono lying on the alter

The girl of whom my love for

Would never, ever falter

I wanted to see her awake

And look in her eyes

Even if it was for

Only one last time

But I wouldn't get my chance

The pull was too strong

I couldn't hold on

For very long

"I love you Mono"

That's what I wanted to say

But it appeared that fate

Wouldn't let me have my way

This cruel twist of fate

Was something I couldn't avoid

Within a few moments I lost my grip

And was sucked into the void

As I disappeared into the light

It became very clear

That the price I have paid

Was something much too dear