The Veela's Nest

Chapter One: The Call.

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It was the morning of September 2nd and the cool morning wind howled at the ancient windows of Gryffindor Tower. A small black haired boy named Harry James Potter tossed and turned in his dorm bed, before a grumpy and bleary-eyed Ronald Weasley had roughly woken him up.

Ever since then he had felt helpless and jumpy, It had taken Ron an entire hour to encourage Harry to leave the safety of his bedside, and he wouldn't go far without holding Ron's hand or arm much to Ron's constant embarrassment.

Harry felt that if he didn't have someone there to protect him he would panic. Merlin! Why did he feel so…vulnerable?

"Let go Harry, I know it's your birthday and everything but you're acting really weird" said Ron as he finally snatched his hand away from Harry's when they sat down to breakfast.

"Sorry Ron I just feel a bit strange today, maybe it has something to do with Voldemort, I dunno, I just feel a bit weak." Harry stared at his feet.

"Just chill out! We've got double Potions after breakfast and Snape will kill me when he finds out I haven't done my Essay!" Ron Bellowed but deflated quickly when he saw that Harry was beginning to shake with fear.

"Erm…just try to eat something eh Mate." Ron smiled gingerly pushing a plate of eggs towards his best friend.

Harry tiredly moved the food around on his plate, he really had no appetite, and he felt hot, feverish and a bit distracted.

On the other side of the great Hall, the blonde bombshell that was Draco Malfoy was in a super pissy mood.

He'd been frustrated and fidgety for a well over a week but today he was especially irritable.

At breakfast he played with his food not really wanting to eat even though he felt a terrible craving of some sort, one that he couldn't quite place.

The Slytherin table was awash with ogling first year students, all clamouring round to get a look at the famous son of a Death Eater.

"Get Lost!" Draco screeched, sending the gaggle of 11 year olds careering down to the other end of the large table, hiding their heads and whispering frantically.

"Whatever is wrong Dearest Drakee-poo?" chirped the ever annoying Pansy Parkinson through a mouthful of half masticated Cumberland sausage.

"Are you having a bad hair day, or is there something else I could help you with?" Pansy reached under the table with her foot and rubbed it suggestively against the ice prince's leather clad leg.

Draco nearly jumped a foot in the air before using a dragon-hide boot to kick the offending appendage away.

"Oh Fuck off Parkinson!" was Draco's reply as he stood up and marched loudly out of the great Hall, desperate to get to his first and most favourite class, Potions with his Godfather Severus Snape.

Pansy stared in abject horror and gulped visibly at Draco's abandoned silver fork, which was now swaying slightly and driven impossibly deep into the hard oak wood of the Slytherin table.

"What the bloody hell has gotten into him?" asked Blaize as he too stared at the quivering fork.

"His love for me has burned a hole in his heart!" cried Pansy as she batted her eyelids.

"Oh for Merlin's sake Parkinson, get over it, He isn't interested, he likes boys!" cried Blaize as he stood up and followed in Draco's wake, leaving a bewildered and slightly tearful Pansy Parkinson sitting on her own.


The pupils hurried into the dungeon classroom pushing and shoving to find their seats, as usual the Slytherins headed for the back of the dark and dingy classroom.

Snape breezed in, robes billowing madly behind him.

"Today we are going to be creating a simple anti pimple cure!" He said loudly, flicking his wand in the direction of the blackboard.

Chalk dust irrupted in scrawling spider-like script across the black surface as the ingredients list appeared.

"Looking at some of you I would think it was about time you learned to make it!" Snape sneered as he loomed over the Gryffindors near the front.

"Now class, find a partner and read, page 456 of your textbooks before you start, the ingredients are in the student cupboard as usual, Begin!" Snape barked.

After a few minutes of silent reading there was a horrid scraping of chairs as the class began to gather their ingredients and choose partners.

By the time Harry had woken from his fidgety day dreaming, nearly everyone had found a partner and Snape was almost nose to nose with the emerald eyed young wizard.

"Potter, go with Malfoy, and I expect you to work in my classroom not sleep!"

The Gryffindor scowled as the Professor returned to the blackboard, gathering his quill and parchment Harry quickly plonked himself down next to Malfoy.

"Well Scarhead go and get some Arrowroot and witch hazel" smirked Draco as Harry glared at him intensely.

"Yes! Your bloody majesty!" Harry spat with very little hatred left to make it convincing, and for a moment just as he left the desk, Harry swore he could see hurt in Malfoy's silver eyes.

When he returned from collecting the ingredients, Harry slowly began to chop the Arrowroot into small chunks at Draco's instruction.

While trying not to be impressed with the larger boy's remarkable potion skills.

Harry was so busy watching the fair haired Slytherin he accidentally brought the blade down onto his finger, leaving a deep cut that swelled with blood.

Caught by surprise Harry let out an unbelievably deafening shrilling noise which caught the attention of the whole class.

But before he could even think about how he made such a sound strong, safe arms wrapped about him.

Harry's feelings of vulnerability where momentarily gone, he felt free and for the first time in a long time felt normal again.

He hadn't been pondering his feelings for long though, when he suddenly felt a sharp sting in his neck and the world turned to utter darkness.


Draco had been showing off to Potter, he couldn't help himself, it was just so much fun watching the poor pathetic Gryffindor Ogle him.

It was only when Potter accidentally took a chunk out of his own finger and Draco, who was about to laugh, stopped dead in his tracks as Harry let out a strange shriek, it was a keening noise that pulled on every fibre and vein in Draco's being with one thought and one overwhelming emotion 'Protect!'

He grabbed the petite boy around the waist and Harry slumped forward into Draco's gentle embrace, his small dark head tilting, revealing a smooth pale neck. Draco couldn't resist the urge to bite into the pure flesh. That was the last thing he could recollect as a strange haze descended over his memory.

By that time the rest of the class, including Ron and Hermione, were staring at the duo with wands raised.

Draco pulled Harry to his chest as blood ran down his chin, staining his pristine uniform a deep crimson.

"Draco! What in Merlin's name are you doing boy? Unhand Potter this instant!" shouted Professor Snape as he inched towards them, a look of pure confusion etched across his face.

"Mine!" hissed Draco as he bolted from the Dungeon classroom and into the corridors with Harry Potter held fast in his arms.

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