The Veela's Nest

Hermione and Ron where aghast at the announcement at dinner in the great hall. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy where not only the last Veela mating pair on earth, they had also had their rights as wizards and as human beings waved by the ministry of magic.

Making them no more than another set of endangered magical creatures.

"No way! They can't do that! He's the-boy-who-lived for crying out loud! " Shouted Ron.

"Its okay Ron we'll ask to see them" Smiled Hermione

"We can't just go waltzing up there Hermione! Its Dr Livingston's Cryptozoology students only!"

"Ah! Well that's where these will come in handy!" Said Hermione as she held up two laminated students passes. "These are courtesy of Hagrid, he's helping Dr Livingston with the feeding and maintenance of the "Veela Habitat" gestured Mione

It was a month before Hermione and Ron finally had the chance to go and see Harry and Draco in the habitat.

When they arrived Harry was vomiting violently into the water feature, while Draco gently stroked his back as he heaved.

Draco then turned as he saw Ron and Hermione staring at them through the food hatch.

"Granger? Weasel? What the hell are you doing here? More people to ogle at us?"

"Calm down Malfoy! We came to see Harry, What's wrong with him anyway?" asked Ron angrily.

"I don't know! Livingston keeps taking him away and doing tests" Growled Draco

"Why do you let him Draco?" asked Hermione

"Ha! As if I have a chance! They use tranquilizer darts and there isn't exactly anywhere to hide in here." Draco lifted the floppy Harry and carried him to the nest.

"I'd get sick if I had to live with you Malfoy" Ron snapped.

"Mind what you say about my mate Weasel!" Growled Draco through the square hole in the door.

"Oh my God! Harry!" gasped Mione as she saw Harry turn towards them. She nudged Ron in the ribs and he gazed up too look at Harry.

Harry Potter lay on the nest behind Draco looking vaguely ill, his hair was in a worse mess than usual and there where dark rings under his eyes and he was pale and shaky.

"Harry? What has that bastard done to you?" said Ron Idiotically

"He's ill, I don't know why, Livingston ignores us completely when we try to ask any questions" Growled Draco again.

"Harry? Are you okay? What kind of tests where they doing" asked Hermione

"I'm fine Mione, just a little tired, and as for tests? I don't know, they usually sedate me."

Harry sat on the edge of his nest and Draco joined him and held him close.

"What else is Dr Livingston doing?" asked Mione

"Constant checks mainly, and then there is these" Harry pulled down his white T –shirt to show them a tagged collar.

"That's criminal Harry!" shouted Ron

"Yes, apparently it monitors our breathing, heart rates and any changes in our body chemistry according to Gerry" Said Draco as he rubbed Harry's back.

"Harry! I have an idea, lets get your medical file, it should be in Dr Livingston's office, Where's your invisibility cloak?" Asked Hermione

"I think its still in Gryffindor tower under the mattress of my bed" Harry began to sway slightly and Draco quickly pulled him onto his lap, letting Harry rest on his chest.

"Just do what ever you have to do to get us out of here!" said Draco "I know I will regret saying this but..I trust you."

"Thank you Draco, we won't let you down" smiled Hermione

"Hermione what are you talking about?" asked Ron

"Oh just come on!" Shouted Mione as she dragged the hapless Weasley back to Gryffindor tower.

Later that night Hermione slowly walked the corridors under the invisibility cloak, she walked slowly past the Veela habitat and was amazed to see that Draco was alone, slumped on the floor near the water feature, on closer inspection she could see the yellow feathers that where attached to a tranquilizer dart sticking out of Draco's thigh.

It was then that a scream echoed up the corridor.

"Harry!" thought Mione.

Hermione moved a s fast and as stealthily as she could, following the shouts to the end of the corridor she came to a swing door with a small glass window in it.

Inside Harry was strapped to a metal table struggling, hissing and bearing his fangs as Dr Livingston and two of his colleagues tried to hold him down.

"Sedate the submissive before he injures himself!" shouted Livingston over Harry's shouts.

A small blonde man came towards Harry with a hypodermic syringe but Harry managed to hit out his green wings knocking it out of the blonde's hands and throwing a dark haired man against the wall.

Hermione decided it was time to move, she slipped in to the room and, hidden by the cloak picked up the syringe off the floor she then drove it deep into the arm of Dr Livingston before using her wand to petrify the blonde man.

"What! Who's there! This is ministry business!" shouted Livingston as he pulled the now empty syringe out of his arm and slumped forward using the metal table as support.

"You'll never get away with this I… an…official…." Said Dr Livingston as he finally fell to the floor unconscious.

Harry still lay panting and tired strapped to the table.

"Harry, its okay, we are getting out of here!" Said Hermione as she pulled off he cloak and began to untie the shaken submissive Veela.

"Hermione, how did you?"

"Never mind that know Harry grab his keys, I have to get hold of the medical records then we can find out what he's been doing to you!"

Harry quickly regained his composure and grabbed the ring of keys from Dr Livingston's belt. While Hermione grabbed both Draco and Harry's medical notes from the large filing cabinet in Dr Livingston's office, Hermione also managed to find the small gold keys to the collars in the top draw of his desk.

"Come on Harry!" whispered Hermione

As they walked out into the corridor shouts could be heard echoing off the walls.


"Its Draco, DRACO I'M HERE!" shouted Harry as he quickly tried to open the 5 locks in the door with the correct keys.

Draco was pressed against the door as Harry fumbled with each lock.

"Hurry up Harry!" whispered Mione

"I'm trying!"

Finally with a loud click the last of the locks was opened and within seconds Draco had burst out and scooped Harry into his arms.

"Put me down now Draco we have to leave"


"Please Draco"


"I can walk and you can hold my hand then"

"No" said Draco as he pulled Harry closer to him.

"Oh for goodness sake Draco just carry him let's get out of here!" Hermione stressed.

As they ran along the corridor to the staircase, Harry managed to get Draco's collar off with the keys Hermione had found. He threw the collar behind them as he was carried away.

Harry suddenly saw a figure over in a white coat staggering after them and holding up his wand before he could do anything to alert Draco he felt a burning sensation around his neck and was lost in darkness.

Hermione and Draco continued running up the staircase until they reached the owlery where Ron was waiting and barricaded themselves in with countless charms.

"What took you so long, I thought you where getting some files not staging a rescue mission!" shouted Ron

"Well it all kind of just…happened" Smiled Hermione

"Just happened! Well that's just bloody great! And how do you suppose we all get out of here? Didn't figure that out did you brainbox".

Draco sat on one of the large benches and laughed as Granger and the Weasel argued He slowly moved Harry onto his lap and realized he was sleeping.

"Harry? Harry?"

Draco began to panic, shaking Harry to wake him up

"Granger he's not waking up!"

"What? Draco look! The collar is flashing"

Hermione came towards the panicked Draco with her arms up in a sign of submission; she then slowly rummaged in Harry's pocket and found the small gold keys.

The lock clicked and Hermione threw the flashing collar out of the owlery window.

"Harry?" Draco stroked Harry's face as he slowly came to.

"What happened?" asked Harry.

"Well I think your collar was activated, it must have some sedative effect, I also think it has a tracker on it so Livingston would always now where you were" Mione said in her Know-it-all voice.

"Jesus!" shouted Ron and everyone turned to him, he looked as pale as nearly headless nick.

"What is it?" asked Mione

"Its Harry! It says in his medical notes that he's…he's …pregnant.

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