Sum. When Tenten gets raped how will Neji react? Things only get worse when she gets pregnent!

Tenten's Worst Nightmare!

Chapter 1

It was a cold quiet night and Tenten was walking home after training with Neji for a couple hours.
Then all of a sudden she heard a big BOOM from the sky.
'Great' she thought 'it is gonna rain'

So as quickly as she could she found a short cut to her house. The short cut was a Dark ally way that she had not been familier with.She was walking through the ally when she heard a loud crash of garbadge cans she turned around as quickly as she could and saw that it was only a cat. So turned around and started walking again. She then felt like someone was watching her so she started to walk faster but as soon as she did that she heard foot steps behind her. So she started to run but the foot steps were getting closer. Then it started to rain and she slipped and hit her head on a rock. The last thing she heard was "You scream, you die" ten everything went black for her.