Chapter 15
"As you wish" Neji said throwing a kunai at his oppenents head. Akio dodged it with ease.

As the battle went on Tenten was trying to get free from the strong chakara ropes that binded her to the tree. 'I've got to get out and find my child so at least one of my children will live.' Tenten thought.

"HEAVENLY SPIN" Neji yelled

Akio quickley threw a smoke bomb to try to get away from all the weapons flying back at him. Akio threw a shuriken at nejis head only to be reflected back and ripped Akios shoulder. 'Damit' Akio thought 'He is stronger than I thought at this rate what he said will come true, I will be dead.'

"I have to admitt Neji your not half bad but I have a few tricks up my sleeve." he said

Akio then did a few hand signs then purple smoke appeared every wear. The smell was horrible. Neji covered his mouth and noise.

"It's pioson Neji, if you breath one bit of it you will surely die in a matter of secounds, so to get to me you would kill yourself all over that pathetic woman." Akio said

"HEY I AM NOT PATHETIC!!" Tenten yelled.

"Shut up woman" Akio hissed turning around

" Pay attention" Tenten said

Akio turned around only to be met Nejis 64 palms. When he was done Akio was out cold due to hitting his head on a rock when he fell. Neji rushed over and untied Tenten.

"Are you ok?" he panted

"Don't be an idiot stop worrieing about and start worrying about your self." She scolded

"I missed you so much." Neji said pulling her into a hug.

"Sorry to interupt sir but what should we do with him" A ANBU asked.

"Take him with us and put him in the prison." Neji said looking at Akio with disgust

"Here madam I think this belongs to you." A ANBU said handing Akihiko.

"Where is Kenji?" Neji asked

"Neji..." Tenten said looking down with a face full of sorrow "Kenji he is well..."

"He is dead isn't he." Neji asked Tenten nodded eyes full of tears

"Shhh.. it will be ok." Neji said rubbing her back.

"Come on lets go home."

5 months later

Tenten sat in her living watching her little boy crawl around the living room, Life had been peaceful now that Akio was gone. Tenten put a hand on her stomach there was another little one on the way and yes it was Nejis her and Neji where now married and life was good. All was now well for the Hyugga faimly. For now at least.

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