(For the record, I don't know what came over me to write this, but I'm disgusted seeing nothing but Syrus/Jaden couple fics, or Syrus/Chazz, even Syrus/Zane. I'm putting a stop once and for all by writing this and proving to all that Syrus is not gay.)

Syrus: Thanks DarkMagicianmon. I'm tired of these writers thinking I'm gay. I just happen to hang around Jaden because he's the only one who actually understands me.

DarkMagicianmon: No prob Sye.

(Onto the Story)

(Over at The Obelisk Blue Girls dorm, Alexis' friend Mindy stares out the window of her dorm room, Alexis and Jasmine walked in.)

Jasmine: Still moping Mindy?

Mindy: Not really.

Alexis: You're still thinking about him aren't you?

Mindy: What, who?

Alexis: Syrus.

Mindy: Uh, I don't know what you're talking about?

Jasmine: Mindy, don't hide it, we all know you like him. Ever since Harrington dumped you, you remembered that you still considered Syrus cute.

Mindy: Ok, I'm still crushing on him.

Alexis: So why don't you tell him how you feel?

Mindy: I don't know I just can't.

Jasmine: Well not to be mean but if you don't make a move, someone else might.

Mindy: What, who. Is somebody else crushing on my Syrus?

Jasmine: Relax Mindy; I don't think anyone else is. But you better do something before someone new comes along and takes him. (To herself) Not that it might happen.

Mindy: What was that!

Jasmine: Nothing.

Mindy: I just want to know if he truly is the right one for me. But how can I be sure. (She thought for a while until she came up with an idea) Wait I have a great idea, but it involves you two.

Jasmine: Well what is it?

Mindy: Okay here's my plan.

(As Mindy explained her plan to her friends they looked shocked at what they had to do, especially Jasmine. But they knew that for Mindy's and Syrus's sake, they had to do it.) (You have to find out what the plan is for yourselves)

(The Next day in Professor Banner's class)

(Syrus and his friends Jaden and Chumley were sitting next to each other)

Jaden: Hey Syrus, how 'bout after class let's go get some new cards from the card shack. And after let's find some duelists to duel.

Chumley: And maybe after we could make some grilled cheeses.

Syrus: Uh, sure guys.

Jaden: Hey is something wrong Sye?

Syrus: No I'm fine, why do you ask?

Jaden: No reason.

(As they continued to talk a paper airplane landed on Syrus's desk)

Syrus: What's this? (He looked at Jaden and Chumley who were distracted). (Reading the letter) Dear Syrus, I really want to see you tonight, meet me at the Obelisk Blue Girls dorm. Sincerely Alexis Rhodes. Alexis!

(Syrus was afraid to look up at Alexis, who was sitting rows away from him, but he slowly did, and when he saw Alexis; she was looking at him smiling at him.)

Syrus: (Thinking) Oh boy what do I do? Last time I fell for this I made a complete fool of myself. But back then Alexis wasn't my friend yet; but she is now, can I trust her? I better go just to make sure.

(So that night, Jaden and Chumley were going through their cards while Syrus was getting up and walking out the door)

Jaden: Where ya going Sye.

Syrus: (nervous) Uh just for a walk.

Jaden: Can we come?

Syrus: (Shouting) No! (Calmly) I mean, I need some private time.

Jaden: Well al right, but don't be out too late, otherwise Dr. Crowler will catch you.

Syrus: (Walks off) Don't worry about me.

(Syrus walks until he made it to the lake; he hopped into a rowboat and rowed his way to the Obelisk Blue Girls dorm.)

Syrus: (Thinking while rowing) I must be out of my mind.

(When he made it to the dorm he parked the boat and the dock and went to the opened gate, and saw Alexis standing there.)

Alexis: Well Sye, glad you made it.

Syrus: Uh right, now what is it you want to talk to me about?

Alexis: Well come on.

Syrus: But won't I get expelled if someone sees me?

Alexis: Don't worry, I invited you, and as long as an Obelisk invites someone from a different dorm than they can't do anything about it.

Syrus: Ok.

(They both walked into the dorm room and she led Syrus into the girl's bathroom that was considered a wading pool in the dub version, but I consider it a bathroom.)

Syrus: What, Alexis why did you bring me into the girls' bathroom? I could get in serious trouble.

Alexis: I already said, as long as you're with me, they can't do anything.

Syrus: Oh right.

Alexis: Now why don't you get comfortable, I'll be right back.

(Alexis walks out of the room, and Syrus looks down in the water.)

Syrus: Well it's not that deep so I won't have to worry about not being able to swim. And it's a good thing no one else is around.

(With that Syrus threw off his blazer, and pulled of his shirt, he then slipped out of his pants, and boxers, and slowly slid into the pool-sized tub.)

Syrus: (Thinking) Wow this is great. We never get baths like this back at the Slifer dorm. But I still wonder, why is Alexis doing all this.

Alexis: (low, lustful voice) Hiya Sye!

(At that moment Alexis walked in clad in a towel, and Syrus' eyes widened, and his mouth dropped as far as it could, and he just stammered. Alexis blushed a little and walked over to the pool, stuck her finger under Syrus' chin and closed his mouth for him.)

Syrus: (Nervous) Alexis, what-what's all this about?

Alexis: (low tone) Just relax Syrus, it will be all over soon.

(With that Alexis opened the flaps of her towel revealing her body, Syrus tried to close his eyes, but he couldn't take his eyes off her luscious body; her long blonde hair, her well-built body, her large, ripe, plump breasts, and platinum white legs. She slowly slipped into the bath and swam over to Syrus. She then floated right beside Syrus with her hip against his hip.)

Alexis: Well Sye, how do you feel?

Syrus: To be honest I'm not sure how to feel. I never thought I would be here with you? I mean you're attractive and I'm not. Your great at dueling and I'm not. Wait did I just say that, oh geez she's gonna kill me.

(Alexis' eyes widened and she let out a soft giggle)

Alexis: You think I'm attractive?

Syrus: Well uh, yes I mean every guy in the academy is attracted to you, saying how beautiful you are. Pardon what I'm saying.

Alexis: You don't have to I hear it all the time. But can I ask you something Syrus, I need your opinion.

Syrus: My opinion, on what?

Alexis: Remember that night when we caught you sneaking over here?

Syrus: Please don't remind me.

Alexis: Well before that, Jasmine and Mindy were mentioning to me that they were all jealous of physique (Authors Note: It's true, I read an undubbed version of episode 3, and I watched a Japanese uncut video about it). And I want your opinion on what do you think about my body.

Syrus: You're asking me what I think, of all people why do you want mine?

Alexis: I'd ask Jaden but he's too clueless, Chazz is too much a lovesick goofball around me, Bastion; well he doesn't have much of a personality, and Zane… Let's not go there. But you, you're sensitive to others feelings, especially to girls. You're also very kind and sweet.

Syrus: Really, well I can't be exactly sure.

Alexis: Here maybe this will help. (Alexis said as she stood up in the water showing off her body once again to Syrus, but what really shook him up was seeing her lovely body all wet.) What do you think now?

Syrus: Whoa, you look amazing. Uh is that ok?

Alexis: That's perfect.

Syrus: Well I can see why every guy in the academy wants you. But I only like you for who you are not by how you look.

Alexis: You're right if I meet someone I want them to like me for who I am, and not because of how I look. Thanks Syrus for helping me realize this.

Syrus: Uh no problem Alexis.

Alexis: You know what, you deserve a treat for helping me realize this.

Syrus: Oh you don't have to-

(Alexis just puts her slim finger to Syrus' mouth)

Alexis: I insist, you deserve it.

(Alexis swam in front of Syrus and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly on his lips, Syrus didn't know which was more amusing, the thought of him getting kissed by the most popular girl in the academy, or the feeling of her bare breasts pressed up against his chest. And when they broke Syrus rose out of the water and put his clothes back on.)

Syrus: Well I better get going, thanks for the talk Alexis.

Alexis: No problem Sye, I'll see you in class tomorrow.

Syrus: Bye

(Syrus ran out of the bathroom and headed for the exit.)

Syrus: Oh geez, I did not expect anything like this to happen, but one things for sure… I can never tell this to anyone.

(When Syrus rowed away Jasmine and Mindy walked in the bathroom wearing their Obelisk attire, and looked at Alexis still in the bath.)

Jasmine: Well Lex how'd it go?

Mindy: Yeah, what did he say?

Alexis: Well Mindy, one thing's for sure, he's not afraid to tell a girl what he truly thinks about her, and he likes girls for who they are and not by looks, so there's a chance he could be feel the same way.

Mindy: Maybe but I still can't be sure. So Jasmine, tomorrow you know what to do.

Jasmine: Yeah I know Mindy. But I just can't believe I have to do this.

Mindy: Relax Jazz, it's not like you have to enjoy it.

(Just what is Mindy planning and just what does Jasmine have in store for Syrus tomorrow, you'll have to wait to find out. I'm freaking out about this too, and I'm the author)