(Well this is it my fellow readers the final chapter. Be warned, you may have thought there were strong scenes in the last chapter, but in this one you will encounter gracious sex scenes, so brace yourselves because here we go!)

Chapter 3: Mindy confesses from the heart

(The next morning we see Zane standing by the lighthouse and Alexis walks up to him.)

Alexis: Hey Zane you wanted to see me about something?

Zane: Yes, last night I saw Syrus rowing away on a boat from the Girls dorm at Obelisk Blue. Alexis do you know anything about this?

(Alexis was just lost for words, she couldn't believe how he found out.)

Alexis: Before you jump to conclusions Zane let me just say I did nothing hurtful to your brother.

Zane: So something did go on over there.

Alexis: I think it's best if I explain the whole thing.

(So Alexis explained about Mindy's situation and what she wanted Alexis and Jasmine to do, although she didn't tell him that they almost made love to him otherwise he would probably have murdered the both of them.)

Alexis: And that's the whole story.

Zane: Unbelievable your friend crushing on my own little brother.

Alexis: That's right Zane, she really loves him. Ever since Harrington dumped her she's been feeling depressed, and so Jazz and me volunteered to help her out. And we know he feels the same way about her.

Atticus' voice: It's young love my friends.

(They turned and see Alexis' brother Atticus in his Hawaiian clothes leaning on the Lighthouse.)

Zane: Atticus?

Alexis: How much did you hear?

Atticus: I've heard enough to know how you'd do anything to help your friend sis.

Alexis: I was just doing it for Mindy Atticus.

Atticus: Well anyway it's perfect to see that even the youngest out of the Truesdale brothers is starting to become popular with Obelisks.

(Alexis goes over and whispers into her brothers' ear.)

Alexis: Try not to sound so dramatic bro, especially around Zane.

(They both look back and see Zane still staring at them.)

Alexis: Well Zane, what do you think?

Atticus: Yeah man what up?

Zane: (Smiles) I think Sye chose the right person.

(They both smiled knowing that Zane had no problem with it.)

Alexis: Well according to which, Syrus should find his letter from Mindy in his locker very soon.

(Meanwhile inside the Locker room, the students are slipping into their old shoes, until Syrus sees a note on top of his shoes and he quickly puts it in his pocket.)

Jaden: Hey Syrus, me and Chumley are going to the card shack, you coming?

Syrus: I'll be right with ya Jay.

Jaden: Al right but be quick or all the good stuff will be gone.

(Jaden and Chumley race out of the locker room leaving Syrus alone, so he went behind some of the lockers and opened the letter and began reading it.)

Syrus: (Reading) Dear Syrus I've been waiting for the right moment to talk to you and I think now is the best time, meet me tonight and the Obelisk Girls dorm, Love Mindy Robertson (Aloud) What Mindy? (Falls over) Oh boy, now Mindy wants me to come over, now this is getting out of hands, but still (swooning) Mindy. (Snaps out of his swooning) Tonight I'm going to have t be extra careful.

(Back with Jaden and Chumley who are getting their cards)

Jaden: Chumley I'm worried about Syrus for the past nights he's been out somewhere.

Chumley: He was probably getting some fresh air and he must need a lot of it.

Jaden: I don't think that's it, tonight were going to find out what he's up to.

Chumley: (Thinking) That definitely does not sound licious to me.

(So that night we see Syrus peeking out from under his covers and see that Jaden and Chumley are fast asleep, so he throws off his covers revealing he was wearing his Slifer clothes, so he quietly sneaks out the door, and runs down the stairs and heads down the path. Meanwhile back inside, Jaden wakes up and so does Chumley revealing they were wearing their Slifer attire too.)

Jaden: Al right Chumley let's go. (Runs out of the dorm)

Chumley: Oh do we have to run?

(As Syrus made his was to the docks to his surprise he saw his brother standing by a boat.)

Syrus: Uh, Zane what are you doing here?

Zane: I think the question is what are you doing here Syrus?

Syrus: Well ya see the thing is I (Stammers until he finally works up enough courage to talk) I'm going to meet someone and you can't stop me.

(He then looked a little worried at what his brother might say or do because he just talked back to him. But Zane merely smiled.)

Zane: Well go to her.

Syrus: What?

Zane: You can go.

Syrus: Really Zane, you're not going to try and stop me?

Zane: If there's one thing I've learned from over the years of being your big brother, I've learned that you should do the things you want to do, and not let anyone get in the way. So you may go.

Syrus: Thanks bro.

(Syrus hopped into the boat but before he took off Zane still had something to say.)

Zane: But remember this Sye… When you meet a special someone, you'll know from your heart that she's the right one. (DarkMagicianmon: My god I'm writing mushy stuff.)

Syrus: Thanks bro… Well later.

(When Syrus rode off Jaden and Chumley were too late he was already out of sight)

Jaden: Looks like were going to have to catch up with him Chum.

Zane: What you're going to do is let him go.

Jaden: What Zane?

Zane: You're going to let my brother go.

Jaden: Why's that?

(Atticus walks up to them)

Atticus: Because my Slifer companion, are little Blue haired Slifer has fallen head over heal with a lovely Obelisk.

Jaden: You mean Alexis?

Atticus: Nuh-uh.

Jaden: Jasmine?

Atticus: Nope.

Jaden: Not Mindy.

(Atticus and Zane just smile)

Jaden: Mindy? Now that's sweet. But why didn't he tell us?

Zane: He probably wanted something to keep to himself Jaden, it's not like my brother has to tell you everything.

Jaden: Well that's true.

Chumley: Well what do you thinks going to happen to Syrus?

Jaden: Whatever happens Chumley, it'll probably be the best time Syrus has ever had while here at the academy.

(Meanwhile Syrus has finally reached the Girls dorm.)

Syrus: Well Syrus this is it. It's now or never… I really hope it's now.

(Syrus sneaks into the bathroom and finds Mindy there neck deep in the bath.)

Mindy: Syrus, you finally made it I almost thought you wouldn't show.

Syrus: I'm glad I didn't choose to come.

Mindy: Well come on in.

Syrus: Ok, but don't look.

Mindy: Sensitive aren't we?

Syrus: (Blushing) Just don't look.

(Mindy closed her eyes and seconds later she opened them and found Syrus next to her.)

Mindy: You must be a psychic Syrus; I was just about to come over to you.

Syrus: I guess great minds think alike.

(They both laugh)

Mindy: I'm really glad you came Syrus; you see I wanted to talk to you.

Syrus: 'Bout what Mindy?

Mindy: Well you know how I go from one boy to the next, and they always are either strong guys or pretty boys.

Syrus: You going somewhere with this?

Mindy: Well, you know why I've left them up until Harrington dumped me?

Syrus: Why's that?

Mindy: Those others guys are missing something that not a lot of boys here have.

Syrus: And that is?

Mindy: Sensitivity. All the Obelisks except for Zane have no class what so ever. But when I noticed you and how you treated people around you showing that you have compassion at heart made me think that you may be a perfect boy.

Syrus: Well I'm not what you'd considered perfec-

(Syrus was cut off by Mindy who placed her finger on his lips.)

Mindy: You don't have to be modest Syrus, especially with me. The point is I've been feeling this sort of strange around you, and I feel like when I'm with you I have no worries. Do you understand?

Syrus: I understand, but I have to tell you something Mindy, I'm glad you're here with me, because the last two nights your friends Alexis and Jasmine invited me over here to spend some time together, but do you want the truth, when I was with them, it didn't really mean anything other than being friends. But I feel different with you like something else, I mean besides Alexis you're the only girl who really talks to me, and I feel like… Well I love you.

(At that moment Mindy froze she couldn't believe she was hearing these words coming out of his mouth)

Syrus: Mindy are you al right, listen if you don't feel the same way about me I understand, I'm used to it by-

(Syrus was cut off again by Mindy who pulled Syrus into a big kiss that lasted for several minutes, and when they broke Syrus felt like he was on cloud nine.)

Syrus: Whoa, does this mean you feel the same way about me?

Mindy: Maybe I need to show you again.

Syrus: I sure wouldn't mind.

(They both kissed again and then clapping was heard and Alexis and Jasmine came out from hiding behind a pillar in the bathroom wearing nothing on their bodies clapping and cheering.)

Syrus: What's this all about?

Mindy: You passed Syrus.

Syrus: Passed?

Alexis: Mindy wanted me and Jasmine to find out if we meant anything to you.

Jasmine: But when you said you only liked us as friends but Mindy as something more that's when you passed.

Syrus: (To Mindy) You mean you set this whole thing up?

Mindy: I had to test you Syrus, and you passed! You're not mad are you?

Syrus: Oh how could I be mad, I'm just glad that you love me back. You do love me don't you?

Mindy: More than you'll ever know. And this time you are my permanent boyfriend.

(Syrus and Mindy both embraced each other again for another passionate kiss but turn toward Alexis and Jasmine.)

Mindy: Could you girls give me and my permanent boyfriend some private time?

Alexis: Sure Mindy.

Jasmine: You two lovebirds take all the time you need.

(Both Alexis and Jasmine leave the room leaving the two new lovebirds in their bath and they proceeded in a huge make out session that lasted for several hours. The when it was close to 11:00, Mindy who was wearing her light purple nightgown snuck Syrus with his clothes on but not wearing his yellow sweater under his red blazer into her dorm room.)

Syrus: Are you sure it's safe to keep me here for the night?

Mindy: Don't worry Sye, by tomorrow you'll be back at the Slifer dorm and no one will even know you were here.

Syrus: Well okay.

(Mindy sits on her bed and rubs a spot next to her signaling Syrus to come over and sit next to her so Syrus walked over to her bed and sat beside her.)

Mindy: Syrus I wanna take our friendship to a new level.

Syrus: Are you saying you want to?

Mindy: Yes.

(Mindy the stood up in front of Syrus, slipped out of her slippers and into her bare feet, she then slipped her nightgown off her body, to reveal she was wearing a black thong, and a black bra, she then slips her thong down and then she gets on the bed and cuddles up behind Syrus.)

Mindy: (Whispers into Syrus' ear from behind him) You know why I'd prefer you over any other boy?

Syrus: Because I'm so gullible?

Mindy: Because you don't take advantages of other girls.

(Mindy then reaches her hands from behind Syrus and began pinching and rolling his cheeks as he smiles with satisfaction. She then reached both her hands from behind her back and unclasped her bra and began rubbing it across Syrus' head, and as she shook her body, her boobs shook from left to right.)

Mindy: You like Syrus?

Syrus: I'm loving this, no girl has ever flirted with me before.

Mindy: Then you'll enjoy this.

(She got up in front of Syrus and pulled him on his feet, and she then undid his pant and pulled them down along with his red boxer shorts, she then pushed him back onto the bed like how he was sitting on it. Mindy made her way into his lap and unbuttoned his blazer and slipped it off him leaving them both nude.)
Mindy: (Reaches for Syrus' glasses and lifts them off) (Lustful voice) There.

Syrus: Wow Mindy, you're even tighter than Alexis and Jasmine.

Mindy: I'm glad you agree Syrus.

Syrus: I never thought I'd be doing this kind of thing with you Mindy, I feel a little nervous.

Mindy: Well the best cure for this is to satisfy the craving.

(Mindy began running her fingers down his chest and drew circles on it with her fingers. She then layed him down flat on the bed and she layed on her knees on top of him. She then moved down and kissed him hotly on his lips, it was like a fire inside of Syrus, he then moved his hands to Mindy's ass, and rubbed her cheeks. She then rolled over and Syrus was on top of her now, and she opened her legs and pulled Syrus in.)

Mindy: Could you do it a little slowly?

(So Syrus moved in, and he never felt anything like this, despite his make out sessions with Alexis and Jasmine, this was better. He then rose up and sat on the bed Indian style and pulled Mindy up to him.)

Mindy: By the way Syrus, what do you think of my boobs?

Syrus: They may not be as big as Jasmine's but that doesn't matter to me.

(Syrus slowly reached out and cupped Mindy's breasts massaging them with his palms. Mindy's head flew back andSyrus felt her nipples harden against his palms. After some teasinghe moved forward, took Mindy's left breast into his mouth, and suckled it. The he took his right hand and with two of his fingers fondled her right.)

Syrus: Oh Mindy you are so tight. I would never want to do this with anyone else.

Mindy: I wouldn't have it any other way.

(Syrus then ran his fingers through her hair and removed her scrunchie, and for the first time her hair was let down. Syrus could not believe how beautiful she truly was. So as he ran his hands through her hair she began to run hers through his. After toying with each other they both went under the bed covers and continued their time of sex, and after many hours of exploring each other's bodies they were finally out of it. So they both came out from under the covers but still kept their legs under it and Syrus laid down and got comfortable while Mindy rested her head is Syrus' chest.)

Syrus: Wow Mindy, this was the greatest experience of my life, thank you.

Mindy: You welcome.

Syrus: Uh say, you won't tell this to your friends or mine will you.

Mindy: I won't on one condition.

Syrus: What's that?

Mindy: If you come here to the girls dorm some nights to have sex with me, then my lips will be sealed.

Syrus: It's a deal (Kisses Mindy's forehead). This I believe is the start of a beautiful relationship Mindy.

Mindy: Yes I know (she snuggles up to Syrus) goodnight Syrus… My sweet little Slifer.

Syrus: Goodnight to you too Mindy, my lovelyluscious Obelisk.

(So from thenon they hadeach other, nothing and no one could ever tear them apart, so to all you guys and girls out there who are searching for a lover, make sure to find someone who likes you for who you are, I know I will. I'm DarkMagicianmon, and farewell.)

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