Title: There's Something About Seventh Year

Author: Muse Dae

Rating: Currently PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this, except the stuff you do not recognize. I own Marie and Sebastian Du Ponte, along with their parents and their home, so no stealing, got it? If you do steal them, I will be forced to sue you or something along those lines. To get to the point, I only wish I was J.K. Rowling, but, sadly, I'm not…-sobbing-

Summary: Summer has just ended and seventh year is about to begin. But nobody expects what happens on the very first day. With a war waging fiercely outside the walls of Hogwarts, Dumbledore thinks it's time for the Seventh Years to learn how to survive in secrecy, as muggles. For the first half of the year, the entire seventh year will be put into pre-selected pairs and be sent out into Muggle England to live with their partner. Pairs are usually inter-house, with one exception, the Head Boy and Head Girl. So, when Lily Evans and James Potter are paired together, can either of them survive?

Disclaimer 2: My plot. You steal, I hurt you. Got it?

Chapter 1

Summer's End

Evan and Rachel Du Ponte loved their children and adored Lily Evans, but by the time summer was drawing to a close, it couldn't come fast enough for them. For 16 years, they had put up with their children's pranks and jokes, which became more elaborate and better with each passing year, but never before had their children had someone who could plan and plot pranks like a war general plotted an attack. Lily Evans was a masterful planner, an incredibly bright girl and had a vindictive streak, just like the rest of us. But when you put those three things together, Lily Evans was a force to be reckoned with, and Evan felt pity for the boy that Lily had sworn revenge on. Rachel, however, egged on the girl she'd come to think of as her own daughter, even helping the girl with some elements of pranks, all of which were tested on Evan.

Needless to say, this had been the best summer that Lily could remember having for a very long time. At first, it had taken her a while to get used to the constant French flying around her head, it had taken a while for her to learn enough French to understand what was going on, but by the fifth week of the summer, Lily was as fluent in French as she was in English. She suspected that the spell Sebastian had hit her with had something to do with her sudden understanding of the language, but she didn't pursue the topic.

But the summer ended fast and soon it came time for the kids to return to Hogwarts. The trunks were packed, owls were safely locked in cages, new books and robes had been bought and put away. And everyone was ready for the journey to Kings Cross Station and then, finally, back to Hogwarts. Lily would miss the Du Ponte's, but she loved Hogwarts. It was her home, just like the Du Ponte's was her second home. As the wizarding taxi's pulled up outside the house, Evan and Rachel Du Ponte hugged and kissed all the children, including Lily, who was now like one of their own. Just as mischeivious, if not more so. The three of them piled into the taxi and waved good bye to the two adults as the taxi's jerked into motion and drove quickly down the lane.

"So Lils, looking forward to getting back at Potter…I mean, back to Hogwarts this year?"

Sebastian grinned as Marie covered her slip up quickly. Lily chuckled as well and tied back her crimson hair in a dark ribbon, turning her emerald visionaries on the twins.

"I'm looking forward to both. Potter's getting his arse given to him this year, revenge is imminent. And it'll be great to get back to Hogwarts. Your house is amazing, Marie, but I love Hogwarts. It's been my home since I was 11 years old. I know it better than anyone, even those egotistical Marauders."

Lily smirked and looked at her two best friends, who had identical evil grins on their paper-white faces. She yawned and sat back in the taxi seat, letting herself drift off to sleep, hearing the twins beginning to snore as she finally dozed off about twenty minutes later.

About two hours later, the Du Ponte twins and Lily were sitting in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express, and Lily was fingering her Head Girl badge. She looked at her friends and shrugged.

"I gotta go to the meeting."

She said, getting up. Marie waved her off and told her to say hello to Remus for her. Sebastian hit her over the head gently and Lily laughed as Marie started arguing with him. She slid shut the compartment door and headed to the Prefects Carriage. When she stepped inside, the only two people there were two people Lily Evans didn't particularly like. That bastard James Potter and the quiet Remus Lupin.

"Marie says hi, Remus. Potter, what are you doing here?"

Lily spoke mainly to Remus, refusing to look at Potter. Remus spoke for him.

"His mom passed out when she found out her 'Little Jaime' had gotten Head Boy."

Lily fell backwards into a chair, gasping.

"Wait, what? Remus…you didn't get Head Boy?"

"Nope. James did."

Lily shook her head. Dumbledore's age was finally starting to show. He must be senile by now. She sighed and put her head in her hands.

"Damn. Well…Congratulations Potter. That's too bad, Remus."

She sighed as the prefects filed in and took their seats. Six prefects from every house. Lily surveyed them. Two for the fifth years, two for the sixth years and two for the seventh years. Most she didn't recognize but a few she did. Severus Snape and Narcissa Black for Slytherin, Remus for Gryffindor, Max Jordan and Angelina Tallen for Ravenclaw. But those were the only people she recognized.

"Okay…well, lets begin the meeting. I'm Lily Evans, your head girl. And this is James Potter…he's your head boy."

A couple of people, mainly the Slytherins, gasped. Lily continued, but was not oblivious to the shocked looks of most of the prefects.

"Now…uhm…First order of business. Prefects meetings are every Friday evening, from 6 to 7 in the Prefects Common Room. Its behind the picture of Mora the Mortified on the sixth floor. Password is Twilight. If you give this password to anyone else, the magic of the room will turn you into a blueberry. No, I'm serious. Remember Amos Diggory? He went missing for those two weeks last year? Hospital wing. He was a peach. Yeah, I have pictures…No Max, I won't give them to you. Any questions?"


Three different languages. Hmm…Maybe they weren't all brainless morons after all. Lily sat down as the prefects filed out to patrol the corridors. James was sitting on the other side of the carriage, watching her with slightly narrowed eyes.



"You thought you won, Potter, but you didn't. Bare in mind, Pranksters Inc. is back and revenge is in the making. Beware."

On that serious note, Lily left the compartment.

Lily and James had gone their separate ways. They had returned to their own friends and were enjoying the rest of the ride. Little did they
know that these were the last peaceful moments of their lives. The few hours on the train were the last peaceful moments they would have until the day they died. Because an evil was approaching. A war was beginning. And the students of Hogwarts would be caught in the middle as soon as they reached Hogwarts.

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