Kill Cars vol. 2


RJ slowly walked out of the junkyard, and over to where he buried his frien-
ds. He picked some flowers, and placed one on each grave. RJ then knew that no animals would be safe with the Cars, and at that moment, knew his quest for revenge was far from over...

Chapter 1

RJ stood on top of the roof of a nearby house, and looked at another far aw-
ay neighborhood. There were at least 50 Cars there. That would be a challenge.

RJ moved silently through the night. He then snuck under a Car, and stabb-
ed his sword into its engine. Of course, he stabbed it in a spot where the Car wo-
uld die silently.
RJ was sneaking over to the next Car, when a Car woke up, saw him, and all hell broke loose. RJ was attacked by Cars everywhere, and with a few swipes from his sword, took down 10. RJ then landed on a Car, and sliced it in half. He jumped off that Car, and while still in the air, began cutting Cars in half. Soon,
none remained.

Chapter 2

RJ checked off another neighborhood on his list of neighboring neighborhood-
s. Three left...

RJ needed more weapons, so he snuck into some houses, and gathered knives,
guns, and, even a grenade launcher from an illegal weapons smuggler's house. It was time to strike.

RJ carried two handguns as he walked into another neighborhood, not caring if he woke the Cars up. He did. They drove toward him, and he fired bullets into their engines, blowing them and neighboring ones up. When he was out of bullets,
he lifted up the grenade launcher, and fired grenades all over the place in blind anger. Oh, shit.

RJ looked around. He had blown up parts of houses, and even had destroyed one house completely. Time to leave, he thought.

Chapter 3

Two left. RJ knew he had gone too far last time, and had to be more caref-
ul. RJ then saw that the Cars from the other two neighborhoods had formed a group,
and were planning an attack. I have to strike now, he thought.

RJ no longer cared about being careful. He got close to the Cars, and fir-
ed every bit of the grenades he had left. Explosions rocked the area, and some of them caused houses to explode. RJ then saw what he had done. Human bodies were everywhere. The explosions had caused a chain-reaction of explosions in all of the neighborhoods, all the way to his friends' graves. They were destroyed. RJ then dropped to his knees, and said,"Where has my quest for revenge led me? I'm a mons-
ter." RJ then looked saw one grenade left, aimed it at himself, and fired.


RJ woke up. It was nighttime, and his friends were next to him sleeping.
RJ sighed and said,"Wow, it was all just a dream." RJ then saw Hammy standing next to him, his head decapitated, holding it in his hands. The Hammy head then said,

"Are you sure about that?"

The End.