Author: TaintedWolf
Title: Mannerisms
Rating: K
Pairing: Mori/Hunny
Hunny loves it when Takashi is with him...
Warnings: Possible SPOILERS for episode 12. Shounen-ai. Incest?
A/N: There is not enough Mori/Hunny in this world. And watching episodes 7 and 12 only strengthened my love for this pairing.

P.S. Why must I get the urge to write at 12 at night? When my eyes are drooping and I can hardly see what I'm typing?

Hunny loved it when Takashi looked at him. With a bright cry of "Takashi!" he could get the normally stoic man to turn towards him expectantly. His dark, hypnotizing eyes would soften, and a hint of a smile would appear on his blank face as an eyebrow raised questioningly. When they were sometimes alone together, Takashi would bless him with a proper smile. Small, but a proper smile, none the less.

Hunny loved it when Takashi smiled.

Hunny loved it when Takashi spoke to him. The fact that Takashi actually spoke was something a person should be honored to receive the pleasure of, as it didn't happen that often. But Takashi still spoke to him regularly, whether a small warning, or quiet conversation. Takashi's voice was naturally smooth, and with more pronounced words, like his given name, it would take a husky timber to it. Takashi's voice oozed sex appeal, unlike his own.

Hunny loved it when Takashi mothered him. He would stop him eating too much cake, in case he gained another cavity (no one wanted a repeat of that fiasco). He would simply say his name, "Mitsukuni..." and it would make him think twice about what he was about to do. Hunny looked up to Takashi, because Takashi was everything that Hunny wasn't. Hunny would never take advantage of his loyalty, but it didn't change the fact that he adored Takashi for always be by his side, helping him along every step of the way.

Hunny loved it when Takashi touched him. He might grab his arm to keep him from danger, and hold him back to keep him safe. When alone together, he might run a hand through his hair or he might slowly drag his finger along his cheek. He would lift him up when requested, and he would hold him securely in his arms, embracing him with a softness that was only reserved for him, and him only.

Hunny loved it when Takashi kissed him. He usually had to ask for one, and usually got a peck on the lips in return. But sometimes, when Takashi was having a bad day, and needed a source of comfort, he would kiss him tenderly. His cheeks would be cupped by big, tan hands and Takashi would brush his lips all over his face before pressing them firmly against his. When he was feeling more bold, his tongue would sometimes come out and hesitantly press against his closed lips, and he would open them obligingly, exploring, testing, tasting. And when they drew apart, catching their breaths and still so close together that each huff would send a warm puff of air against their faces, Takashi would smile again.

Hunny may have loved Takashi's mannerisms, but he loved Takashi more.

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