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Any moment, everything can change, Feel the wind on your shoulder

I finally managed to get away from the Erasers and soared up to join the rest of my flock. I did an automatic head count. One, two, three, four-Four?

I counted again, more slowly, more anxious. Four? Who was missing? I glanced at Fang-he'd noticed it, too. He looked puzzled for a moment, then "Iggy!"

Only it wasn't only Fang who'd said it. Four voices came at me. As one, we circled back towards the ground, going as fast as we possibly could. I prayed that Iggy hadn't run into any more-

Erasers. They were everywhere. Dozens of them stood in the small wood clearing. I gasped when I saw Iggy, pinned under Ari. He was taking a horrible beating. Blood was already pouring onto his shirt. "Iggy!" I shouted.

Ari looked up, saw me, and pulled Iggy to his feet. Then he called to the other Erasers, "Want to have some fun with this one?" He punched Iggy in the stomach and I cringed. I could not imagine what this must be like for Iggy. To not even be able to see his enemy.

Beside me, Fang had already launched himself at the nearest Eraser. I was right behind him, trying to get as close as I could to Iggy. Behind me, Nudge had already taken another Eraser out with a spectacular kick to the jaw, and Angel and the Gasman had ganged up on another.

I managed to get to Iggy and hauled him to his feet. "Get your wings out." I muttered, then "Up and away!"

The flock took off as one, leaving the ground behind. Iggy had some trouble, and favored one wing, but he still had enough energy to take out a small bomb and throw it behind us, towards the Erasers. I didn't worry about starting a forest fire now. This was revenge.

We kept rising, and I noticed Iggy having even more trouble. "Fang!" I cried, glancing at him. His white eyes were glazed over, and he looked completely out of it.

Well, so would you if you'd just been attacked by three dozen wolf-men.

But now he was falling out of the sky. Fast. Towards the raging inferno below.

And there was nothing I could do about it.

"Iggy!" I cried, watching his body tumbling down towards the flames. I looked up at Fang. "Watch my back!" I started to dive down after the boy who had been my brother for fourteen years.

Fang held me back.

I was too surprised to even struggle.

My attempt at doing a Max. You like? Oh, the song at the top? Fly, by Hilary Duff