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We were flying. I didn't know where we were flying to, or what we'd do when we got there. All I knew was that we had to get as far away from the school as possible.

In my mind, I reviewed the past couple of days. The vision, and the attack from the Erasers, Iggy falling. The Gasman and Iggy disappearing. Seeing them so hurt.

I don't know if anyone reading this has a brother or a sister who ever got hurt, but if you do, you'll understand the raw hatred and extreme over-protectiveness that the entire flock was feeling now.

First off, Iggy couldn't fly on his own. When I had suggested we stay a couple days in the cave, though, a look of pure terror came over his expressive features. Now he was being supported by Fang, who never seemed to tire.

Gazzy hadn't left Iggy's side since they returned. For his part, Iggy never let anyone else come as near to him as he let the Gasman. I knew he'd be back to normal soon, and in the meantime, I made sure no Erasers got within a mile of the two of them.

Angel and Nudge hadn't really understood what had happened. They kept asking Gazzy questions, trying to get the facts straight. I eventually took them aside and explained it as best I could.

"The white coats at the school hurt Iggy and the Gasman to see how they'd take the pain." Hey, why don't you try putting that situation into words and explain it to a six-year-old.

I wish I could talk to Fang. He would help me figure out what to do. Unfortunately, he was with Iggy.

Angel and Nudge were flying side by side, talking quietly with Total. The Gasman was near me, flying crooked because of his wing.

We were so messed up. What were we going to do?

The End. Review.