Stuff Like That There
by Em

"I want some huggin', squeezin'/ muggin', teasin' and some stuff/ stuff like that there!"
- Stuff Like That There, Bette Midler

A/N: Yes, this is another result of another challenge list. This one is 15hugs. I might not do all of these. I just saw the first one and this idea came into my head and wouldn't leave me alone. I dunno...what do you guys think? Should I continue them? If I do them, I think I want to make these kinda comedic. (I want to stretch my comedy writing skills, since I think they particularly suck.)

01: Teddy Bear

Raven stared at the dark coal like eyes staring soullessly back at her for a long while. When the concept that she should say something occurred to her, she was at a loss. "It's a Teddy Bear?" she said, half question-half statement.

He chuckled, "I thought to replace the one you lost."

She blinked at him and looked generally confused, "I have never had one."

"You had one, the other night, at the carnival, before I told you guys that Starfire was in trouble, remember?"(1)

She frowned as she thought, the confusion not leaving her lips even with the memory to which he was referring. "That was a chicken," she said bluntly. "A big one."

"Oh..." he flushed. "Sorry...I only noticed you had something fuzzy and plush in your hands..." he admitted.

Robin looked at the medium sized brown teddy bear in her hands and wondered what he should do. He had seen it and it had seemed a good idea. For some reason, he had felt very bad once he realized that Raven had lost her plush toy in the fight. He wasn't certain she had any plush toys and the idea that she might lose the one she had just because they had to be superheroes had unnerved him and so when he had seen the friendly, huggable teddy bear in the Department Store window, he had impulsively bought it.

Giving it to her had been another matter entirely.

It had taken him three days to gather up the courage to do so. "I guess I'll..."

"Thank you," she said, before he could finish the awkward reach for it. She pulled back, almost as if she were afraid he'd snatch it from her hands and her arms pressed it against her chest protectively.

'She's hugging it!'

The realization brought him such an immediate rush of joy that he couldn't contain the smile as he met her eyes.

Without another word, she stepped back another step and closed her bedroom door right in his grinning face.

'She liked it.'

He stopped and the smile fell off his face.

'Didn't she?'

He started to step away but with a quick rush of wind, the door opened again, stalling him. He turned to face her and quirked a brow in silent question. She was still hugging the toy to her chest, albeit unconsciously.

"I do not like chickens," she said flatly.

He looked at her in surprise, wondering whether or not the simple statement had been Raven-Speak for saying she liked the Teddy Bear more than she had liked the Chicken she lost, but she was gone back behind the door to her room before he could even figure out how to ask.

Smiling goofily, he walked toward his room.

'She liked it,' he assured himself.



(1) Episode, Sisters