A few notes to you fan fiction writers, from us, the people who give you your little stories that keep you so amused at our expense!

Disclaimer: We do not own the Darren Shan Saga, blah, blah, blah… for your information… WE LIVED IT! Come on people!

First, a note from me, Kurda Smahlt, because I have the most reason to complain.

Dear Fanfiction writers,

When Darren Shan (bless him) decided to write his little story down and sell it for lots and lots of money so he can buy genuine Van Gogh and Picasso paintings and trade in his little comic strips etc, you know, we were all pleased for him. Obviously we were a little worried about what we'd look like to the readers and that, but we encouraged him all the way, we never thought you lot would take that story and twist it all up into something horrific! Admittedly most of you are fantastic, you know stuff about us that we don't even know and you create beautiful art with your words that often make us cry or laugh out loud… but as with everything there is always a minority that spoil it. Example being that thanks to you so called 'slash' writers everyone now believes that I'm a gay whore… which is none of your damn business anyway! You're like gnats at a barbecue just bugging the hell out of me! Following me round with your little notebooks, watching me take a shower… it doesn't matter who with, its still invading my privacy! And it's like I'm this watery, washed up whatsa-majiggy! And then there's those of you who dig up my past, which I could really forget about, my blooding, my mother, and I want to know who found my diary to steal all those entries from in the first place, I'll pay a huge reward to anyone who can tell me the name of the thief! But what I do appreciate is when you people defend me, I know a lot of you would give me a different ending in The Vampire Prince and it makes me feel loved that I have so many fans… and I DO NOT think I'm the sexiest and best thing since sliced bread! Maybe the second or third but not THE BEST! Anyhow, I'll stop moaning now and let someone else take over.

Love Kurda Smahlt

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