Dear All,

I am using this as an opportunity to tell you about auditions that I, Desmond Tiny, will be holding all decade. I am looking for a Lord of the Shadows so if you're interested please come along to the Lake of Souls at any time between now and 2017 to audition. If you get through you could be the ruler of the world so why not give it a go? If you fit any of this criteria:







Narrow minded

Blood thirsty

Unsure of yourself

Seeking revenge

Or anything else that would give me a chance to control your mind and make you

destroy the world, you could just be what I'm looking for. There is the small audition fee of your life.

So if you're interested I'll see you at the Lake of Souls sometime in the next ten years.

Hope to hear from you soon

Desmond Tiny


PS. If you are unable to come to the Lake of Souls for any reason but are interested in my offer you can reply to me by leaving a review on this note.