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A long long time ago.
I can still remember
How we thought Sharon was on our side.

Who knew the trouble that we had?
She shot Lee Adama's dad
Looks like we had a traitor on the ship.

But when I saw her I shivered
As to a new jail she was delivered
But out of the crowd like the hand of fate
Cally came and shot Model Eight

I just wanted to end this war
We thought was over years before
She must have saw what I saw no more
The day that Valerii died

And I was singing Oh no, there goes Sharon
She was the best,
Who would have guessed
She was just a Cylon
And tell me was her bloody murder wrong?
Now that she's dead and gone?
Is it bad to shoot a Cylon?

Did come by on Pegasus?
You're no good, much worse than us
You do it all if your Admiral tells you so.

Do you believe she's infallible?
Do you think that you're more valuable?
And can you think in intangibles?

Well I KNOW you follow Helen Cain
Even THOUGH you know that she's insane
Add morals to the mix
You raped a Model Six

You were just lookin' for a quick frak
But Gina escaped when you turned your back
Helena was attacked

The day the Admiral died

I was singin'
Kar-ma, reap what you sow
And you deserved to be unnerved
And why don't you know?
And everyone knew you would go
Messed up and you're down below

Over a year, then New Caprica
Vote for Baltar or Laura
Keep things the way they used to be

When we all followed the girl named DeeGrabbed the ballots, 1, 2, 3
They're thrown out by her and me

But Felix found our sole mistake
And the election Baltar did take
Gaius was spelled right.
Wish we'd had that foresight

And while Baltar gave his very first speech,
Roslin went back to teach
A final conclusion we did reach

The day that Baltar won. And he was sayin'
"Roslin first won by voter fraud
Could tell she'd do it, should have knew it
And I know that she's a bit odd"
He turned away with a nod
While a Cylon talked to him about God.

-SONG TO BE CONTINUED- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
((This IS actually a work in progress. I know I left out some HUGE moments in the series. Why did I do that? Well, the reason for that is that I want at least ONE verse for the cliffhanger of each season. And yes, I know, the cliffhanger of Season 1 was not Sharon being shot but Adama being shot, but I didn't remember that until I was done. And I had to put season two in two parts because, well, I've actually worked on this for longer than just now. I wrote the first two verses after the first half of Season 2 ended. Well, began. Whatever. I just thought it would be fun. Then, I realised I had written myself into a corner, couldn't go on much farther, that was it, right? I'll update the song after then next season. Have fun.))
HelenA Cain, I know. I took some liberties.