I just put this in to let you know how he felt.


Dracula's POV

So much has happened for the past centuries I have lived. New technologies, nuclear war, but it still had the same arrogant people that I was used to. Mortals are so pathetic, thinking they can change whatever they please, yet they do not yet know about us, except for our little village. Some are desendants of those that were alive when I had my second dimise. Van Helsing and his followers have been long dead since, leaving me to do with what I please. My three wonderful merciless brides have come back with me, putting enormous amounts of fear into the very souls of the villagers. Yet I feel at times that I am not complete, something inside me is missing, besides my soul. It nags at me constantly, but I must ignore every detail that I feel.

It had been so long that I have actually enjoyed living again, but I do miss the warm fires of hell and the painful screams and totures. Yet I feel stronger than before, and this time I have no weakness to overpower me. The villagers take precautions, but nothing works anymore. Crosses, holy water, you name it, and it's useless. My brides, I'm afriad, still have to look over their shoulders constantly.

Well it's been peaceful here for some time, but I see familiar faces popping out everywhere. Reincarnation, the mortals call it. I see Velkan or Anna, maybe even an old friend or two. I guess that damn God of theirs will stop at nothing to destroy me, but as usual they fail.

But as I have said before something was nagging at me. An emptyness of sorts, but that is common to me. I'm hollow as I have said in the past, yet I yurn for something that I cannnot see or know about. I can't seem to put my finger on it, but at times I try to forget about and it suddenly comes out of nowhere to haunt me. Sometimes being immortal is not the greatest thing in the world. That emptyiness soon changed.

While I was wathcing over our small village waiting for one of those blundering fools to come out, two strangers came out of nowhere, an adult woman and her daugther. Now it was unlike myself not to attack, but that little girl was so mesmorizing. They couldn't see me, which was a good thing. That little girl, was just so beautiful in many ways, but I had three brides and wanted nothing to do with an 8 year old. Her blue crystal eyes caught me in a trap, I couldn't move. All I did was stare into those beautiful eyes of hers, it felt like the emptyness was gone for a few moments. I had my hold on her soul, reading her deep thoughts. It saddened me so, the thoughts that she had. I felt so sorry for her, yet she was a brave one, fearless in this part of Romania. Her mother on the other hand was fearful of her daughter, but I wouldn't dare touch that little angel of hers. The little angel was so curious and wanted to explore. If her mother wasn't there I would have enjoyed having a beautiful girl with me for a while before returning her. Then they left, my hold slowly let go of that angel, and relief as well as curiosity was on her face.

That night a could still feel that angel, somehow. Dread, fear, and sadness lingered in the air, and I instantly knew something wasn't right with that poor angel. I flew to see what was the matter, and there lie the mother, father, and sister of the little angel. I saw her, crying tears of sadness and disaster, but as much as I wanted to, I could not comfort her.

A few months later a strange change came to me. I felt that little angel once more, and it brought me a strange feeling, happiness maybe. She was happy as well, maybe finding a new home. Yet a dream appeared to me that very same night.

The room was of a gold and red paint. A few rare flowers lingered on walls, but the sight and smell of them were not visible. Dancing couples littered the floor, and I was with this strange being. A being of rare beauty, like the flowers. Her brown hair smelled like warm creamy vanilla, and her skin as roses. The silver mask that dawned on her face, hid those beautiful blue eyes from my sight and I so wished to see them. She was shy, yet I could tell she was curious. Our hands touched and I felt a warm sensation through my body. I felt many other things more than that warmness. I felt comfort, trust...love. No I couldn't feel that. It was impossible to feel that. Love that was like oxygen, fuzzied my mind. She was the one that I desired most, and loved dearly. I felt her warm silk hand touch my cheek, and I grabbed it, hoping that I could still feel it later on. I gently kissed her hand, twice, and I brought her close to me. I saw those familiar blue eyes, and I hoped so much that it would be that little angel all grown up. The last and only words I said were, "Please let me take off your mask my love. Let me see you..."

I have had that same dream over and over again. I stare into the fiery embers of the fire in the library's fireplace, thinking deeply. My brides always seem to distract me, wanting no part of another woman in my life. But I can't help but wonder.