Title: Charge of the Shadow Brigade, also known as The Shadow MutinyVendetta. Rating: 15. For Language, Gore, Brief Sexuality. Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama. Disclaimer: I own nothing at alleverything comes from a movie, comic, novel ...etc

It's the year 2006. The League has been in existence for a century, and much has changed during that century. The organization that once strived to maintain world peace now is responsible for several wars and the development of many devastating weapons. Dorian Gray, the first Agent to betray the league is now its leader, working under the command of a shadowy figure known as Big Brother.

Several recruits have joined and left the ranks of the league, those who choose to end their tenure are often assassinated. So far just a handful of former Agents have been able to elude the League, most notably Henry Jekyll and Rodney Skinner, whose lifespan was greatly increased due to their mutations as well as other factors that were the reason of their resentment of the league.

Recently, there was a leak within the league in which an Operative was able to escape with a valuable Intelligence Dossier that he intended to sell to competing agencies.

This act of betrayal may prove to be the beginning of the end to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.