A/N: well this is the sequel to Your Mother Is Who? I am not going to make a trilogy out of my other story because I don't know where to go with it. But I changed the ending sentence so it doesn't seem so weird. Enjoy this story!

Chapter 1/ Prologue

The next day at Tommy's house….

(they had already told Cece about getting married and the baby and she was thrilled)

"Tommy now that we're getting married, I want to get married before I show" Jude exclaimed, while rubbing her hand across her stomach.

"Whatever you want Jude. I have a suggestion. How about we go back to Toronto, so you can talk to your sister? She obviously doesn't know or she would have come here and beat me up to a pulp" Tommy suggested.

"No way Tommy! I am never going back to Toronto! I already told you that yesterday." Jude was a little mad at Tommy for suggesting that but, laughed when he said Sadie would beat him up to a pulp.

"Jude, you actually said that you were putting off going to Toronto" Tommy quipped.

"That is beside the point!"

"Come on Jude! You haven't seen or talked to anyone over there, in 10 years! Neither have I. Don't you want your sister, parents, friends, and anyone else you want, in the wedding?"

"Yeah I suppose. Alright Tommy. I'll go, but only because I want to see my sister and we have to bring Cece" Jude agreed.

"Thank you Jude. I love you, you know"

"I know Tommy, I know. I love you too"

"Come on, let's go pack" Tommy suggested.

Upstairs Cece was being a little snoop, and heard everything. She was so excited she was going to see her aunt, grandparents, and anyone else her parents know. She didn't want them to know that she heard and scurried off to her bedroom.

Tommy and Jude heard those running steps their daughter made, and ran up to get her.

"Cecelia Annelise Quincy! Get your butt out here right now!" Jude screamed to her daughter outside her door.

Jude was extremely mad probably because of mood swings.

"Ye…ye….ye….yes mom?" Cece answered very scared.

"Were you snooping?" Jude asked calmly.

"Yes" Cece said more calmly also because her mom had calmed down.

"Ok, good. Now we don't have to tell you what we are doing. So go pack stuff for the trip" Jude said walking downstairs to her house.

Tommy just stood there with complete shock on his face, as to what Jude just did.

Cece's bottom jaw was on the floor.

"Mood swings girl, mood swings" Tommy finally said, while walking towards his room.

After they all packed, the next day they were flying to Toronto.

The next day…

Tommy called Darius on his cell, to tell him he was going on vacation.

"Hey D, I'm going on vacation for a week, so I don't want to be bothered" Tommy hung up after that.

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