Hey, I´m back. This is just a little thing that I wrote, joining me 2 passions in one: the one for Jate and the one for dolphins… Hope you´ll like it. Reviews are, as always, very welcomed.



She was sitting on the beach, all alone, crying. The warm summer breeze was stroking her hair, drying the tears that were reflecting on her face. Feet emerged into the ocean, her eyes closed, she was sinking again. Only, this time, she really wanted to sink away: sink away from this island, from the situation she found herself into and, most importantly, sink away from her past that, once again, found its way to torture her.

She never felt so humiliated in her life. So abandoned. So alone. Everything that she´s accomplished during the last 30 days was destroyed now. Disappeared. Every word, every advice, every relationship…Gone. In just one brief moment. With just one bitter word.

She remembered that moment. The moment in which Sawyer told everyone that she was a criminal. That it was her that had been escorted by the Marshall. She could still feel the eyes of her fellow survivors; still see their startled looks, full of despise, betrayal and fear. She could understand all of it, but not the last one. How was it possible that the people she considered to be her friends were now turning their backs to her, even being afraid of her? She would never forget the look on Claire´s face and the way she protectively pressed Aaron tighter to her chest, like being afraid that Kate might hurt him. How was it possible that just one word could mark you forever, erase all the good things you´ve done and leave just the bad ones?

She raised her head and looked in front of her. And then, she saw them. In the middle of the horizon, illuminated by the silver moonlight's reflection, were two dolphins, entranced into only them known marine dance. They jumped and swum and swiveled, again and again; their moves soft and graceful, like they were performing some kind of an ocean´s ballet. She couldn´t turn her glare away, enchanted by those beautiful mammals that, just with their presence, were healing all of the wounds of her heart. It was like the nature itself decided to bring peace to her troubled soul, sending her this special gift from the ocean.

As if they could feel her calming down, the dolphins turned around and, with one last jump as a way of saying goodbye, they dove into the crystal night sea and swum away…