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Sigh I really miss Uo-Chan and Hana-Chan. It seems as though we never get to spend time together any more…

"Hello! Torhu? I've been calling your name for the past minute!"

Tohru and Kyo were sitting together on the roof top again. For some reason, Tohru was feeling sort of down. When she went to the roof to think, she had forgotten that Kyo might be there. She had gone up on the rooftop wanting to be alone and think, but she was still glad that he was there.

"What! Oh, I'm so sorry! I was just-"

Kyo just grinned and ruffled her hair.

"It's okay you dope"


And they were quiet. After a few more minutes of silence, Tohru asked him:

"Kyo? How do you get though not seeing friends in a long time?"

Kyo didn't reply. He never had any real friends, scared that his secret might somehow get out if he were ever comfortable and relaxed with people-like the way he was with Tohru-everything would get out somehow.

But despite Kyo's no-response, Tohru went on anyway.

"Because I really miss Uo-Chan and Hana-Chan…"

"Well why don't you just invite them over? Shigure never misses a chance to have innocent high school girls over…Although I don't think you could call that Uo-Chan 'innocent'" said Kyo snickering. But Tohru continued her thoughts aloud.

"I never realized before that we had very little in common…I must have made them so miserable! I've been so selfish!" and then Tohru started tearing a little.

"What are you talking about! Can't you see that they love being with you?" And bothering me, Kyo thought with a half-smile, and half-grimace.

"Yeah, because they're such great friends! They always make me feel happy!-"

"And you make them happy too! Really, they always smile a lot more when they're with you" How can she not see that? Kyo thought. Anyone with eyes or ears can tell that they love Tohru more than anything.

"Hmmmm…" And then Tohru was thoughtful again.

There were a few minutes of silence again, and Kyo let Tohru pursue her thoughts silently again.

When she came out of her reverie she had a plan to bring her and Uo-Chan, and Hana-Chan closer.

"You'll what!" Kyo thought that her plan was ridiculous, but it was adorable the way her lips sort of scrunched up when she was determined to do something.

"Yeah! They both like watching scary movies! So if I could watch it with them, we could all have a good time!"

"Yeah…but Tohru? Don't you always have nightmares when you see scary movies? I mean, you woke up practically crying in your sleep after you saw 'The Night Before Christmas'…"

"Oh yeah…" Tohru looked sad for a moment, but then her face glowed again.

"That's okay, cause I'll get you and Yuki to come with me!"

Damn rat, Kyo muttered to himself.

"Well, goodnight then" said Tohru, than scampered down the roof with her face a-glow.

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