Mayu's breath caught. Finally, the truth would be revealed. A sudden roiling in her stomach made her feel queasy at the anticipation of finally hearing what had been tearing at her for days. Even though it was the truth, finding out why someone wants you dead doesn't exactly leave you feeling the best. But despite her nervousness, Mayu swallowed down her fear and listened intently to Hatori.

"Mayu…do you recall how Tohru came to be a part of the Sohma residence?" Hatori asked her. Mayuko looked thoughtful as she considered Hatori's question.

"Um…I do know a little bit. I believe that she was found on the Sohma property and Tohru pretty much became their housekeeper. The school didn't give much of the details" Mayu said trying to recall what she knew.

Hatori nodded, "That much, is true. But there's something else that you, and no one else, knows"



Kazuma finally looked away from the window, finding the barrel of a gun in his direction.

"So you've been sent to silence me?" he asked calmly.

The man looked into Kazuma's face with interest, and a mischievous glint shone in his eyes, "We'll just see how much you know"

End Flashback

"Does it matter?" Kazuma asked.

The man put his gun down, but still kept it in hand and close to his side—ready to shoot if his victim tried to bolt.

"You're not the one we're after" he said, looking almost apologetic.

"Hm, looking at this scene, I would've thought differently" Kazuma said with a raised eyebrow.

"Heh" the man said, "Look, if things go according to plan, no one will have to get hurt" then he considered his words and gave a dark chuckle, "Much"


"Do you know of the landslide that forced Tohru out of her tent on the Sohma property?" Hatori continued. Mayuko just nodded and waited for Hatori to proceed.

Hatori sighed and looked down, then continued after a beat, "Well, that wasn't an accident"


Shigure was quietly sitting in front of the door staring off into space—but not daydreaming—some very complex thoughts were going inside that head.

He was shaken out of his revere but did not stir, when he heard the quiet crackling of the grass and leaves, caused by a light-footed person.

"You still have the look of a silly fool on your face" a soft voice said as a greeting to Shigure.

Shigure continued to stare off. After a beat he faced the newcomer, and gave a humorless smile.

"Ah, my beautiful Akito. How are you?" Shigure asked in a pleasant tone.

Akito just sneered as she regarded Shigure, "Don't waste your breath on pleasantries," she said.

"Hm" Shigure said noncommittally, he turned his gaze away from Akito and looked back into the empty sky, "So why are we once again graced by your presence, all powerful Akito?" he gave a little chuckle, "So much Akito in one week, I feel spoiled" he said mainly to himself.

"In case you were wondering," Shigure continued, not waiting for Akito speak, "They aren't here. Sorry" he said, apologizing that the three were not here for their temperamental God to wreak havoc on.

Akito grinned in evil amusement. "I will remain here until they return," she said, her unpleasant grin never failing.

"I didn't realize you were so fond of them," Shigure said with eyebrows delicately raised in mild surprise.

"Don't make me laugh" Akito said with disgust, "Me fond of those…revolting and disgusting three?"

"No no, Akito" Shigure said getting a roguish grin, "I think that you really do love them. Deep down, in that blackened heart of yours, you secretly yearn for Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru" Shigure chuckled; this girl was so fun to tease.

Akito chuckled evilly also and came closer until she was standing over the sitting Shigure. She placed a thin, clammy hand on his cheek and smiled, a look some might call maniacal, gleaming in her eyes.

"As much as you pretend Shigure, you are not an idiot. You know what I yearn for", she cocked her head to the side while still looking at Shigure, light filtered her eyes. Shigure looked back up at her, never braking contact, and what he saw in her eyes…

Was a murder, a cold hearted murder.


"What do you mean it 'wasn't an accident'?" Mayuko asked with a gasp, "People just don't do those things on purpose, and to Tohru Honda!"

Hatori just nodded, "As you know, Tohru was on Sohma property when it happened"

"When what happened?" Mayuko asked, "I never really heard the details"

"Well…" Hatori sighed again, "There was a landslide," Mayuko gave an audible gasp.

"But she was okay right?!" Mayuko asked worriedly.

"She had a fever when the landslide occurred, but other than that she was fine" Hatori said grimly, "They almost succeeded though" he added.

"'They'? Who would want to do such a thing!" Mayuko cried "I'm sure Tohru didn't mean to trespass on Sohma property!…"

"I believe that Tohru is the least deserving person of such an attack, but there's no saving her" Hatori said.

Mayuko scoffed, "Who does this person think he is? God?"

Hatori said nothing, and stared down at the murky and sudsy water. Mayuko didn't know how wrong she was. Akito didn't think she was God.

She was God.


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