A/N: well this is a new story that I came up with. It starts out a month after the episode 'Date With The Night'. Tommy decides to write Jude a letter explaining why he left.

Dear Jude,

I want to explain why I left. My sister is dying Jude. She has cancer. She has a daughter that I was sent to take care of. My other siblings won't take care of their niece.
I was the only one left. I'm in Montana Jude. I didn't want to leave like that Jude. I'm sorry. I didn't say anything when I left because I was distraught.
I miss you a lot Jude. I just hope you at least miss me a tiny bit and that you can forgive me. Call me or write back with the address on the envelope.


Tommy took the letter, put it in the envelope, and put it in the mailbox to send it. He went back inside to check on his sister.

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