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May 24th, 7:15A. Another day had gone by that Tohma Seguchi had to hold his feelings in for his love. The man that he because attracted to the second he met him. He loved this man's smile, look, his caring personality; he loved everything about this guy. He was everything that you could ask for, a great friend that would do anything for you. Tohma cherished the time and friendship he shared with this man; but he wanted to step it up and finally tell him what he felt. He wanted to confess his love to this man.
Ever since Eiri had gotten up and left for America, leaving Shuichi here. Tohma needed someone. This new love and idol, the man had just standing in front of him. He needed this new man, he desired him, and he ached for him. The sight of the new man, the way he moved just teased Tohma, The way this new man's long crimson hair flowed as he walked seemed to say, "Come and get me". The only problem was that Hiro couldn't possibly have any feeling for Tohma beyond a friend. Even at that Hiro couldn't possibly like men at the slightest.
This worried Tohma, this scared him. Tohma wanted to just come out and say it, but if he told Hiro that he loved him, and Hiro freaked out or got in the slightest upset, he could leave his contract at NG for sexual harassment and never speak to Tohma at all. That very thought, of never seeing Hiroshi's beautiful smile again, scared Tohma more then anything in the world.
Tohma, decided to go home and retire for the night. Tohma then did not want to go to sleep. For if he woke up the next day he would have to endure the pain of not being able to tell Hiro how he felt. Thinking this Tohma went to his music studio and decided to compose a new song. Something delicate yet powerful with emotion and love with every note. Eventually Tohma fell asleep at his grand piano and went on to dream of his love.
His dream came up there they were standing there on a beach in the moonlight. Hiro standing there, in the wind, his long crimson hair gently flowing with the wind. They were arm in arm Tohma had his head on Hiro's shoulder purring. They were talking to each other, which evolved into deep passionate kisses, Hiro put his hands oh Tohma's face and kissed him passionately, Hiro moved his lips over to Tohma's ear and nibbled on it; he then whispered something into his ear. Just then the sun came in thru the window and awoke Tohma from his dream.
"Damn it! I wanted just 5 more seconds" Tohma shouted angrily at the sun.'

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