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Under the Moonlight

As promised, two days later at 5PM, Hiro pulled up on his dazzling bike to pick up Tohma for this mysterious date. As he pulled up he blew the stunning, black, motorbike's horn. He got off, removed his helmet allowing his long, dark, crimson hair to flow freely down his back. Hiro walked up to the front door of Tohma's luxurious home and rang the bell. Immediately after the bell chimed, Tohma opened the door and stood there with nothing but a smile and robe on his body. His platinum blond hair was now darkened, due to the water in it. Drops of water dripped off the ends of the untidy heap of hair on his head. His teal eyes shined and the color was brought out by the darkness in his hair. His small body smelled of ginger and lime, most likely from his favorite preference of shampoo and shower gel. Hiro found this smell fascinating.

With a blush of embarrassment Tohma spoke, "I just got out of the shower, do you mind helping me pick out some clothes for the date…" Tohma explained, "I know this isn't me I am usually, scratch that, I am…always on time."

"No problem and sure" Hiro smirked.

"Thanks follow me…" Tohma led Hiro inside, "Close the door please."

Hiro did just that and followed his date up the staircase to his room.

"Thanks, for helping me pick clothes, I have no idea what to wear since I don't know where we are headed."

"Hiro smiled, "pick something semi-formal, light and loose on your body, and…." He thought for a moment, "…something, something flattering."

Tohma let out a giggle as Hiro's face blushed as he finished his explanation. Tohma tugged on Hiro's arm and pulled him into the closet with him so they both could search for something that supplemented Hiro's description and Tohma's desires. After a few minutes of searching Tohma found a dark blue silk shirt; he asked Hiro if that passed and it was accepted Tohma laid the shirt on a near by chair and went on searching for some pants to complement the shirt, which Hiro soon found. The pants were light weight black trousers made of a thin layer of denim. Hiro smiles at the pants and handed them to Tohma, whom laid the pants on the chair and began to undress from his formal clothing which he wore at the record studio earlier. He started to remove his shirt unbuttoning his shirt, Tohma heard Hiro making little gasping noises and glanced over at him. This gave him some ideas, Tohma planned to tease Hiro now, he moved agonizingly slow removing his shirt and when it came off he leisurely tossed it onto the floor next to Hiro's feet. Tohma could see Hiro turn red in lust and he smiled at the guitarist. Hiro did nothing but watched Tohma strip of his binding clothing. Next, were his pants, as soon as Tohma released the button clasp to the black slacks he was tackled by a panting and moaning redhead.

Gasping at the surprise Tohma cried out, "HIROSHI!" followed by a loud thud at the two toppled onto the ground.

Panting Hiro put a stop Tohma's cries by pushing a hard and passionate kiss to his lips, this stopped Tohma from screaming out but caused him to moan in response. Wrapping his arms around the younger man's neck, Tohma allowed Hiro to continue to kiss him; Tohma then moved his arms lower moving them slowly down Hiro's back until the soft hands reached the redhead's bum, then, suddenly the hands closed cupping the warm rear of the guitarist, causing Hiro to scream out in surprise. Tohma enjoyed this reaction and took the opportunity to return the favor to Hiro, by silencing him with a kiss, just as passionate as the last. During this kiss, Tohma allowed his tongue to slide into Hiro's mouth, as he did that Hiro nibbled down onto the wet tongue. Both of the two were mesmerized in their pure unadulterated lust; so that neither of them could speak.

Tohma was the first of the two to come out of the trance like state to speak. "Hiro..." Tohma moaned softly as Hiro sucked on his neck, "Hiroshi…we…we….will" he continued to let out soft moaning noises as the younger man explored his body with his warm hands, "Hiroshi…we will be late! S-s-s..." Before Tohma could finish his sentence Hiro had opened the older man's pants and hand began to stroke his member to complete and full length and stiffness; causing Tohma's mouth to stop moving and his tongue to turn to putty in this mouth, this also effected Tohma's body, turning it to a stiff board as he arched his back up in pleasure.

Hiro smiled at the reaction that he was anticipating for and continued to work on his love's body, kissing and licking it all over. The more Tohma seemed to moan, the more Hiroshi teased his body. It seemed that every bit of resistance that Tohma gave Hiro just simply turned him on further. Tohma was too highly caught up in ecstasy to notice that his please for release were causing his lover to move further on. Every squirm Tohma made, Hiro responded to it with another kiss, lick, or nibble on Tohma's lower stomach.

When Hiro sensed that Tohma was about to release, he stopped stroking his lover, this caused Tohma to spin with a craze of emotion, all which ranged from anger to pleasure.

"H-hiro….please….don't stop." Tohma cried out, his plea had changed from stopping Hiro, to trying to get him to continue. This was absolutely hilarious to Hiro.

"Tohma…didn't you just complain about me causing us to be late for our date?" Hiro simply stated.

"Please…Hiro…please don't stop" Tohma begged, which caused Hiro's face to light up with an evil smile.

This was what Hiro wanted all along…this was what he needed…He simply wanted Tohma to beg for him…he wanted Tohma to beg to come. His reasoning for this, was simply the fact that Tohma was always in charge, at work, in his last relationships, in basically everything he did, he controlled. Hiro wanted the power to control Tohma…even if it was for a simple minute, Hiro wanted to dominate this man. Dominating Tohma was power; the way Hiro saw it was like this.

Tohma owns the music industry, he dominates the entire entertainment source for Japan. Tohma rules it all, he gets what he wants, he gets what he wishes, the very second he wishes it. So then, the person who wins control of Tohma, gains it all. The person who dominates this man wins. The person who controls Tohma, now dominates the entire entertainment industry, the person who dominates Tohma Seguchi now gets what he wants. He is a god.

With this smile, he knew inside, he was going to dominate his lover, he loved this man with all his heart and soul; and now he was going to find out how much Tohma felt for him. With a nod and a gentle kiss on the cheek, Hiro continued his work with Tohma. He returned his hand to Tohma's erect cock which stuck up off his hips like a proud soldier, when Hiro's hand reached the member the warm fingers wrapped around the hot flesh and started to stroke. The slower he went, the more moans and pleas for release came from Tohma. To drag out the pleasure of teasing him, Hiro continued the slow rate. This pleased Hiro, every gasp for more, every moan; each was a little sign to Hiro of how much Tohma loved him. Hiro, decided to speed up the process for they were growing late for their departure; he now drew his hand from Tohma, which brought more pleas and begging, only to be silenced by Hiro's wet, warm, cavern like mouth. Hiroshi had now placed his mouth upon his love's member, to suck every drop from him, to give this moment to him, Hiro made sure this weekend was entirely for Tohma's pleasure, and of course Hiro would get his prize later on. Sucking fiercely on Tohma, Hiro wrapped his tongue around the flesh inside his mouth to bring it closer to the edge. Hiro began to moan onto the beautiful, pink flesh inside his lips, bringing Tohma to the edge. Dipping his tongue into the slit at the head of the member caused Tohma to be brutally pushed over board. Tohma screamed out in bliss as the warm white liquid spilled from inside him and into Hiroshi's mouth, who drank down every drop that was given to him.

Hiroshi then pulled away and smiles at the sight before him, a completely exhausted Tohma, laying there on the floor. Nudging him, he spoke, "Tohma, we have to go, its getting late."

Letting out a soft moan and opening his eyes, Tohma now answered back, "Yes….I will finish getting dressed."

When Tohma said that, Hiro picked him up and stood him on his feet. He handed Tohma his clothing and allowed him to dress. When Tohma was finished dressing he went out into the main part of the bedroom and sat down in a plush black leather recliner and slid on a pair of black open toe sandals.

Standing up, Tohma asked, "How do I look?" he smiled.

"Absolutely stunning, and it's perfect for where we are going!" Hiro replied with a wink.

Tohma opened his mouth to speak but Hiro put a finger to his lips to keep him silent, "You will find out where we are going when we get there." Hiro stated knowing what Tohma was going to ask him, "Well lets get going now shall we?" Hiro smiled picking up Tohma who laughed, enjoying himself. Hiro carried Tohma to the motorbike outside and they prepared to leave.

Hiro handed Tohma a red helmet and Hiro put an identical one on his head, causing his hair to flare out at the bottom of it. Hiro threw his leg over the bike and Tohma did the same, wrapping his arms around Hiroshi's waist firmly for security and support. This made Hiro make a quiet, subtle moan, Tohma was back in charge.

With this Hiro started up the sport bike and the engine roared to life and died down to an idle purr.

"Ready to go, Tohma-kun?" Hiroshi asked him.

"Yes, I cant wait to find out where you are taking me!" Tohma exclaimed.

"All right! Hold on!" Hiro shouted.

Tohma did what he was told to do and gripped his arms around Hiro's waist tighter. Hiro let out a giggle and revved up the engine once again; growling, the bike started to move forward. Tohma sighed giving total control to Hiro, and rested his head on Hiro's back as they drove off towards their destination.

Hiro cruised down a few main streets, passing up neon lit nightclub and peaceful restaurants, and he headed for the highway. After entering the highway, Hiro sped past a few automobiles.

Tohma moved his head up and spoke into Hiro's ear. "Hiro, where are we going?"

"That is a surprise, so don't ask that again, or you will spoil the date." Hiro bluntly stated.

In fear of ruining the evening, and aggravating his lover, Tohma kept quiet. It was nearing six o'clock and the long time they had been on the road was making Tohma uneasy.

Hiro sighed feeling Tohma's grip tighten, "We will be there soon don't worry love. I promise you will be very happy when we get there so just relax, please do that for me." Hiro pleaded with the older man.

"All right, I…trust you completely." Tohma responded.

Hiro once again sighed and shouted back to Tohma, "We are almost at the exit, it's only a short while and you will get to stretch your legs."

Hearing this Tohma smiled and watched the scenery as it passed by and the sun as it slowly set, changing the sky from a light blue, to yellow, to a dark orange red. Hiro sped up to beat the sunset to their destination. He did not want to show up late nor did he want to miss out on the activities he had planned for his lover. Slowing down, Hiro smiled as they approached their turn.

"We are almost there, I know I have been saying that a lot but this time I mean it 10 more minutes' tops, love. So please don't freak out we will be there shortly." Hiro mumbled as he made the turn onto a dimly lit street. The street lead into a small beach side city with colorful lit hotels and hills, the small city seemed carved into the mountain all the roads going higher to the next intersection. Hiro made another turn onto a street that headed up the mountain. He drove for about another hundred feet and made a left turn into a hotel parking lot. The Costa Coral Beach Front Resort was a tall building with orange and blue neon signs and blue neon running down the corners of the hotel to the ground. This was a five star resort, one of Japan's best.

Hiro shook his body to wake Tohma, who was clutched onto his body, up from his daydream, "Tohma we are finally here. Come on…"

"This is beautiful." Tohma stated as he got off the bike, followed by Hiro.

They removed each others helmets and kissed passionately.

"Well let's go in, I reserved a room and there are clothes there, we are going to a beach party later." Hiro explained his plans in brief.

Tohma said nothing he just stood there partly in shock from the kiss and the present atmosphere.

"Tohma?" Hiro asked repeatedly, "Hun? Are you all right…Tohma?"

Tohma shook his head violently waking him self up yet again from his dream, "Yes, I'm sorry, Yes I'm fine, and yes it's all perfect. I love it, and again I am sorry about that; I spaced out, all this is just so…so spe…." Hiro cut him off with another kiss just as passionately as the last.

"Your silence is a sign saying that you are enjoying this, so you don't need to explain anything at all don't worry about a thing." Hiro smiled.

Tohma kept quiet this time, following Hiro into the large hotel. The lobby was extravagant, accordingly decorated with the perfect amount of pictures, statues, and furniture. All the décor was placed to really show that you are at a beach paradise. There was even a sand bar in the lobby; a nice place to sit, have a drink, and let your feet relax in the sand…and all of it indoors.

As Hiro went up to the check in counters to get their room; Tohma stood in the center of the large lobby admiring all the colorful hand crafted, blown glass structures; the large multicolored chandelier above him, the bright reds, blues, and greens bounced around painting the room.

In mid-day dream, Tohma spotted Hiro approaching, "Hey, did you get that room sorted yet?"

"Well they made an error so, we get a dinner…Our room will be ready for us soon don't worry…" Hiro assured his love.

"There is a place down on the pier, so when you're ready..."

Tohma nodded and they both went out to the motorbike for another cruise, down to the pier.

This time around, Tohma paid close attention to Hiro. Noting the way he was driving his bike, and the way he was breathing. It wasn't all that bad (if it was at all bad, it was Tohma's fault), it was just they both were abruptly fast. At first, Tohma's first interpretation of Hiro's speed was that he did not want to be there with him. This brought a frown to Tohma's face; but just when he was going to question Hiro's mood, it hit him. Putting the speed of Hiro's driving and breathing together, it added up; Hiro was having a hormone rush. A smile and deep red blush immediately came to Tohma's face when he realized this. He did not thing he could have this kind of effect on the young guitarist (yet again…Tohma is in charge) with just a mere touch from his hand. Grinning, with a hint of evil grimace; Tohma made a mental note of this. He would use this against Hiroshi later.

Before he could realize it, they had arrived at the restaurant. Tohma was completely oblivious to his surrounding, keeping his arms around the younger man.

Hiro asked repeatedly for Tohma to release him, so they could enter the luxurious building. Turning his head a bit, to get a better look at Tohma, Hiro noticed the grin and chuckled. Shaking his body to wake Tohma from his dream (something he's been doing a lot lately), he spoke, "Tohma, what is with that grin?"

Tohma, now rudely awaken from his fantasy, looked at Hiro with a straight face, he was trying to hide a rose blush, but had no success. Trying to hold back embarrassment, "What grin?" he asked defensively, turning his head to the building. At that Tohma let his love and dream go for that moment and they walked into the grand yet small, restaurant.

The interior of this fine establishment was set in red mahogany, gold, and black colors. It consisted of a small dining room, which could hold about one hundred people, to keep the peace there were only enough tables to seat about half that.

The room itself had an immensely large fish tank in the back, sporting a large variety of colored salt water fish; it was extremely amazing. Each table, made of the darkest mahogany wood, was set off in its own space surrounded by high back booth seats.

Each seat had the restaurant's name embroidered in it with golden threads.

On the tables, themselves, stood two place settings, each including a soup and salad bowl, entrée plate, the finest of silverware, and tall wine and champagne glasses; each piece made to add a special ambiance to the room. This couple's table was one that stood alone in the back left corner, with a private viewing window, giving them a spectacular view of the sandy beach and ocean, each which glew orange-red from the currently setting sun. A faint wind could be seen causing the towering palms to sway slightly in the breeze. The clouds were slowly forming, but they were not intimidating.

"We got here at the right time, by the looks of the weather!" Tohma stated as the two sat down at their table. Tohma took the seat nearest the wall and Hiro sat across from him. The two enjoyed each other's company and the peace.

The two smiled at their host who walked off. They sat there looking over the menus. The large book like menus boasted an immense amount of multicultural foods, with a few pages dedicated to each continent.

After about three minutes their waitress came to introduce her self and take their drink orders.

"Hello welcome to A World of One; my name is Sam, I'm going to be your waitress for the evening", the young attractive woman said. She was in her early twenties or late teens. Her stature stood quite tall, she had to have been at least 5' 7", she looked quite stunning; her hair and its blonde and brown strands, her eyes seemed to sparkle slightly, "Well what can I get you two to drink?", she asked politely.

Hiro ordered a bottle of champagne for the both of them to share, a glass of water and Tohma ordered hot citrus tea. As the waitress walked off the two men smiled at each other and proceeded to look at their menus to decide what to eat.

Tohma seemed fixated on the European section of the menu; while Hiro studied the Caribbean foods. It took them a few more minutes to decide what to finally get.

When the waitress came back they told her what they desired.

Sam smiled and pulled a pen and pad of paper from her pocket to write it all down.

"Um…I will have the stuffed crab with jumbo shrimps." Hiro told her as she nodded and jotted it all down.

"Oh and sorry about the time its taking for your drinks, I'll get them for you in a moment" Sam stated.

"No problem" Tohma said with a smile.

"Thanks for waiting, well what can I get you?"

"Well I want…um" Tohma blushed in embarrassment; "I um…don't know how to say this" he laid the menu down and showed Sam.

She smiled "Its all right I don't even know how to say that, I will go find out for you" She wrote the words down as she spoke, "I will be back shortly with your drinks", she went off into the kitchen.

After a few minutes she came back with the bottle of champagne and their other beverages.

"Ok…that item is pronounced Kot-let S-ha-bo-vy ra-zem Rosow ee pierogi. That's a mouthful isn't it?" She joked, "Its Polish for chicken fillet with chicken soup and stuffed dumpling, it's quite popular in fact. It may not be a fancy meal but believe me its delicious.Goo" She was instantly cut off by a loud gunshot pop.

"HOLY SHIT!" Tohma screamed.

Giggling Hiro apologized, "Sorry just had to remove the cork from the champagne." The three laughed.

"Well your food will be out soon; have a nice time holler if you need anything." Sam said with a smile and she dismissed her self to assist the rest of the guests.

"Hiro you idiot, you scared me!" Tohma scolded.

"Sorry love."

"That was absolutely hilarious!" Tohma's frown turned into a big smile.

They sat there for a while chatting; when Sam brought out the food and placed in at there table in front of the two.

"Thank you very much" Hiro and Tohma said simultaneously.

The waitress smiled widely and blushed, "Well I hope you guys enjoy that. They are very popular dishes."

"We will, thank you!" Hiro answered for the both of them.

At that she left the two of them. Hiro and Tohma finished their dishes and waved down the waitress who brought the check for them to sign off on.

Hiro placed his credit card in the folder that Sam gave to them. A few minutes later Sam came for their bill and walked off to the back room. After about three minutes a loud scream rang thru the restraint, followed by giggling. This made everyone in the room jump up, a few gasped at the noise.

A male came out of the back room and into the dining area, "I am terribly sorry about the disturbance, please continue with your meals." At that all the people went back to eating.

Sam, with a red face walked up to Hiro and Tohma, smiling she started to speak, " I truly am sorry for screaming out like that…It's…it's just I didn't know that you were Hiroshi Nakano of Bad Luck and you're Tohma Seguchi of Nittle Grasper! I thought you looked like them, but you really are them!" she tried to keep quite, "um…I don't know how to say this…but…can I have your autographs?"

"Sure if you could get us something to sign and we can do that for you!" Tohma said with a smile.

"Thanks you're the best!" she squealed in delight as she pulled a pen and piece of paper from her pocket, "Here it is!" and she handed Tohma the items. Tohma went on to sign it and then handed the paper and pen to Hiro, who when finished gave the paper to Sam.

"Thank you so much! You really are the best, Ill get this framed!" she giggled and walked off to the other guests.

After that quaint dinner the two of them walked out of the restaurant and headed out for the motor bike for another ride back to the hotel.

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