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Background: This story is really random. Umm…I think you just need to know that Stephanie went to Chilton with Paris and Rory. They are all going to Yale and are going to be freshmen's. None of them have met Logan, Colin or Finn, who also go to Yale but are two years older than them. This takes places the summer before they start Yale. Rory is going to be more outgoing and wild…just because I like writing her like that. And she didn't sleep with Dean so she's still a virgin. If I forgot anything just review or e-mail me and I'll clear it up. Oh and it's going to be a PDLD! Because Finn's my favourite!


Just a Chick Thing

One Week Prior

"I swear, mates, I didn't know what would happen!"

He received nothing but two pairs of narrowed eyes and laughed nervously, pulling at the collar of his shirt.

"It was thundering, you imbecile! What did you think would happen?"

He shot them a black stare. "Thunder doesn't equal fried hard drive, at least not to me."

"How 'bout lightening?"

Eyes rolling and hands crossed over his chest, he sighed and gestured behind them to a small island off in the distance. Only the tips of tall buildings could be seen, along with the edge of a long dock, yachts and boats lined up along its sides.

"Well it's not like we'll get busted for it," he told them. "In case you haven't noticed we're making our grand escape right now."

"Grand escape? Looks more like you running with your tail between your legs!"

He grinned and swung an arm around both their shoulders, squeezing just tight enough to have them both wincing. "And I've got my best mates running with me," he told them. "Now where do you say we run to? Mexico?" he suggested but then scoffed and smacked himself in the forehead. "'Course not, don't know what I was thinking. Mexico would be way too obvious!"

"Serious question, Finn," one interrupted, grabbing the Australian and stopping him mid-tirade. "Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home?"

Logan choked back his laugh as he met the glaring eyes of his best friend. "You know we're just teasing you, Finn my man!" he said and walked over to the side of the yacht, leaning back against the railing. "So…where to?"

Finn let a grin spread across his face. "Well certainly not Mexico…" he started in again and both Logan and Colin rolled their eyes, watching on in amusement as Finn paced the deck, listing off countries and cities as he walked.

"I've got it!" he suddenly exclaimed and jumped up, smacking his hand down on Colin's shoulder. "Fiji!"

Colin glared, "And you needed to emphasize that by breaking my shoulder?" he asked dryly, rubbing his hand into the muscle.

"Sorry, Colin, I forget sometimes you're more fragile than the rest of us," he exclaimed but jumped out of the way before Colin's hand could hit him.

"Why Fiji?" Logan asked, sporting a huge grin on his face as he looked between Finn and Colin. "Haven't we been there before?"

"Summer of 2002," Finn supplied snapping his fingers and starting to whistle. "And why not? I happen to remember…well, bits and pieces of that summer…which usually means it was one of the better ones."

"Fiji it is then…and let us hope, for our safety, there aren't any computers involved," he added, smirking at Finn.

Finn pouted. "I'm telling you, I didn't know what would happen!" he defended himself.

"Of course, it's hard to know what a computer will do when you plug it in during a thunderstorm," Colin said sarcastically.

"Some of us aren't as hooked on phonics as others," Finn told him, arms grasped in front of him and tongue pushing against his front teeth.

"Someone has to be behind your hair-brained ideas," Colin shot back.

"Guys, guys…" Logan interrupted them, walking until he was separating them and drew them together with an arm hooked around their necks. "Wouldn't this be more fun with a little alcohol mixed in?" he suggested.

"Brilliant, Huntz!" Finn exclaimed and bounced off towards the bar they were standing by. He quickly came back with three shots of whiskey and handed them around. "To Fiji!"

"To Fiji!" Logan and Colin chorused and they all hit their glasses together, throwing the burning alcohol down their throats and ending with a loud, wolf cry from Finn.

- - -

With an exasperated sigh they collapsed onto the sand, the incoming tide brushing against the heels of their feet. Hair piled on top their heads, errant strands sticking to their sweating skin, while barely there shorts and bikini tops stuck to the rest of their bodies.

"I didn't think this temperature even existed!" Stephanie complained, groaning as she could literally feel the beads of sweat inch their way down her neck.

"Lying out in the open on the beach probably isn't helping," Paris commented and both girls turned to look at her.

"And you're actually able to move?" Rory asked her dryly, licking her lips to stop them from becoming dry.

Paris stared at her for a moment before letting out a defeated sigh. "The hotel's way to far away," she explained.

"We could always go in the water," Steph said and the three girls all raised themselves onto their elbows, looking down at the water that was slowly inching past their ankles.

"It would be slightly cooler," Rory added and pushed herself forwards even more, swishing her hand into the tide.

They all stood up, sand sticking to the backs of their legs. The first foot in they let out a collective sigh, the second foot in and small smiles spread onto their faces. With new found energy they ran into the water, feeling the cooling effects immediately.

"I love water," Stephanie said as they all resurfaced, swimming out further until the water reached their shoulders.

"Why didn't we ever think of this before?" Rory asked, leaning her head back and dipping her hair into the water.

"The heat must have been liquefying our brains," Paris supplied to which they just laughed.

Stephanie suddenly pouted and looked down, the water clear enough that she could see her legs. "We're gonna have to buy new shorts," she said.

Rory laughed and shook her head, water spraying everywhere. She looked out around her, it was the first time she'd ever been to Fiji and she knew she would never be able to take in everything before they left. The beaches, the buildings, just the overall feel the island had. She'd instantly loved it the second she'd stepped off the plane.

Her eyes landed on the docks that were a 100 yards down the shoreline. "Hey, Steph?" she asked, returning her gaze to the blonde who was currently trying her hardest to push Paris under the water.


"We should take your boat out," she suggested and both girls stopped pushing on each others shoulders and looked over to the docks to.

"I'm for it," she said and then turned to Paris who was squeezing the water out of her hair. "You in, Gellar?"

"Sure, I've cooled off enough for now," she agreed.

The girls started to leisurely swim down to the docks, not in a hurry to actually leave the water.

"Ick!" Steph exclaimed suddenly and kicked her legs in a fluid motion, trying to push herself backwards.

"What?" Rory asked, instantly fearing the worst and couldn't stop from hearing the Jaws theme song in her head.

"Gross green stuff," Steph told them and then started to swim in towards the shore. "No way am I swimming through that."

They all walked out of the water, dripping wet from head to toe, though the heat from the mid afternoon sun dried their skin easily. The hard wooden boards that made up the dock were hot against their bare feet, making them all jump and hurry towards the small yacht that belonged to Stephanie's father.

Steph untied the boat from its post, all the while hopping from one foot to the other. The minute it was free she climbed onto it, sighing at the feel the carpeted floor. They all looked up as a tanned man suddenly came on deck and shook hands with Stephanie.

"You want to go for a ride?" he asked, looking at them all, to which Steph nodded and the guy walked quickly back towards a closed off room. Minutes later they felt the boat shift and then heard the engine come to life.

"He just stays on the boat all day?" Paris asked, wrapping a towel around her hair and drying it a little.

"Just when I might want to use it," Steph said and then walked towards the side of the boat, sitting down on a large bench seat. "Where to?" she asked, thanking the Lord that the dock wasn't full that day so they had no problems getting the boat out into the water.

"I don't know," Rory replied and leaned back against the side of the boat. "Although I would prefer somewhere where there aren't any sharks…"

Steph laughed and then stood up and walked over to the room the guy had disappeared in to. "I'll see what I can do," she told her.

- - -

A brilliant sun was sitting high in the sky, its bright rays glistening off the surface of the water. Every few minutes the boat would rock gently with the swell of a small wave, but it didn't disturb the three guys reclining on the top deck.

Logan was in the middle of Finn and Colin. His lips were spread into a wide smirk and his chest shaking almost imperceptibly with laughter. He kept his eyes closed though, not meeting the glares his friends were throwing at him.

"Sod off, Logan," Finn told him and twisted in his chair so that he could kick Logan's leg. "It's not that funny."

The blonde couldn't stop the laugh from escaping his lips. He sat up in his chair, narrowly missing the splash of water that Colin had aimed straight at him. He shook his head and stood up, pointing back and forth between the two of them.

"I always knew we were close," he started and then his face went noticeably serious. "But, you guys, I think you might have taken it too far last night."

"We were drunk," Colin muttered under his breath, arms crossed on his chest and a frown marring his features.

Finn brightened a little and got off his chair, a hand held against his chest and a fake heartbroken expression on his face. "What are you saying, Colin?" he asked dramatically and scrambled over to Colin's chair. "You don't feel that way about me?"

Colin glared at him and inched away from Finn's reaching hand. "Did I mention the kick in the groin you'll be receiving if you touch me?" he asked rhetorically.

"Ooh…" Finn exclaimed and fawned himself playfully. "I would have never guessed you liked it rough!"

"Fuck you, Finn," Colin said and pushed him on his shoulder, looking a little better when Finn fell backwards onto the deck, almost crashing into Logan's chair.

"You tried to last night," he shot back haughtily and then jumped to his feet, taking off around the boat as Colin chased after him, shouting threats as he went.

Logan was holding onto the side of the boat as he watched in amusement the antics of his best friends. He flinched though when Colin jumped onto Finn's back and they both collapsed onto the deck.

Finn pushed himself out from underneath Colin and his eyes immediately turned to Logan. "That's gotta be foul play, mate!" he called.

Logan shook his head. "Colin wins, Finn, fair and square," he told them and Colin also jumped to his feet, one arm raised in the air and smirking in victory.

"God awful American judging," he muttered under his breath and walked over to the side of the yacht, leaning over the railing. "You know I could beat your ass any time in surfing!" he yelled to Colin although he never turned his attention from the water directly below him.

Logan laughed. "We know, buddy," he said and clapped a hand on Finn's shoulder. He raised his eyes out towards the water again and then straightened completely. "Well look at that, we've got company."

Finn looked up, squinting to see out into the water. One hand came up and he laid it over his eyes, shielding them from the sun, letting the outline of a small yacht come into focus. It was much smaller than the one they were on, and was floating in the water not even 50 yards away. He let his gaze sweep over its entirety, seeing no one on board except the captain.

"Empty," he said and turned towards Logan who was also looking over the yacht.

"Maybe they're swimming," he suggested and moved his eyebrows up and down suggestively.

"Maybe they're not chicks," Colin's voice broke in and Logan and Finn both smacked him upside the head. "Ow!"

"Serves you right, mate, jinxing everything like that," he exclaimed and threw his hands in the air. "Now it'll probably be some old fat guys wearing Speedos," he said while cringing.

"You wanna know what I think?" Colin asked and walked over to beside Finn.

"Of course, Colin, what's your cry-baby, whiny assed opinion?" he asked sarcastically.

Colin threw him a look but then sighed and motioned off towards the yacht that hadn't moved since they'd noticed it. "It's probably some old retired couple," he told them, sounding completely sure of himself.

Logan raised his eyebrows and frowned. "Yeah?" he asked and looked back over to the boat.

Colin laughed. "Well the boat is named, "Island Time", not exactly hip and happening."

Finn laughed at Colin's choice of words and then pouted and turned around, his back to the boat. "Now what do we do?"

His question was met with absolute silence and Finn frowned before turning towards Logan who was staring back at the boat, mouth open slightly and eyes wide.

"What the…"

Words failed him as he turned just in time to see a gorgeous girl walk out onto the deck of the boat. He felt his entire body react, a fire spreading through his veins as she took a drink from a water bottle before bringing it to her head and tipping it over. His eyes got even wider, watching in fascination as the water cascaded over her face, down her neck and splashed against her breasts, the light blue bikini dripping water onto the deck.

He swallowed, his mouth dry.

"Bloody hell…"

- - -

You ask me why I gotta play so hard to get yeah
You ask me do I play it cool just to make you sweat yeah
You want some kind explanation I can give
It's just a chick thing that you're messin' with
To me it's black and white
But it's not getting through to you...

That's what girls do
They keep you guessing the whole day through
Play your emotions push all your buttons it's true
That's what girls do

- - -