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It was a morning unlike any other. A morning of intense heat, glorious sun and a deep seated fatigue that swam throughout her veins. She purred from her spot in bed, stretching amid the tangled sheets and smiling contently. Even the sweltering humidity could do nothing to dampen her spirits. She was high on the sheer smell of her room, sweet-smelling lavender tinted with passion fruit and something else entirely delicious. The sheets that were wrapped about her waist covered barely a foot of her body, exposing her legs from the knee down.

She'd gone to bed late the night before. Regaling Steph and a still queasy Paris with her day spent walking the villages with Finn. Stephanie had been thrilled, hanging on every word and begging for a greater description of their kiss. Rory smiled as she thought over how happy they all seemed now. Even Paris, still pale and sickly looking, had a sparkle in her eyes that Rory was sure was from a certain blonde. They'd each taken turns explaining their days, gushing over some of the strangest things, like the tiny dimple that manifested itself on Logan's cheek when he smiled, the intelligence that radiated from Colin as he'd taught Steph all about the reef and the shocking knowledge that she'd been helplessly attracted to him because of it. Even Rory had thrown in her odd attachment to Finn's powerful hands, the length of his fingers and the prominent veins the roped up along his arm.

She couldn't remember having a girl's night like that in a long time, something she'd sorely missed. In her day to day routine, Rory wasn't known to gush over a guy, even if he was a walking Greek God, but once in a while, the chance to let it all out in the company of her two best friends was more than welcome.

She wasn't sure when they'd finally collapsed into sleep but it had been well past dark outside. Though, the encompassing darkness had fallen fairly early that night, as the entire island had fallen prey to a loud and crashing thunder storm. Their small cabin had been drenched with rain all night, the rooms lighting up with every swift strike of lightening.

In lieu of a grand hotel, the three of them had chosen to rent a small cottage for the month they'd be in Fiji. First it had been because they couldn't find a hotel that was close enough to the docks where Steph's yacht was tied. But after Rory had spent the entire day, soaking up the sun and culture with Finn, she couldn't think of a better place to come back to.

The small cabin was homey and comfortable. Their front door opened onto a wooden porch, complete with a rocking chair and a hammock. The four steps down from the porch brought you to a small stone pathway that led to the road and then the beach a few yards away. It was a perfectly private escape from everything else in their lives and the girls had instantly agreed on renting it.

They'd spent the night in the one bedroom, after having pushed the night tables out of the way and propping the two double beds next to each other. Mounds of blankets had been spread over the two beds, along with a dozen pillows, creating the ultimate spot for relaxation.

Rory sighed out as she rolled over in the bed, hitting the soft mound of a balled up comforter and let her body mould into it. She felt beyond lethargic, not wanting to get up for anything. And so she kept her eyes stubbornly closed and merely listened to sounds of Fiji. She didn't hear anyone else padding around their small cottage and so she assumed she was only one awake. Rain was still falling outside, pinging off the slanted roof but the gentle sound only added to her serene mood. Over the rain, Rory could hear the ever present sound of the ocean as waves crashed upon the shore, probably stirred up from the storm earlier. She even heard the faint sound a bird calling out as it flew overhead. She shifted again, sighing peacefully.

"You're so having a dirty dream," Steph's amused voice easily broke through her lethargic mind.

Rory frowned and popped open an eye. Steph was kneeling on the bed before her, legs crossed and a wicked smile stretching her pink lips.

"What?" she asked as she lazily pushed herself onto her elbows and peering over at Paris who seemed to be awake now also.

Stephanie licked her lips. "You, dirty dream," she simplified and then uncrossed her legs and sunk down to her stomach. "Let me guess... You and Finn, rollicking around for a little fun in the sun," she teased, smirking.

Rory felt her mouth drop open and her cheeks flood red. She stared at Steph for a moment before bringing up a stray pillow and flinging it at her head.

"I cannot believe you just said that!" she cried, mortified as she fought against everything she had to not picture her and Finn doing anything along those lines.

"I cannot believe you're offended," the blonde shot back, clearly joking. "I mean the man is not only gorgeous but he's got the accent to boot," she stated, a dreamy look flitting across her face.

"Well, if you're so enamoured with him why don't you date him?" Rory asked dryly, although the possibility sent her heart clenching.

"Honey, I would never steal your man," she promised sweetly and flounced out of bed.

"I wouldn't bite your tongue while saying that," Paris chimed in, as she to rose from the bed.

Rory was left alone in the bedroom, sitting upon the comfy bed, a frown marring her features. Why did the thought of Steph and Finn getting together bug her so much? Or more frightening, the thought of Finn being with anyone who wasn't her? She couldn't like him so much already? She'd known him for a few days and while he kept very good company, was it possible that she'd already developed that deep an attraction to him?

Rory grumbled as she hopped off the bed and trudged towards the kitchen. The wooden floors of the cottage were cold against her bare feet and sent a welcome shiver up her legs. Even dressed in a thin pair of shorts and a tank top, she could still feel the heat bearing down on her.

"Coffee," she muttered as she hopped up onto one of the stools lining the bar.

"Aww, did I spoil someone's good morning?" Steph smiled innocently while pouring Rory a mug full of coffee.

She glowered. "Yes," she exclaimed before gulping down the scalding liquid and sighing at the pleasure of it coursing through her system.

Paris watched her savour the drink. She would never understand how Rory could enjoy coffee when it was ninety degrees outside.

"So what are we doing today?" Paris asked, leafing through a stray brochure. "I think we're pretty much stuck inside until it stops raining."

"A little rain never hurt anyone, Paris," Rory told her, sparing a glance outside but she could barely see anything through the blurry window panes.

Steph looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Well, you can go do a rain dance down at the beach if you want." She glided over to the plush couch and dropped down. "I have a Plan B though, if you're interested."

Rory rolled her eyes but felt her curiosity peaked anyway. She shared a look with Paris before the both of them walked over to the couch and sat down next to Steph.

"And what does this glorious plan of yours entail, Vanderbilt?" Paris asked dryly, still thumbing through something from the National Board of Tourism.

Steph rolled her eyes and plucked the brochure from her hands, flinging it over her shoulder. "Definitely not something you're going to find in a boring, government standard travel brochure."

"Especially when we're being forced to spend the day holed up in here," Rory said and brought her knees to her chest as she quickly tied her hair back.

"Ahh but it won't be boring," Steph promised and lifted her purse from the table in front of them, fishing through its contents until she came across her cell phone.

"Your phone?" Paris inquired. "We're going to call people back home and pay exceedingly high long distance charges because you're afraid to get your hair wet?"

Steph glared at her but redirected her attention to her phone and scrolled through the list of contacts before settling on one in particular. "I never said we're calling someone from home," she clarified.

"But we don't know anyone here," Paris stated, folding her arms over her chest.

"Except the guys we met yesterday," Stephanie reminded her. "Or were you to busy throwing up to notice anyone else?"

Rory sighed as she watched her friends bicker relentlessly. They might be best friends but Steph and Paris had fairly clashing personalities and Rory was not in favour of having them cooped up together for an entire day.

"So you're calling Colin?" she asked, breaking up their argument.

Steph brightened at the mere mention of him and nodded. "I got his number yesterday," she told them, flashing her phone at them quickly. "He told me not to wait long before using it."

"He likes you," Rory told her, before grimacing at how squeaky and high pitched her voice had come out as.

"Ain't lust grand," the blonde chirped.

"Isn't it supposed to love?" Paris asked, frowning.

"After a mere day?" Stephanie laughed and brushed her blonde hair away from her face. "Please, that boy is after my body and nothing else at this point."

"And you're perfectly okay with that?" Paris demanded.

"Why not? I got a sneak peak at what's under his shirt and I have to admit, I'm in pretty much the same boat," she revealed pretending to fan herself.

Rory laughed at her antics and shook her. "You have no shame," she told her.

Stephanie smirked as she pressed the little green button on her phone and then held it up to her ear. "I wasn't the one having dirty dreams last night..."

Rory gawked at her and then smacked the blonde on the arm. Stephanie laughed into her greeting and Rory soon heard Colin's faint voice on the other line.

She suddenly felt nerves exploding in her stomach. She was going to be trapped in a small cottage, alone with Finn for an entire day...

This wasn't good, especially when she couldn't get the thought of those "dirty dreams" out of her head.

- - -

His body reminded her of summer. Skin exposed to the heat of the day, deeply tanned and warm to the touch. His eyes were emerald green, sparkling and vibrant like the green stalks of plants that bloomed throughout July and August. The hands and arms she'd found herself admiring earlier were now hooked around her waist, cradling her body to his and Rory could feel the strength lying in them.

But it was his lips that called to her the most. Full and tempting, curving ever so lazily into a smirk and then ghosted a kiss over the skin of her neck. Rory arched into him, feeling her skin pulsing with the electricity spurred from his touch. Her hands grasped his forearms, fingers dancing over his skin in an ever tantalizing rhythm.

His body was stretched out under her own, his legs locked between her hips as she straddled his thighs. His arms unhooked from her waist, hands slipping down her exposed back and gently cupping her hips.

"Finn..." she whispered, her lip caught between her teeth as she fought against her moan that threatened to consume her.

He grinned beneath her, pleasure rocketing through his body on seeing her so affected by his touch. He wanted to wind her up, tight and taut, wanted to caress the skin hidden from his eyes and familiarize himself with everything about her. Every freckle, every blemish, every scar. He wanted to watch her reaction as he ran his fingers over the small of her back, let his nails scratch at the skin behind her knees, let his lips latch onto that spot just below her ear.

"Kitten..." he called back to her and she opened her eyes slowly, revealing two identical midnight blue irises.

A small sound escaped her lips as she slowly let her body melt into his. Her hands trailed down from his biceps to his wrists, her chest dropping to meet his own, breasts heaving in time with her rapid heartbeat, straining quite nicely against her bikini top. Finn felt his eyes close, and his mouth drop open as her lap fell to his thighs, the sweat heat emanating off her body was to much for him to bear and on their own accord, his hands swept to her hips and pushed her body harder against him.

"Finn!" Rory exclaimed, alarmed at the sudden burst of pleasure that shot through her system. Her body tensed upon his, wary of moving and yet at the same time trying desperately to hold on to the slow knot of pleasure building in her gut.

Finn smiled and turned his head, kissing the shell of her ear. "Nothing to worry over, darling," he assured her, regretfully releasing her hips form his hold and bringing his hands towards her hair.

Rory sighed out, gnawing on her bottom lip for a moment. She wasn't sure what was happening exactly, how they'd ended up here and in this position. Nerves were racing along her spine as she shifted her weight and heard the slight groan he emitted. And if she was being honest with herself, the fear running through her system wasn't because she felt like she was being pushed towards something she didn't want to do; instead it was a fear of how much she wanted to do it.

Her body was ready; screaming at her for some unknown kind of pleasure that Rory knew Finn could provide her with. She wanted to let her inhibitions fly away, wanted to drown herself in him and let the intoxicating feeling of being in his arms overwhelm her.

And that feeling terrified her.

Rory swallowed nervously and then lifted her head, letting her eyes meet his. So many emotions were storming within his gaze and they made her breath catch in her throat. She'd never been looked at like that before, never been wanted like he obviously wanted her now.

Of course Rory didn't have much to go off of, only having two boyfriends before now. But neither of them had ever looked at her like Finn was, with barely restrained passion, with lust, with a boundless happiness that made her stomach explode with butterflies and her heart skip a beat.

Dean barely looked at her with anything other than happiness, care and affection. And it had been nice, to be on the receiving end of such gentle emotions. She'd almost felt like a princess, like an angel, but never wanted, not in the way Finn wanted her now. Dean's eyes never darkened a shade when they kissed, his hands never strayed form her face or her waist. Unlike Finn's caress that trailed liquid fire over her body, his hands tracing the vertebrae in her spine, the shell of her ear, the sensitive skin below her breast. The feelings he let erupt inside her were exhilarating and overwhelming and addicting. It almost felt like she was jumping off the side of a bridge, flying over a vast expanse of sparkling waters. Her heart nearly exploded, her stomach dropped her knees and her body flushed with adrenaline.

She'd never been bungee jumping before, but Finn's kiss made her yearn to take the jump.

But this wasn't the first time she'd thought she was ready. She'd been ready with Jess, ready to commit herself to him in the only intimate way she knew. Their relationship had been different than hers with Dean. Rory wasn't sure why she was so attracted to Jess, maybe her mom was right and it was simply her bad boy phase, or maybe Steph had been right when Rory wanted him because she couldn't have him. Either way, she'd fallen for Jess in the beginning, long before she'd even known it herself.

He was different than Dean in so many ways. He read the same books as her, he was just as smart as her, and they could debate over anything from music to movie to politics to global issues to which character on Saved by the Bell was the best. They'd connected in a way that Rory had never experienced before. Jess had been the first person to teach her the finer arts of kissing, the one who's hands had first found that sensitive spot just below her ear. And he'd made her feel things she hadn't felt with Dean, he made her want to kiss him, to just forget everything else and remain attached to his lips forever.

And while Rory would admit that Jess had raised feelings in her that Dean couldn't, they still didn't compare to what she felt now, here with Finn. Where there had been sparks with Jess, there were flames with Finn. Where Jess would control their interludes, Finn would lie down and pull her on top of him, simply telling her to have her fun. They were opposites in a way. Jess had never given up that control, had never opened up to her and surrendered his heart, his passion. And yet, after an hour of lying outside on the hammock in the backyard of the cottage with Finn, Rory had seen him lay it all bare, had seem him throw caution out the window. And the results were staggering, the simply pleasure that tore through her body was unexplainable and electrifying and intense.

And scary, because she'd only known him for a mere two days.

"Hey!" His voice broke her from her thoughts and Rory shook her head once before looking at him. "What you thinking about, love?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.

Rory smiled shyly and banished her thoughts from her mind. She shrugged and slid over to his side, so her one leg ran parallel to his and her other was hooked over his thigh. She brought her right arm over and used it as a pillow, her other hand splayed over his exposed chest.

"This is weird," she sighed, glancing at him briefly before returning her gaze to the trees surrounding them.

He crooked an eyebrow. "Weird?" he repeated.

"Yeah," she said and ducked her head. "We've only known each for two days and look at us."

Finn did as she told him, letting his eyes trace over their tangled limbs. His eyes jumped form his own rumpled clothing to her wrinkled shorts and slightly askew bikini top. As his gaze travelled up to her face, a self satisfied smirk worked its way onto his lips. She looked more than thoroughly debauched. Her lips were bright red, plump and swollen from the kisses they'd shared in the past hour. Her cheeks were flushed red, her eyes deep with arousal. Her brown hair was as unruly as ever, splayed over her shoulders in a tangled mass. He'd never seen a sight more beautiful.

"Well," he drawled, turning on his side, careful to keep their weight evenly distributed in the large hammock. "I happen to like our current position, love, although I much rather liked the one with you on top of me..."

She felt her cheeks blushing red at his comment and Rory glared at him, bringing her hand up to smack him on the head. "You're horrible!" she told him, swatting his hand away as he tried to grab her.

"Come on, doll, do we have to analyse the hell out of this, now? Can't we do it some other time?" he suggested, letting his head drop to her shoulders and his lips curve along her skin.

Rory came alive with his kiss, her breathing speeding up and her body slowly arching towards his. "I...Finn, I don't think this is a good idea," she managed to get out, biting her tongue roughly as his teeth nibbled on her collarbone.

"Really?" His tongue dipped to her shoulder, tracing the subtle curves of her body. "Cause I rather like this idea."

She had no doubt he did.

Rory opened her mouth to respond when he lowered his mouth over her chest, lips only centimetres away from her breast. The heat of his mouth swept over her body, tempting her into a world of pleasure.

Rory smiled, letting her hand sweep over his side, loving the open expanse of skin. He'd discarded his shirt earlier, claiming he was in desperate need of some sun, which wasn't true because his skin was already deeply tanned. But Rory would never complain. His body was lean and long, dark skin stretched over compact muscle. But as Rory let her hands roam more freely over his side she felt her fingers glide over a small scar near his pelvis. She frowned, letting her finger retrace the small cut for a moment before she felt his lips grow still against her skin, his body become tense over hers.

Finn pulled away from her then, physically pushed himself off of her and then twisted out of the hammock. His shoulders were strained, his back ramrod straight and his hands curled into tight fists.

Rory's frown increased as she too sat up on the hammock. She brought her legs out slowly, keeping her balance as she placed her feet on the ground. She turned her head to see him, watching his profile as he stared down at his own feet. His eyebrows were drawn together, his forehead wrinkled in thought. His lips, still swollen and red were now turned down in a grimace. But it was his eyes that sent shivers racing throughout her body. His normally bright green eyes were almost black now, but instead of lust clouding them like she'd seen earlier it was a slow, gnawing darkness. His eyes seemed empty, and yet angry at the same time.

Rory squirmed beside him, her eyes flickering down to the spot where she'd felt the scar. He must have jerked his shorts up or something because she could only see a few centimetres of it now. But what caught her attention was the intricate design that was laid into his skin beside the scar. She'd never noticed it before, which surprised her because she'd seen with without his shirt on many times already.

It was a tattoo, of what size she wasn't sure because it stretched down below his shorts from what she could tell. But the part that she could make out was the top of a cross. Rory let her eyes flash back to his face but Finn seemed to be lost in a world of his own, his lips moving fast but no words passing by them.

Rory sighed out and shifted closer to him on the hammock. Slowly her hand brushed against his fist and she gasped at the jerk his body gave. His eyes shot to hers and Rory was shocked at the emotions swirling in their depths. The pain and misery that haunted his expression, seemingly so out of place on his normal exuberant expression.

"Finn?" she whispered, reaching for him again, wanting to comfort him, wanting to know whatever it was that had him so sad.

He shook his head, taking his hand away from hers and running it through his hair. "It's nothing," he told her, his voice cold, unemotional.

Rory frowned and moved closer to him still. "It's something," she said, hating herself for prying when she could tell he didn't want to talk about it. But the need to know everything about him was pressing in on her and Rory couldn't stop the words from pouring out.

Finn snapped his head towards, glaring. "Leave it alone, Rory," he ordered, leaving Rory bristling at his tone, yet feeling more than helpless.

"Finn..." she tried again but he leapt from the hammock, pacing back and forth in front of her. "Finn, I'm sorry," she tried again.

He paused, raked a hand through his hair and then turned to her. His face was solemn, drawn tight. Rory could feel the tension radiating off him in waves.

"I have to go," he muttered, avoiding her eyes and turning to walk away.

Rory stared after him, sitting alone on the hammock. She felt her heart pounding, her stomach twisting, hating herself for driving him away. As she watched his back disappear around the cottage Rory felt the hot sting of tears burn her eyes, blurring her vision.

She sniffled, wrapping her fingers into the fabric of the hammock, holding on tightly. Pain shot through her heart when she heard the sound of an engine gunning to life and then saw his Escalade speeding down the road.

What the hell happened?

What had she done?

- - -

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