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I remember there's some show called Annual Roast or somethingwhere they make fun of people though I've never seen it, I thought this up last night so here:

There was a studio set, the walls were blue pastel colored and a green neon shape of a cooked chicken was hung in the center. Pink graffiti was scrawled over the sign that said in that graffiti font 'Jigglypuff Roasts People!' to the far right, just in camera range, was a big fish tank with gold fish in it, to the middle left were some black weird looking seats.

Jigglypuff walked on stage with a mic and hopped into the seat to the far left. "Hello, and Welcome to JIGGLYPUFF ROASTS PEOPLEZ!" the audience laughed.

She stared, "The other one."

The audience cheered and clapped.

"Now, our first guest, for some reason the author forgets him more than Game and Watch, Donkey Kong!" Jigglypuff screamed into the mic so loud that the audience clapped their hands over their ears and said 'ow' all at once.

The ape was pushed on stage by some stagehand off camera.

"Sit down please," DK did so on the seat opposite of her.

"I see your wearing a red tie. Are you, like, obsessed with, red?" Jigglypuff said, no one laughed.

"Anyway…" she glared evilly at the audience who didn't stare in horror and just watched with blank faces. This made her angrier, "I heard you were in love with that creepy Jamaican cinnamon stick whatever thing in Apple Jacks cereal?"

"WTF? No." DK said,

"O YA?" she said n00bishly, "Than what's… THIS!" The Pokemon whipped out a picture of the two holding hands.

"That's a badly drawn sketch, and it says you drew it underneath." Pointed out Donkey Kong.

"O RLY?"


"MADE YOU LOOK!" they then stared. No one laughed.

"This is going no where, send the guy on fire out." Whispered Jigglypuff.

Suddenly a guy ran screaming on fire across the stage.

"OK! So I heard you like dieing." She asked, suddenly a huge rock fell on DK, sadly it was huge to an ant and nothing happened, "Nutterz… I also heard you were raised by pizza bagels."

"No… I think you got yourself confused with me and Marth." DK replied,

"Back to that death thing…" she said as a laser hit DK, but it was just a laser from a laser pointer pen, "Poo… Would you go into this pit of rabid babies," some stagehands rolled in a plastic pit on wheels, "For a picture of your idol, Pichu?"

"No, and Pichu is not my idol!" DK said, starting to get annoyed.

"Sure… I guess you also wouldn't like this." Jigglypuff said sarcastically as a pile of nuts buried him.

"See you next time! And this is not a rip off!" Jigglypuff shouted as the audience cheered and the camera backed away.

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