I couldn't help it. I needed a post Devil's Trap fic. I can't stand the wait! So, I really hope my version doesn't happen. I don't want it to happen but my evil twisted plot bunny got the better hold of me. They control what I write, I am just their humble servant. And in payment they give me chocolate chip cookies :D which I love (cause I just baked some, LoL) Unbeta'd because I was really just inspired. Short, but I'm getting more evil ideas, and they will come soon. Probably sooner than my other stories, lol. Busy summer...

After Efect

By: chocolate rules

(Post Devil's Trap)

Disclaimer: If I owned them, the finale would soo not have been a cliffie! Belong to CW :D and all those other peopel who don't make me as happy as saying that they belong to the CW :D... but not me.

Chapter1: Lights and Darks Places

The hospital wasn't that far off and so the coming wailing of the sirens shouldn't have caught any one of the trained Winchesters off guard. And it didn't, but only because none were conscious enough to notice it.

They pried out Sammy first, pulse weak and head bleeding. He was placed into the first ambulance and sped off as they worked on the man in the back. He still clung to the cell, the one that would probably be the reason that they were saved so quickly at such late a time at night.

Dean was second to be pulled out. He was breathing heavy, if he was breathing at all. The strain was turning him blue and pale. As soon as the paramedics saw him, he was sent to the second ambulance and then sped to the hospital, passing Sam's ambulance in the process.

The third man was harder to reach. Even when the semi had been pulled away, it was damn near impossible to pry the passenger door open. It took longer than the man might have and the medics crawled into the bench seat and tried as best they could to get him some help. In a matter of minutes, the battle was lost and John Winchester died in his old 1967 Black Chevy Impala as they had been to cut away the door and carry out his still warm body.

I DON'T WANT HIM TO DIE! But for the purposes of this fic, John Winchester, the reknowed Paranormal hunter, father of two very hot sons, is dead. RIP Johnny!Please, R& R!