After Effect

By: chocolate rules

(Post Devil's Trap)

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Chapter 13: Less Explanations, More Questions

"Come in," Sam said groggily starting to sit up as the door swung open. He wasn't expecting to see Dean back so soon, not that his brother had a tendency to knock. He was actually thinking that it might be meal time and that it really sucked that Zach and Steve weren't back like they had said they'd be with some KFC.

Dr. Brooks opened the door and stepped in. He smiled slightly at Sam as he closed the door behind him.

"Hey Doc," supplied Sam as the doctor neared.

"Hey Sam, how are you feeling?" asked Dr. Brooks with a puzzled look as he sat down at the seat besides the bed.

Sam shrugged. He was figuring that this was some kind of courtesy visit in regards to his 'episode' earlier.

"Sam, I think you know why I'm here," sighed Brooks.

"Yeah," scoffed Sam. "I went ballistic and now everyone's convinced that I need medication or something."

"Sam, you're grieving. It's common, especially after what you've just been told. I think that you're finally staring the grief cycle. You're in denial. Denial shows up differently for every person. See, Sam, it's not that you don't believe that your father is gone, it's that you can't seem to phantom life without him.

"Your unconscious mind is making you see all the worst case scenarios that you haven't allowed yourself to really think about. I think that was your brother's hope in brining you here and calling your friends. He was hoping that you wouldn't really remember or have to think to hard about life afterwards."

Sam listened intently as the doctor spoke. He wasn't being told anything that he didn't think himself. He knew he was grieving how could he not, he'd just lost his father. He thought that it'd be more worried if he was fine with the entire situation.

Dr. Brooks watched Sam as he spoke. Nothing seemed to be fazing through Sam. Really, Dr. Brooks wanted to clearly state out all the causes. He could see the anxiety almost rising and encircling the young man. However, Sam was strong and the entire time he just nodded along to everything the doctor had said. Brooks wanted a more concrete answer. He wanted to know what was behind the dreams and why they were affecting Sam like they were.

"Sam, you have let your grieving take the second priority in your healing. Physically, you are almost back to health. So, naturally, as you sleep, the grieving must take place. They should soon pass, probably after your release." Dr. Brooks waited for some kind of reaction from him but finding none continued to talk. "I will, of course, be monitoring your vitals and if anything's out of the norm, I'll look into a therapist for you."

Wanting the conversation to end and the doc to leave, Sam offers up a small smile, missed if he weren't being watched so closely at the moment. Smiling back, Dr. Brooks stood and walked over to the door. He was more certain now then before that something was going on with Sam. He'd use these next few days to try and find out just what that could be.

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