"VATRINAAAAAA!"screamed Aria.

"WHAT?"screamed Vatrina.

"The cardinal is requesting your presence."Aria said calmly.

"God damn why the hell did you yell at me. I was ASLEEP."Vatrina spat.

"Sorry...didn't mean to,"giggled Aria.

"Uh-huh sure...so what exactly does the cardinal want?" asked Vatrina.

"I really don't know...I was just the messenger boy...well girl...whatever."Aria replied.

"Well I guess I should be going...are you sure you don't know anything?" asked Vatrina.

"Yes Vat, now GO you procrastinator,"sighed Aria.

"Haha your hilarious...I'm going, I'm going,"Vat mocked. As Vat walked out the bedroom door Aria had a look of deep regret on her face.

I wonder why the cardinal is requesting me. I just got back from killing those zombies in Australia. I swear if I have to go somewhere short of home I'll kill all of them...sigh.

"Ah Vatrina glad you could join us," said the Cardinal.

"Why am I here Cardinal?"Vatrina asked impatiently.

"You always were straight to the point...but yes why you are here. Well Vatrina I'm sure you know this man over here."points to that man

Vatrina looked over to where the cardinal was pointing and gasped in outrage. NO...not Van Helsing...such an egotistical little man.

"Yes I do know him...unfortunately," said Vatrina.

"You don't like him...I understand that but your going to be working with him on this mission. It is of most importance.


"I know you just got back but like I said we need our best on this one."

"So then why is HE here?"

"You have a smart mouth," said Van Helsing.

"I would like to consider my self smart but I don't think it has anything to do with my mouth." replied Vatrina.

"Haha, nice. I wont work with her." said Van Helsing

"Pshh I wont work with YOU." replied Vatrina.

"ENOUGH you two ARE going to work with each other and that is final. Vatrina go pack your things...you will be going to TransylvaniaWe have to protect the Valerious's at all costs. Which includes killing Count Dracula,"said the cardinal.

No...not there. This can't be happening. I thought I had escaped him the first time. This is NOT good Vatrina, not good at all. I hope he won't remember me...but if he does Van Helsing is going to get pissed and were going to be screwed. If the Count does remember me I'm as good as dead. Not good...