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Vatrina's point of view

"God damn my mouth. AHHHH! Ok that was stupid." Vatrina said in anguish.

"He's going to come here all angry and kill me."Vatrina ranted.

"Well lets not get hasty," said Dracula. Vatrina spun around to see the Count standing 10 ft. behind her.

"So you're Dracula."Vatrina said.

"Ha. Don't play coy. Didn't think I would remember did you? Well I did and I've come to reclaim my property. You will regret running away Alyanna." Dracula growled.

"My name is Vatrina, and I doubt that I'll regret it to much." Vatrina snapped back.

"Oh? Why is that pray? I personally plan on making this happen so please tell me how you plan on stopping me."Dracula asked.

"Easy. Like this." Vatrina shot a blast of yellow energy at the Count. He moved at the last possible moment only to get hit right in the chest with another blast. The blast knocked the count out. Vatrina took this chance to run deeper into the woods.

OH MY FREAKING GOD! I'm a moron. I just signed my death certificate. Crap he's waking up. I've got to hide. THERE a hole in the tree. I'm sitting in a tree awaiting my discovery. I feel stupid. Ok I need to stop thinking and concentrate on my heartbeat and his location.

Dracula's Point of View

Damn that girl. She will pay dearly for that. I won't kill her though. I could use her in my plot. She will need to be taught her place again though. Hmmm...I can feel her heartbeat. My she is trying to keep it in check. Smart girl...now where could she be.

"Alyanna, come out come out where ever you are. My how you try so hard to keep your foolish heart calm. Don't make me send the werewolves after you dear. I can't promise you wont be harmed. Fine have it your way but you will be mine again. Don't think you're getting away again.

Good Bye for now my lovely."Dracula transformed into his bat like-form and flew into the night sky.

Vatrina's point of view

How could I get this lucky. He just left. Did something frighten him? Not hardly.

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