Goemon is a Chunin

In the feudal era, there was a great town called Oedo. Here, four ninjas lived in peace and harmony.

One was a short round man with a big nose and a blue ninja outfit along with a bandit's hood over his head. He was Ebisumaru. (Even though he wasn't a bandit)

Another had a green ponytail, two red buttons that passed off as ears and a spherical body that looked like a green vest. He was the powerful robot, Sasuke!

Another was a girl with long green hair, a purple samurai outfit and sparkling green eyes named Yae.

Finally, we bring you the strongest member of the team. With his spiky blue hair, red/yellow ninja clothes and red pokadots on his cheeks, he was Goemon.

These four were not in Oedo right now. No, they were somewhere else.

"Where are we?" asked Ebisumaru.

Goemon scratched his forehead and said, "It looks like a simple village, only the buildings are bigger, there are more of them, and I'm seeing these strange things called newspapers and magazines."

Sasuke looked around and said, "Check this out! This calendar says we're in the year 1897." (I'm just guessing at that)

Suddenly, it dawned on them. They weren't just in a new area. They were in a new time period. Goemon pounded his foot against the ground and cursed, "Damn that Wise Man! He always screws up somehow!"

Yae looked at a poster and said, "Look at this. It says that ninjas are needed to compete in a tournament. Winner will be given a lifetime supply of… Ramen?"

Sasuke examined the poster and said, "I think we should enter."

Goemon nodded and said, "There doesn't seem to be any evil in this town. This could be our only chance to use our ninja powers here. Besides, a lifetime supply of Ramen sounds nice."

He licked his lips at the thought and everyone had to agree that Ramen was very tasty. Yae looked back and said, "It says here that weapons are allowed. Okay, we'll enter, but as soon as it's over, we'll return to trying to get home."

Everyone nodded and headed towards the school in which the tournament was to take place.

At this school, a man with black hair in a ponytail and a grey ninja suit stood in front of a class. In this class was a young boy with white spiky hair and a grin like a monkey. These two people were known as Hiruka Sensei and Konohamaru.

Hiruka stood up in front of the class and said, "Here's the deal, students. Starting today, we are dismissing all classes to watch the ninja tournament. Some of our greatest are joining, and Konohamaru will be interested to know that Naruto is one of the fighters. I hope that you, as students, will watch these matches and try to learn from them.

Meanwhile, Goemon and his friends had approached the front desk and said, "We would like to sign up for the ninja tournament."

The sensei running the desk was reading a magazine as he noticed the group of ninjas. He sighed and explained, "Look, you must be older than 15 to be a part of this."

Goemon scowled and said, "For your information, we're just heightenly challenged! We're all older than 15 years of age!"

The sensei sighed and said, "Oh well, if you want to fight the big guys, I'll let you in. Don't come crying to me when you wind up in the hospital."

The four grimaced and snatched their entry forms. "Who does that guy think he is?" asked Goemon.

"He was certainly rude," replied Ebisumaru.

Sasuke sighed and said, "We'll just prove that we're not kids when we fight today!"

After an hour, the whole arena was jam-packed. People from all over the village had come to watch the tournament. A man with sunglasses and a traditional ninja outfit stood up, cleared his throat and said, "Welcome to the tournament! Some of our best will be in this tournament, and to make things interesting, 4 newcomers are joining us! Anyway, we will begin this tournament with our first newcomer. He may not looked like much, and we don't know if he is, but he will surely prove himself today! Presenting… Goemon!"

Goemon entered the ring as many people stared. One of the girls looked away and said, "Look at his face! It's so chubby!"

A man almost puked and asked, "Is that makeup supposed to look cool?"

Goemon grimaced and retorted, "For your information, this is my natural face!"

This just caused people to pass out from fright. The announcer cleared his throat and announced, "Goemon's opponent will be the lean mean fighting machine of our school! This boy is our pride and joy, our best student! Introducing… Muteki!"

A young boy with black hair that blew in the wind and an average ninja outfit that a lot of students wore entered the ring. He stared at Goemon and asked, "When did the circus roll into town? I refuse to fight a clown!"

Goemon growled, pulled out his golden pipe and said, "Put your money where your mouth is!"

With that, the match began. Goemon dashed towards Muteki who vanished into thin air to avoid the pipe. Goemon recognized this as swift movement. It was the first basic step all ninja learned and he'd been using it for years.

Muteki appeared behind him and said, "So, you use a tobacco pipe. You make me sick. Children are watching this. Do you want kids to start smoking?"

Goemon growled and barked, "Shut up! Try out my ninja coins!"

He pulled out two coins and tossed them at Muteki who merely leapt over it and behind Goemon. He kicked the ninja in the back and said, "That was a very half-assed attack, you know that?"

Goemon continued to try and hit this guy at all cost. Just because his name was Japanese for "Invincible" didn't mean that he was invincible. He continued to miss with all his attacks. The pipe basically failed in the same fashion it had before. Muteki merely batted the coins out of the way and he managed to stop one of Goemon's punches and send him flying into a wall.

Muteki laughed and said, "You're not a ninja, you're a has-been. You don't deserve to be in this tournament."

Goemon growled and rushed at his opponent. Muteki also rushed at him. Just as they neared each other, Goemon jabbed his pipe forward and hit Muteki on the gut. The young student leapt back in horror and thought, 'He hit me.'

Goemon took advantage of the moment, but his pipe was blocked as Muteki stopped it in its path and jabbed Goemon 50 times in the belly. After that, he used the Hanshoku Jutsu to create ten arms and used them all to put Goemon in his place.

The sensei sighed and announced, "MUTEKI IS OUR WINNER!"

Goemon clutched onto his chest and thought, 'I… lost…?'

Muteki ran up to his sensei and complained, "Did you see that? He hit me! No one's ever hit me before!"

His sensei grunted and remarked, "Just be happy that you won, you pansy! Besides, it was a light tap! It's not like he hit you with anything special!"

Yae and Ebisumaru ran to Goemon's aid and asked, "Are you all right?"

Goemon got up and said, "I'm fine, but I just can't believe I lost."

Yae sighed and said, "It's all right, you can still win. You get two more matches, remember? If you win two out of the three assigned matches, you advance!"

After five rounds, it was Sasuke's turn to go up. His opponent was a young man with scarlet hair that he wore in a ponytail. His name was Onnanoko. (You'll find out why later)

Sasuke bowed to his opponent as Onnanoko pointed at him and shouted, "Hey, stop the match! This guy's a robot!"

The judge shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, but weapons are allowed! Since he's mechanical, he is technically like a backup fighter that can be used as a weapon! Just pretend that there's an invisible enemy using this robot to do his work for him!"

Onnanoko shrugged and said, "All right, I'll accept these terms."

Sasuke rushed at his opponent and threw his fist out. Sadly, he found himself pinned to the ground. After that, his opponent stepped on him and said, "You're pretty easy for a robot."

Soon, Sasuke's eyes widened as he pulled out a small camera and said, "I saw underneath your exterior! I know your secret!"

He snapped a photo as a cloud of smoke appeared. The smoke vanished to reveal a young woman with the same hairstyle, only she wore a red sleeveless shirt and a small skirt. Everyone stared in shock as Sasuke said, "Now that I know you're a cutie, I have to take your picture for Wise Man!"

She trembled in fear and said, "I'm sorry everyone. I lied because I thought you'd think less of me if you knew I was a girl."

One of the men stood up and said, "That's not true. Knowing that one of our best is a girl, I've found new respect for women!"

All the boys cheered and said, "We respect you!"

Onnanoko blushed and stated, "Sasuke, you've given me more confidence than I ever had before! Thank you!"

She kissed him and said, "I forfeit."

Sasuke simply stared in shock and let out a weak "Yahoo?".