Goemon is a Chunin

Naruto and the beast Oushi had started their battle. Frog Boss threw his webbed hands at the bull only to be blocked easily by only one hand and sent flying with the other.

"Damn it…" Naruto cursed recovering from his position, "What'll we do? That thing's already got us on the ropes!"

Frog Boss understood where the boy was coming from. He knew that there was no way to defeat this beast, but he was not the kind of guardian who just gave up when the odds were against him.

Meanwhile, the other 4 ninjas had found their opponents.

"Let that kid go!" Goemon shouted at his opponent who just stood there and said, "You're not Sasuke! I didn't come here to fight some wimpy kid with a deformed face!"

In another area, Ebisumaru stared his opponent down and spat, "You won't get away with what you've done?"

His foe just stood there and asked, "What are you going to do about it, Tubby?"

Sasuke the robot glared at the ninja with a little girl in his arms and said, "I'll strike you down in an instant, you fiend!"

The enemy ninja just stood there and was silent. Clearly, he did not take Sasuke seriously.

Yae had also found one of the ninjas drew her Katana and barked, "Let that kid go!"

Her opponent just glared at her and drew his own weapon, a Bo Staff.

Meanwhile, the human Sasuke had found one ninja and recognized the little boy in his arms.

"SASUKE, HELP ME!" the boy shouted as Sasuke's eyes widened and the ninja thought, 'They have Konohamaru. Naruto will have a fit if he gets harmed!'

Then it began. Goemon and his opponent locked weapons in an instant. Goemon's pipe was locked with his seemingly nameless opponent's staff. The two leapt back as Goemon pulled out a set of coins, lit them aflame and hurled them at his enemy shouting, "FIRE COINS!"

The enemy tried to dodge, but the two coins came together in a spiral-formation, spun around and hit the enemy dead-on. That was one ninja down.

"That's a pity," Goemon said, "He didn't put up nearly the fight our opponents in the arena put up. Sasuke would have finished him off in a second with his advanced skills!"

Ebisumaru, on the other hand, was having hardly any luck at all. His opponent was really quick and he was getting his butt handed to him. He tried his hardest with the hammer, but failed with every attempt.

He then lost it and pulled out his secret weapon, the ribbon! He twirled it around over his head until his opponent lunged at him only to be caught within the rope and thrown to the ground. Sadly, this was not over. But, as the enemy got up to fight, he noticed something strange. Ebisumaru was gone. To make matters worse, he felt something extremely itchy in his outfit.

He stretched out his collar to see a tiny fat man crawl out, grin stupidly and ask, "How do you like my Chiisai no Jutsu? It gives me the ability to shrink in size!"

Then, Ebisumaru returned to normal size after climbing onto his opponent's head and flatted it with his immense weight. Ebisumaru had once again used his weight as a powerful asset.

Sasuke the robot was having a very difficult time. Did I say difficult? I meant easy. His opponent wouldn't stop losing his balance as Sasuke wouldn't stop losing his patience up to the point where he had no choice but to end his foe with an explosion from his bomb daggers.

Yae was having problems. Even though her opponent only used a staff, he was very good with it. Yae kept coming at him with her blade out only to miss every time and be whacked on the back of the head. Soon, Yae lost it, pulled out her bazooka and took the man down with one blast.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was possibly the only ninja here who actually had a hard opponent.

"FAIA NO JUTSU!" Sasuke shouted as a huge flame erupted from his mouth. Sadly, his opponent easily dodged the attack and kicked Sasuke in the stomach.

"Damn you," Sasuke cursed, "I won't let you get away with this! If you do, Naruto will have a field day!"

Then, Sasuke used all his speed to finally get the jump on his opponent and strike him in the back of the head. Surprisingly, this one light kick was enough to take down his foe.

"Gee, thanks Mr. Sasuke," Konohamaru said after watching the fight, "Naruto would have done better, but that was great."

Sasuke just smiled. He knew that Konohamaru idolized Naruto, so this was expected from him.

Back at the stadium, Frog Boss had taken the beating of his life. Every second, he would lunge at the large bull with his arms out, but Oushi was always one step ahead of him.

Muteki laughed and said, "Well, it seems as if your precious Frog Boss can't go on! Now my plan is complete!"

"What plan?" Naruto remarked as the invincible ninja laughed and said, "My plan was for Oushi to devour Frog Boss so he could be more powerful!"

"Oh no!" Frog Boss shouted in retaliation, "I forgot about his power to consume other guardians!"

Than, he finally started showing some backbone. Frog Boss whipped out his tongue and wrapped it around Oushi. Then, he drew the bull in and planted both hands into the bull's chest. Oushi was sent backwards, but just a bit.

Strangely enough, the best was yet to come, and it came as Naruto transformed Frog Boss into the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon. The fox lunged as Oushi and sunk its fangs into the bull's flesh then delivered a fierce kick to the Oushi's chest sending the beast to the dirt below him.

As Oushi recovered, Frog Boss returned to normal and Naruto grinned at Muteki in that goofy style he always used.

But, Muteki knew that this was not enough.


With that, Oushi thumped Frog Boss in the gut, knocked him over the head and piledrived him into the face of the earth. Then, in an instant, he opened his mouth, consumed the frog and the transformation occurred. His muscles expanded in size and his eyes became more menacing than before. Oushi was now too powerful for words.

"No…" Naruto groaned feeling regret for having failed against this threat, "How could I lose?"

It was at that moment that Sasuke showed up and noticed Naruto on the ground with tears in his eyes.

"What's going on?" he asked as Naruto slammed his fist into the earth and stated, "Muteki was too powerful! Now his guardian has merged with Frog Boss and is more powerful than before!"

"Allow us to help!" Goemon stated as everyone just stared with confusion. Clearly, they had no idea how such amateur ninjas could stop a big beast such as Oushi.

"Come on!" Muteki shouted with a hint of laughter, "You can't beat me normally, you can't possibly beat my guardian!"

"We don't plan to!" Goemon replied with a grin, "We have the ultimate weapon!"

Then, he pulled out a conch shell and blew into it. Then a big robot with a red body, round silver arms, golden brown hands shaped like balls and thick legs came into the scene. Everyone was shocked.

"What is that?" one of the spectators asked as another said, "There's no way that thing's a guardian!"

"He's our guardian!" Goemon stated, "Tell them who you are!"

The robot nodded, consumed the 4 ninjas into his cockpit and started to sing:

"Dash-dash-dash! The burning sun gleaming on my shoulders! Here we go, start, machine comes alive! I am machinery; I'm a metal being (Hey!) Jump out onto the sky metal spirit (Let's go!) Break down! And with all my might! Power to the highest limit, Super Punch! I am the best, yes Impact! Dash-dash-dash!"