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Chapter 22: It's Only the Beginning

Ava pecked Draco's cheek in a quick fly-by as she turned to run aboard the Hogwart's Express. Draco felt his cheek turn cold after his youngest daughter's quick peck and tried to smile encouragingly to her. Before he could wave goodbye she was already aboard the train and giggling happily with her friends, anticipating her fourth trip on the train. Her short, bouncy blonde hair was just as bubbly as she was and was tied up with crimson and gold ribbons. Scarlet meandered slowly over to her parents, her silky, long blonde hair trailing after her. She had a mixture of boredom and elegance on her face. Draco glared at a group of boys who stopped and turned to watch her walk past them. Before Scarlet made it all the way over to Draco, Blaise and Ginny tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey there, old friend. Sorry to see them go so soon?" Blaise smiled, showing some of the lines in his face that were permanently etched there. Ginny had her small arm wrapped through his larger one and smiled up at Draco.

"As always…" Draco simply replied. Blaise's son, Wes, came from seemingly nowhere behind Blaise.

"Has Ava already boarded the train?" he asked, trying to mask his eagerness. His bright young eyes were bright blue like Ginny's but his skin was the olive color of Blaise and his hair was a dark brown. Draco had half a mind to tell the young boy to sod off and leave his baby girl alone, but Hermione placed a loving hand on Draco's shoulder.

"Yes, she's already on. Hurry and get in her compartment before all her silly friends take up all the space… I'm sure she's just bursting to see you…" Hermione answered kindly. Wes grinned boyishly and rushed to board the train. By that time Scarlet had made her way over to her parents and was smirking slightly. Draco smiled proudly as he looked at his first-born. As predicted early in her life, Scarlet had turned out to be excruciatingly beautiful. She was slender and tall with flawlessly fair skin and electric blue eyes. She had the softest, more pure blonde hair in the entire world it seemed, and it shone and flowed down to the middle of her back. Boys absolutely goggled over her and she took no notice at all- until she met a boy named Jason and everything changed. Hermione was the only one to know about Jason, and Scarlet wanted to keep it that way for a while. They were absolutely smitten with one another, and Scarlet wore his ring in a necklace she kept tucked into her shirt. Seeing Jason was only one of the reasons Scarlet was greatly anticipating her final year at Hogwarts. She, so like Hermione, had been named Head Girl.

"Goodbye darling," Hermione hugged her daughter warmly. "Take care of yourself and have loads of fun…"

"You should be more worried about Ava than me, mum…" Scarlet whispered, smirking devilishly. Hermione pulled away from the hug slowly with an amused look on her face.

"Really? Why's that?" Hermione smiled. Luckily, they had grown to be very close and could be perfectly open to each other.

"She's just gotten her first kiss." Scarlet spilled, giggling softly. Draco's head snapped over to Scarlet.

"What? What did you just say?" he demanded. Scarlet rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Would you calm down… Merlin, you'd think he wouldn't expect it by now…" Scarlet snapped, annoyed. Draco narrowed his eyes at his daughter.

"What happened with Ava that I do not know about?" Draco asked more calmly.

"Love, she's had her first kiss!" Hermione cried happily. "Isn't that wonderful?!"

"It's anything but." Draco snapped, glaring at Blaise. "What did you teach that boy of yours? To go around kissing innocent girls who are trying to get an education, not contract some sort of weird viral lip fungus." Blaise laughed and to Draco's dismay, nodded his head.

"Yeah, I told him if he hasn't gotten laid by Christmas break to not even bother coming home because he will be disowned." Blaise teased. Draco stiffened. Hermione proceeded to rub Draco's shoulders in an effort to calm him down. It was just then that Draco noticed a tall, handsome boy behind Scarlet that smiled in a way the Draco recognized- love. He eyed the boy suspiciously and watched his daughter fidget nervously and make up an awkward excuse about having to find the Heads compartment and get something organized. Her green and silver scarf floated behind her as she ran to board the train after the suspicious boy.

Draco sighed heavily. This was most definitely stressful. Who knew raising two girls would be such a wonderful and nerve-racking event all bundled up together? Hermione took his hand lovingly and started pulling him away from the train as the final whistle blew shrilly.

"Hermione!" a voice shouted from behind her as a small girl came shooting past her and zoomed onto the train. Hermione turned around and viewed Harry and Cho waving frantically as their eleven-year-old daughter, Cara, practically threw herself on the train.

"Bye honey! Be safe! Have fun!" Cho cried, her eyes tearing up as she continued to wave goodbye. Hermione embraced Harry, who was still to this day one of her best friends.

"What do you say we all go out for cup of coffee?" Ginny suggested. Everyone nodded their agreement.

Just then, the train began to slowly move forward, all the students piling towards the open windows to shout and wave goodbye. Scarlet and Ava could be seen, as well as Wes and Cara. All the parents blew kisses and shouted farewells and goodlucks to them as they slowly began to fade into the horizon. After the train was out of sight and all that could be seen was a thin trail of smoke in the sky, everyone in the platform began to leave. Draco stood rooted to the spot, staring out after the train with his hands in his pockets and a meaningful look on his face. Hermione gently nudged him to bring him back to reality.

"Ready, love?" she asked him, smiling warmly. Draco looked down at her, a sad expression in his eyes.

"This is it, Hermione. We won't see them again for months. Scarlet will graduate, move away from us, and Ava will be gone all the time as well. This whole chapter of our lives has come to an end right now, and there's nothing we can do about it." Draco spoke. Hermione studied him for a moment without speaking.

"I suppose that's one way to look at it, yes. But in a way, dear, this is only the beginning for a new chapter is about to unfold." Hermione replied. Draco pulled her close and took in a deep breath.

"We still have a lot to look forward to, you're right. I'm just going to miss them terribly. I always hate this part of the year when they go away…" Draco explained.

"As do I. But, I do enjoy having you all to myself…" Hermione ran her hand down his abdomen seductively. Draco groaned and closed his eyes.

"What do you say we bail on the coffee and go home to uh…start the new chapter?" Draco smirked. Hermione had a devilish gleam in her eye.

"After all these years, I still intrigue you that much?" Hermione bit her lower lip.

"You intrigue me more everyday…" Draco growled huskily in her ear.

"You're not going to trade me in for a newer, faster model?" Hermione teased, grabbing his hand and beginning to walk out of the platform.

"Nah, all these new models are pretty unreliable. You never know with them. With an older model though, you always know what to expect." Draco laughed as Hermione punched his bicep.

"Older?!" She shrieked. "I'll show you older, Draco Malfoy…"

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