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Hair Today, Done Yesterday

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Founding Member of the Chrome Doom Empire! Team Bobo-bo Goes Back in Time

Team Bobo-bo were walking in the forest as usual catching Pokemon! Bobo-bo wore a blue jacket wearing a red cap. Jelly Jiggler walked in front of them.

"There's a Jelly Jiggler! Go Patchacu!" said Bobo-bo.

Don Patch was dressed like kind of like a Pikachu.

"Patchacu!" said Don Patch.

The two began to fight… it ended in Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler having a nice cup of tea.

"How did that happen!" yelled Beuti who watched.

Bobo-bo was "Normal' again.

"I have something to tell you I have done my studying… I have discovered King Baldy Bald's first ancestor…" said Bobo-bo.

"What do you mean?" asked Gasser.

"It all stared over a thousand years ago there was a man who I'll call Principal Kuno." said Bobo-bo.

The image of a man of a man dressed in Hawaiian close, with a palm tree growing out his holding a ukulele appeared.

"That's the ancestor of King Baldy Bald?" yelled Beauty.

"Yes he would always try to shave his students bald… he had two children, Tatewaki and Kodachi… neither of them liked his hair cutting ways… until one day Kodachi snapped and started cutting hair right and left… slowly her decedents became the Chrome Dome Empire…" said Bobo-bo.

"Why are you telling us?" asked Beauty.

"Because… we're going back in time to stop it…" said Bobo-bo.

Everyone else gasped expect for Don Patch who was dressed in black clothes and sun glasses, he also held a gun.

"I see we're going to kill Sarah Conner." said Don Patch.

"How are we going to go back?" asked Beauty.

A huge door appeared and Bobo-bo was dressed like Sailor Pluto.

"You go though this door…" said Bobo-bo.

"…" said Gasser and Beauty.

Don Patch was going to go though but Bobo-bo stopped him.

"It is forbidden to go though the gates of time…" said Bobo-bo.

"Oh come on! I want to change history so that all my favorite sports teams win their championships so I can make money of it!" yelled Don Patch.

Bobo-bo began to beat Don Patch with the Garnet Rod. Beauty, Gasser, Dengaku Man and Jelly Jiggler shrugged and entered the gates of time… Bobo-bo (no longer dressed like Sailor Pluto) and Don Patch quickly fallowed.

A 1,000 years earlier, outside the Tendo Dojo.

Ranma looked around… no fiancés around: Check, No rivals around: Check, no other category (Happosai, demons, ghosts, dragons): Che…

Suddenly a pink cloud appeared above them and Gasser and Beauty landed on him.

"Ow… looks like we're here…" said Beauty.

"Are you sure… we might have just been transported to a town." said Gasser.

"Excuse me can you get off of me…" said Ranma.

Beauty and Gasser did.

"Sorry…" said Beauty.

"Where did you come from?" asked Ranma.

"Well…" said Beauty.

Suddenly a Delorean showed up and Jelly Jiggler, Dengaku Man and Bobo-bo existed it.

"Looks like we're in November 5, 1955!" said Bobo-bo looking at a watch.

"That Back to the Future!" yelled Beauty.

Don Patch appeared dressed like we was earlier with the sunglasses and gun.

"Time to kill Sarah Conner…" said Don Patch.

Beauty and Gasser sighed.

"Okaay… I'm going to leave now…" said Ranma.

He began to leave.

"Wait! You know where can find Kodachi Kuno?" asked Bobo-bo.

"Why?" asked Ranma.

"Because we came form the Future!" said Bobo-bo.

"The Future!" repeated Dengaku Man, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler.

"And she's going to go crazy by cutting everyone's hair and eventually it will start the Chrome Dome Empire!" said Bobo-bo.

"Riiiight…" said Ranma.

"At least you can give us a place to stay…" said Bobo-bo.

"What?" said Ranma.

"We need a place to stay?" asked Gasser.

"What did you expect this mission into the past would take less than a day. And we have no money…" said Bobo-bo, he knelt down in front of Ranma and began to, "Pretty Please with sure on top."

Jelly Jiggler Don Patch and Dengaku man began to beg as well, not only but also turning on the cute.

"Peas…" they all said in a cute way.

Ranma's eyes twitched as Beauty and Gasser watched them in embarrassment.


"So let me get this start… you let a bunch of weirdoes who claim their from the future… into this house?" asked Nabiki to Ranma.

It was indeed true he did agree, how… even he doesn't know… Ranma, Nabiki, Akane, Soun, Genma and the Bobo-bo crew were in the living room during this conversation.

"If they damage anything its going to your debt…" said Nabiki.

Ranma sighed... he knew that was going to happen.

"So if what you're saying is true then Kodachi's decedent will have this evil empire that will cut off everyone's hair?" asked Soun.

"That's right…" said Gasser.

"So all we have to do is kill Sarah Conner…" said Don Patch.

"Oookay…" said Ranma.

Just then who should show up but the Black Rose herself Kodachi came into the living room, hugged Ranma… with that annoying laugh of hers.

"My ears…" cried Jelly Jiggler.

"You don't have any ears…" said Beauty.

"Oh Ranma Darling… say who are these people?" asked Kodachi.

"Well…" said Ranma.

"Are you Sarah Conner?" asked Don Patch.

"Okay that jokes getting old…" said Beauty.

"No my name is Kodachi…" said Kodachi.

"Kodachi Kuno?" asked Bobo-bo.

"Why yes… I suppose you heard of me." said Kodachi.

"Yes! I came to prevent you fr4om going crazy and shaving people!" said Bobo-bo.

"Okay…" said Kodachi weirded out by them, "Well I should get going… farewell Ranma Darling…"

She left in flurry of black rose petals…

"So looked like that's the girl who starts it…" said Gasser.

"We must prevent her from going crazy and cut of people's hair!" said Bobo-bo.

"Why do I fell like what ever lingering thread of my sanity is going away?" asked Ranma.

"That's how I fell all the time…" said Beauty.

Next Time: Will Ranma and the Tendo keep their sanity? Or will it be the other way around. Watch out NWC Furinkan is going to get even more crazy!