Disclaimer and Author's Note: Jane M. Lindskold is the only one who owns the Firekeeper saga. All I own is my OC characters, and the stuff I made up about Stonehold. This fic takes place throughout Through Wolf's Eyes, Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart, and Wolf Captured, and I hope you like it!

Chapter 1: Crystal's Dream

"Mommy, can we keep him?" a little girl with long silver hair asked. Her red eyes looking up at her mother with sincere innocence in her gaze, but such a look didn't quite match her blood red gaze, flowing silver hair, and the small wolf pup in her arms.

"Crystal'll raise it so it won't hurt people, Crystal promises!" she begged further, bringing the little pup to her face to look into its eyes.

"His mommy is gone, she won't wake up, I saw her in the forest and won't wake up, so Crystal wants to be its mommy," she claimed, small tears forming at her eyes. She sniffled, trying not to cry.

The small wolf looked old enough to not have to be weaning, but had too small of teeth too be eating anything too solid. Deep black fur was beginning to grow on the puppy, and its blue eyes were staring at Crystal in confusion. When the little pup licked the small tear that had flowed down Crystal's cheek, Crystal's mother had decided to let her keep it.

"Okay, we can keep it," the mother said, "but you have to promise not to go into the forest anymore,"

The little girl nodded as fast as she could without hurting herself, "Yes Mommy, I promise! Drake, I can keep you!" she cried.

"You already named it?" the mother asked, slowly shaking her head.

Crystal opened her eyes, looking up at her ceiling, realizing it was a dream. 'Childhood memories are so realistic at times,' she thought to herself, breathing in the air in her room.

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