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"Sean," Gretchen wept over the body of her lover, "please, don't leave me…."

Sean reached up and touched her cheek. His hand was already so cold. She pressed the iciness closer to her skin desperately.

"My-Gryffin-dor – girl," he stuttered. His eyes showed the greatest love and devotion until the closed with death.

Gretchen gave a sob of sheer despair. She brought her lips to touch Sean's. they slid across his as she whispered, "My Slytherin Seeker."

Sean breathed no more….

"Karry!" Mum called from down stairs in the kitchen. I closed my book and rolled off my bed lazily. Most likely the letters from the schools had arrived. My parents and I had recently moved from Dublin, Ireland, to a little town in England. My father, Alan Larson, worked for the ministry of Magic, so we traveled a lot.

I trotted down the stairs and into the living room. Dad looked up from the Daily Prophet and eyed me with amusement. I turned and looked at the front page.

The Girl Who Lived?

Dammit. They were never going to shut up about that! Just because some giant guy at the Leaky Cauldron made the comment that I looked just like Lily Potter and had – what looked like – James Potter's eyes, the Prophet had to have a field day reporting that Harry Potter could possibly have a twin sister. What the hell! Of course, than those dementors had to attack, and since my Patronus just happened to be a stag, just like Harry's, the Prophet sees that as proof. Don't they have anything better to do? It was absolute insanity! Of course, my parents, being the "see-it-to-believe-it" kind of people, didn't pay much attention.

Until today….

Mum gave me my letter from the schools. Mason School of Magic: rejected, over-qualified. Elouise Academy of Witchcraft for Young Ladies: rejected, over-qualified. And Victarius Institute for Wizards and Witches – you guessed it: rejected, over-qualified.

"My Lord, this keeps happening," I said frustratedly. "Every time we move…."

"what dear?" Mum asked, placing the bread in the oven to bake some more.

"they keep saying I'm over-qualified for schools. I just don't get it!"

"Well, Karry, you're a very talented and clever young witch. Your grades are remarkable. Rmemeber your O.W.L's? three Outstandings and the rest were Exceeds Expectations. And that's marvelous, according to your father."

Dad folded the paper and placed it on the couch side table. "and those Outstandings were in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination, and Potions. I swear that's how people know you're adopted. I was horrible in Potions." He smiled at me. "Karry, perhaps you shouldn't apply to such easy schools. I mean, anyone can get into Elouise Academy, and the classes would be terribly slow and boring. Remember, Aunt Tessa went there. Didn't you apply for other schools?"

Suddenly, the fire place went a blaze. Mum rolled her eyes as Remus Lupin stepped out.

"Remus!" Dad said with excitement. "What brings you here!"

"I was in the neighborhood," Remus said jokingly, brushing soot off his shoulders. Remus was an old school friend of Dad's from Hogwarts. They had both had been prefects, but Dad had been in Ravenclaw, and Remus in Gryffindor. Remus was led to a seat on the couch. His tattered clothes did not blend well with décor of the house. I hated being seen as rich just because my Muggle mother knew how to coordinate colors.

Remus looked at me with the same look he always gave me. A look that said he knew somethng I didn't. He pushed his graying, messy hair out of his face to reveal his still youthful blue eyes.

"We were just discussing Karry's school letters," Dad said. He was becoming amused with my frustration. "apparently, she's been applying to schools that are far too easy and wondering why she is being called over-qualified."

"That's not true!" I protested. "Victarius is one of the top schools in England! And I did get into one school." Mum came in and placed a tray of tea ans finger sandwiches on the coffee table. Dad picked up his cup and began stirring the liquid with his wand, apparently satisfying his sweet tooth. "But you said Beauxbatons was too far away." Dad nodded in triumph. I sighed as I fiddled with a sandwich. "What am I going to do?"

"What about Hogwarts?" Remus asked as he set his cup down.

A ringing silence filled the room. Nothing could be heard except the woosh sounds made by the ceiling fan.

Don't be ridiculous, Remus," Dad said in a happy tone, which still didn't lighten the mood. "Hogwarts is closed. If Dumbledore hadn't…."

Back to silence….

"I wish it hadn't closed. I would have liked to have gone." I sighed.

Remus sat up in his seat. "Most likely you would have been accepted if the school was still open." He looked at me directly, that look of knowing something I didn't more vibrant than ever. "Your father went there, after all."

"Please, Remus, I wouldn't need to drop Dad's name-"

"No," Remus interrupted calmly. "Your biological father."

I froze. My breath shortened as I dropped the cucumber sandwich. Usually, I would call five second rule. But not now….

I knew it had Remus that had brought me to this house when I was a baby and helped with the adoption, thus becomingmy godfather. But Remus had never mentioned what had happened to my biological parents, never mind that he knew them.

Mum came in and stared at Remus without expression. "Are you certain this is the best time to tell her this, Remus?"

"She has to know now," Remus said. "I want her to hear it from me before she hears…a less accurate version." He eyed the Prophet.

Remus turned back to me, perhaps remembering that I was still in the room. "Karry, I believe it's time for you to know who you really are." He turned to Mum. "Take a seat Ruela."

"Why does she –"

"Ruela, please," Remus said with importance. He gestured for to take a seat beside me on the other sofa. I took a deep breath.

From his robes, Remus pulled a manila envelope with sapphire writing. As he handed it to me, I began to notice how his hand shook slightly. I realized that I was shaking, too. I slowly took the envelope from him and looked at it thoughtfully.

On the back was the stamp that closed it. It was a scarlet crest of a lion, a serpent, a badger and an eagle. I turned it over to the front. The name it was addressed to sent a jolt through my heart and a chill down my spine.

Miss K. Potter

Bedroom with Blue Carpet

Number Seventeen Windsor Ave.

Barlor, Surrey, England

I looked up at Remus. Potter? There had to be some mistake.

"Open it," he said. He was smiling now.

I did as I was asked. As I read the letter, I dug inside my T-shirt for my locket and fiddled with it. It was gold heart with the initials L.E. engraved on the front, and around in different patterns on the back. I still hadn't figured out how to open it.

I finally started to read the letter thoroughly:

Dear Miss Larson,

Or should I say Miss Potter? Due to the circumstances at hand, I regret to inform that, though you would have been accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that the school will not be in session this year. As you know, this is not the only school in England, so you are free to apply to other schools, but before you do, consider this. This is your opportunity to find out who you are. I'm sure you know by now that you are adopted but what of your real family?

Let's start with your father. His name was James Henry Potter. He was powerful and talented wizard, though quite a trouble maker in his school days. However, he was also an extremely competent Seeker, causing his appointment as Quidditch Captain in his fifth year. This also means that Remus is not your only godfather. The other was appointed by James. His name was Sirius Black.

"Sirius Black!" I cried, jerking my gaze to Remus. "That escaped criminal is my godfather!"

"He was framed, Karry," Remus explained. "the real criminal was Peter Pettigrew." Remus sighed as he looked down sadly. "Sirius was one of the bravest, though impulsive, men I ever knew." He smiled. "Another was James."

"So you did know them!" I yelled in outrage. Why hadn't said anything before?

"Please, Karry, finish letter before you decide to yell at me."

I gritted my teeth. I didn't want to wait until I was done reading. But I also wanted total justification in yelling at my godfather so no one could contradict me. I returned to the letter.

Now let us move on to your mother. She was a beautiful and clever witch name Lily Cordellia Evans. She was a prefect and, shall we say, did her best to keep your father in line. She and your father gave their lives to save you…and your brother.

My brother? I thought. But he can't be….

I am afraid I cannot conclude this letter without mentioning him, for this is the most important part of your family. In fact, it is because of your brother that you must be reunited with him immediately. I am sure you can already guess who he is. A valiant, talented and amazing young man whom I have had the honor of calling my pupil: Harry James Potter.

This where I lead up to your alternative to applying to more schools that will call you over qualified. If you wish to know more about who you are and help your brother against Lord Voldemort, please come to the address below. Do not try to contact me. Sadly, I am afraid we will never meet. However, I expect the same courage from you as I do from your brother. Read and memorize.

Harry Potter's new residence can be found at Number Twelve Grimauld Place, London.


Albus Dumbledore

P.S: to open your locket, trace the initials J.P. over L.E.

I glanced at my locket, then back to the letter, then to the locket again. How did he…?

I looked up at Remus. Now I was justified to yell.

"How long have you known?" I asked angrily.

"Since you were born," Remus answered calmly. "Everyone thought you died that night with your parents. But…when I found you alive…I couldn't send you to live with your aunt and uncle. You wouldn't have been loved and cared for like you were here. Voldemort didn't know about you, anyway." Dad recoiled at the sound of the name. it never bothered me though. "All he knew about was Harry. I had to keep you a secret. From everyone, even Dumbledore. Sirius found out in yours and Harry's fourth year. I demanded he not tell a soul. But Dumbledore – clever old wizard – found us out. He wrote that letter shortly before he died and I was to give it to you before your seventh year."

"Why my seventh year?" I asked.

"I'm not really sure," Remus replied. "But I had to follow Dumbledore's orders."

I hesitated, wondering as I finally asked, "Why does Harry need me now? He seems to have done well alone so far."

"Oh, Karry he's never been alone. If he had been he wouldn't have survived so long. Harry has a circle of very close friends and allies. He needs all the help he can get." His blue eyes bore into my pupils. I couldn't remember him looking at me so seriously. "He needs you-"

"I don't want her to go," Mum snapped.

"Ruela," Dad tried to explain. "She's seventeen. This is her decision."

"Do you two hear me dammit! She can't go! I will not allow it! My only daughter is not going to help her so called twin brother against that You-Know-Who person!"

"Mum!" I retorted. Dad was right. I was seventeen and old enough to make this decision myself, though I still wasn't sure what decision to make.

"I may not know anything about all this magic business," Mum continued. "But I do know that that man is evil and if he wants Harry Potter, as soon as he finds that Karry is that boys sister he'll some for her, too!"

Mum was in tears now. This was really trying o my mind set right now. I had to make a decision, but what decision would it be?

"Ruela, be sensible," Remus said, comfortingly placing a hand on her shoulder. "Karry is of age now. She can use magic freely without the Ministry breathing down her neck. Now she has found out where to find the brother she never knew. You must give her chance to figure out where she belongs."

Mum took a deep breath to exit out of her frantic state. She turned to me with her eyes still very watery, though now she wore a weak smile.

"Do you want to do this?"

I looked at the letter, then to Remus, them deeply at both of my parents. The only family I had ever known and ever seemed to need. But now….

"If my brother needs my help, I have to go." I looked at Mum. "You always taught me to be there for family."

The truth of the matter was Remus had taught me this life lesson, but it was the only thing I had to calm Mum down. Luckily she was too distraught to realize this.

I stared at my locket. I knew who these initials were now. I knew what happened to my parents sixteen years ago, for the same thing had happened to Harry Potter's. We had the same parents, Lily and James Potter….

Harry Potter was my twin brother, and my only living blood family.

Family. My entire life I had search to find who my biological family could be without a single clue. Now the truth seemed to be flung at me in a way of "here it is you figure out what to do with it." In a way, it made me wish I had never found out.


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