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Remus Snape groaned as his mother polished his Head Boy badge for sixteenth time. He rolled his eyes and pushed her away.

"Mum, cut it out," Remus said with a sigh.

His mother, Karry Snape, rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on, Remy, you know how proud of you I am," she told her son, trying to no avail to straighten his tousled blond hair. Its lack of managablity definitely came from the Potter side. "I mean, you and Andromeda. Head Boy and Girl!"

"Mother!" wailed an eleven year old red head as the rest of the Snape family came through the portal and onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters. The red-head with peircing grey eyes pointed to another blond boy, who was two years older than her, and whose hair was far more managable. "Mother, Vlad won't leave me alone!"

"Come on, Cordy," Vlad told the red-head. "Remus is in Slytherin, I'm in Slytherin. I mean, really, if you don't end up in Slytherin than your just an outcast."

"Mum!" Cordelia Snape whined. Karry rolled her eyes and she looked at her husband.

"Stop it, both of you," Draco Snape told bickering children, picking up a small seven year old who was a spitting image of Draco's mother, who was the girl's name-sake. "You're scaring your sister."

Cordelia glared at Vlad and stuck out her tongue as Remus rolled his hazel eyes. He was the only one of Karry and Draco's children who had inherited this Potter trait.

"Sorry, Cissy," Cordelia said as Draco sat his youngest back down. Little Narcissa Snape nodded.

"There you are," said the voice of Tonks, the children's godmother. She came with a tall girl with bright pink hair and lively blue eyes. Her father's eyes

"Oh, I'm so proud of you," Karry embraced her goddaughter, who's Head Girl badge was displayed right next to the Gryffindor seal on her robes.

"You're father would be proud, too," Tonks added. Andromeda Lupin blushed.

"Thanks," she said quietly.

"Al!" Cordelia shouted, excited to see her cousin and Uncle Harry appear. Albus Potter smiled at his cousin. They would both be first years at Hogwarts this year. "Did you convince your dad about the broomstick?"

"Of course not," Ginny Potter answered for her son. Albus grinned.

"Come on, Mum! I could get on the Quidditch team the same age as Dad." Albus begged.

"No, son," Harry told his practically miniature. Only it had been the other Potter child to inherit his green eyes.

"I wanna go, too!" begged Lily Potter, tugging on her father's robes. Harry smiled.

"One more year, Lilz," Harry promised.

"Oh, good, we're not late," said Hermione Weasley's voice. She came up with her four children. Cordelia scowled a very Snape scowl.

"Oh, yes," Ron pointed out. "God forbid we be late after packing and leaving twelve hours in advanced." Hermione gave her husband a dark look and he immediately repented. "I love you, honey."

"Better," she said. All of the children laughed.

"Hey, Rose," Vlad greeted the oldest Weasley child. Cordelia stepped forward.

"Hello, Emmet," she said to one to the Weasley twins. "Elliot."

"Cordelia," Elliot Weasley said spitefully. This was the twins first trip to Hogwarts as well. Cordelia got along with Rose, Emmet, and, the youngest Weasley, the brunette, Amelia, fine. But she and Elliot had never got along. Not since that horrendous gnome incident.

The train signaled loudly as th children had their things taken from the trollies and hoasted onto the baggage cars.

"Gotta go, Mum," Remus said to Karry. "Prefect meeting." Karry nodded and hugged both Remus and Andromeda. She would always have a soft spot for her eldest and her goddaughter. Rose and Vlad also boarded the train, taking their opportunity to run while they could.

"Shouldn't you go, dear?" Karry said to her husband. Draco seemed to come to a realization.

"Heh, almost forgot," he admitted. He kissed his wife and little Narcissa and then looked to Cordelia. "No trouble from you, alright, love? I need you to keep your 'funny' brother in line."

"Neville still not happy about that thing with the gilly-weed, eh?" Harry asked his brother-in-law. Draco nodded. Before turning to Karry.

"No matter how much he looks like me, Vlad is your son," Draco teased before boarding the train. Karry laughed. After their seventh year, and they had finally got over the shock of Karry being pregnant with Remus, Draco went to McGonagall, asking if there was anywhere he could get a job...quick. The Headmistress, who had always known Draco to be, like his father, Severus, exemplary at Potions, asked him what he thought of teaching. Though relunctant, Karry convinced him he would be great at it. And he was.

"Okay," Karry announced, "time for the speech."

"Oh, not the speech," Ron groaned. "Everytime-"

"It's important, Ron," Ginny chastised her brother. Ron sighed as Harry stood by his twin sister.

"Alright," Karry began to direct. "Cordy, Elliot, Emmet and Albus. No, Cissy, dear. You got four more years." The four new first years gathered in front of their family. "Okay, now, here's the deal, kids." She turned to Harry.

"We want you to know that it doesn't matter what House you end up in," Harry said to his son, niece and nephews, "we will be extremely proud of you."

"Even," Hermione added to her own boys, elbowing Ron who was mouthing 'Not Slytherin.' "Slytherin."

The four children nodded before running to board the train. Karry pulled her daughter aside, kneeling before her and holding her hands.

"You know Vlad was joking, right," she told her daughter. "He doesn't care what House you end up in either."

Cordelia frowned. "It's just so confusing, Mum. You were in Gryffindor and Daddy was in Slytherin. How did that even happen?"

Karry sighed. "Wasn't easy, I'll tell you that." she smiled. A smile she and her daughter shared. The smile of Lily Evans Potter. "Cordelia, you are half Gryffindor and half Slytherin. Potter and Snape. But, you know something? You know about your grandfather right?"

"Which one?" Cordelia asked. "Your dad, the werewolf or the one with the funny nose who Remy gets his middle name from?"

Karry laughed. "The one with the funny nose," she replied. "Your Grandpa Severus. If it weren't for him, your Uncle Harry and I wouldn't be here. And niether would you, your brothers and sister, or your cousins." Karry smiled. "And of course, he was a Slytherin."

Cordelia blinked. She had never heard Grandpa Severus mentioned like that. Yes, the Snape children had heard stories about their grandparents - and Karry always insisted her godfather, Remus Lupin, be included as a grandfather - but they were either bed time stories of merely in passing. Never did Karry talk about Severus's contribution to him saving hers and Harry's lives for so long...except once when a child of hers went off to Hogwarts.

"Cordy," Karry told her daughter. "I'm going to tell you what I told your brothers. You don't have to be a Gryffindor to be brave," then, Karry grinned, "And you definitely don't have to be a Slytherin to be cunning."

Cordelia smiled as the train sounded again. Final boarding. Karry embraced Cordelia, kissed her forehead and let her on her way. The young red-head found Vlad, Albus, Rose and the twins in one of the middle compartments.

"Still scared about the Sorting, sis," Vlad asked, grinning. Cordelia glared.

"No," she repliead, sitting next to Albus.

"Vlad, will you leave her alone," Rose demanded, elbowing a sniggering Elliot. Emmet glared at his twin.

"It'll be alright, Cordy," Albus reassured his cousin. "I mean, I could be in Slytherin just as much as you, you know."

Cordelia nodded. "Well, if I'm in Slytherin, you better be in Slytherin." She glared at her older brother. "I do not want to deal with him by myself." Vlad rolled his eyes. He really looked just like his father.

"Look, Cordy, I was just messing with you," Vlad said. "You are all going to be alright. I mean, look at me and Rose. She's a Gryffindor, I'm a Slytherin and we get along just fine."

"Barely," Rose pointed out, pushing her long red hair behind her ear. "Besides, Vlad, we were also pretty much raised together."

"Oh, right Bad example."

Cordelia sighed as Albus patted her shoulder.

"Don't worry so much," he told Cordelia. "Have some faith. We'll be fine."

Cordelia nodded as she stood on the seats to drag down her reading material for the train ride. It was a book the Snape household, and Albus Potter, were very formiliar with. Cordelia and Albus were definitely the closest of the Potter-Snape cousins, and they shared everything. Cordelia didn't even mind whenever Albus read over her shoulder.

The title was the Gryffindor Girl and the Slytherin Seeker. And the inside back cover, was a message written in messy, yet feminine handwriting:

Dear My Little Ferrets,

I want you to know that this story is a wonderful read, but it is horrendously untrue and inaccurate. Gryffindors do not date other Gryffindors to please their friends. Slytherins do not join the Dark Arts out of a broken heart. All it takes is a little faith, a bit of courage, a hint of cunning, and a whole lot of love, and you can do, and be anything you've ever wanted.

Remember that your parents were wrong and right all along. As long as you love each other, anything is possible.

You are your own person.

With Relentless Love,

Mum, Dad, Tonks the Color Change Fairy Godmother, Grand-daddy Remus, Sirius the Grim Godfather, Grandpa James, Grandma Lily, Grandpa Severus, and Grandma Narcissa

The Ones We Love Are Never Truely Gone


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