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Episode 1- "ReBirth"

"Welcome one and all to the rebirth of Extreme Championship Wrestling. I'm Joey Styles along with my fellow commentator Tazz. Tonight is the official debut of ECW on Sci-Fi and we couldn't be more excited for what's instore tonight."

Tazz explained further. "Tonight is all about rebirth, like Joey said. Paul's coming out here to start off our show with a bang and big announcement."

The intimate yet rauckus scene was set. The ECW faithful were on their feet with many signs, many yells, and much excitement flowing outward. Extreme Championship Wrestling had finally returned to take back its rightful place in wrestling history. At the helm, the king of his kingdom, Paul Heyman was walking down the isle with a smile on his face and a championship belt in hand. As he stepped into the newly designed ECW squared circle, chills ran up and down his spine. This was it... ECW was back!

With a microphone given to him by the announcer, Paul started. "Thank you." he pointed into the crowd then did a 360 degree turn. The crowd cheered as he continued. "If it wasn't for your chants, if it wasn't for your hardcore and undying devotion, this would not be happening. I thank you! ECW thanks you!"


Paul smiled at the chant and nodded. "Before we go any further, there are a few things i'd like to personally address. Call it... a... State of ECW address." he paused. "Ya see, i've listened and read alot the past month. There has been some static lately being broadcasted towards ECW. Oh, ECW isn't going to be the same. Oh, Kurt Angle doesn't belong in ECW. Oh, Paul Heyman sold his soul by going through with this. Oh, Mcmahon is just looking to make a few bucks. Oh, ECW just won't be extreme anymore."

Heyman paced in the ring for a couple moments, taking time to resume. "It's simple... if any of you out there in this world believe that I would just roll over and let some billionaire change this company... my company, you're out of your fucking mind! This is ECW... this is hardcore wrestling... this will always be EXTREME!"

"Wow, Heyman lettin' loose here on Sci-Fi." Tazz commented.

Heyman waited as the rauckus crowd settled a bit. "But I digress. What's truly important is tonight because tonight we begin to lay the foundation. Tonight's main event will be a six-man tag to decide the three participants in next week's triple threat elimination match for the new ECW World's Heavyweight Championship!" . The crowd roared loudly. "Tonight, on one side will be RVD, Balls Mahoney and Sabu. On the other side will be Kurt Angle, Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer. And don't worry, people, there's alot more instore than meets the eye!"

The ECW opening theme hit and the show went to commercial. When it came back, a rookie wrestler was standing in the ring and Big Show was walking down the aisle to a mixed reaction. The size difference was astounding, and most of the crowd could sense this new kid would be more of a jobber than anything else. He had short hair, baggy black pants with black sneakers. He also had taped fists. A nice added feature was a tattoo of the new ECW logo on the back of his neck. His ring name was Block.

"Incase any of you are wondering. This rookie is about 26 years old and is wrestling in his first professional match. He goes by the name of Block and claims his style is a mixture of high flying and brawling." Styles explained.

"Should be interesting but I don't like his chances against the 7 foot monster staring him down right now." Tazz said.

They locked up and Big Show easily powered Block into the corner where he unleashed a flurry of chops which caused a chorus of whoo's from the crowd. The rookie was hurting in a bad way as Big Show whipped him into the opposing corner and followed up with a huge splash, squashing him. Block quickly collapsed to the mat in a heap.

Suddenly, Sandman came from the crowd and attacked Big Show in the face with his trademark singapore cane. Show went down to one knee as blood began to drip. Block saw this and set Show up. When the time was right, Block jumped onto the middle rope then sprang backwards and hit a well executed ddt much to the surprise of a now cheering crowd.

"Impressive move by the newcomer. 1...2 and no, Show's back up."

Sandman exited the ring then came back with a chair and started hacking away on Big Show. Block set up the chair in the middle of the ring. When Big Show finally made it to his feet, Block executed a fine frontside neckbreaker onto Big Show and covered. 1 2 3! THE ROOKIE WON!

"WHAT AN UPSET! WHAT AN UPSET!" Joey yelled with enthusiasm.

A bloody and battered Big Show layed lifeless in the ring as Sandman raised Block's hand while the crowd applauded the win. Just then, Sandman broke the cane across Block's back and hit a white russian leg sweep to a huge round of cheers.

"What the hell's goin in! Is Sandman drunk?" Taz asked half-sarcastically. "First he helps this Block beat Big Show then he lays the kid out? Damn!"

"In any event, what a way to kick off ECW on Sci-Fi, and we still have the 6-man to come. Don't go anywhere."

The show went to commercial with Block gingerly rolling around the ring, his back hurting. When ECW came back on the air, the camera was backstage in the locker room where Al Snow was catching up with Sandman. "Sandman, Sandman. What's going on?" . Snow being given the task of backstage interviews.

Sandman scowled and stared into the camera. "They had it coming."

That was that and he left. Back ringside, the camera was on Joey Styles and Tazz. Joey was just explaining the title situation when someone's theme hit. Heading for the ring was none other than Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Big Guido being accompanied by Trinity. The F.B.I filled the ring while Block was on the outside just walking away, receiving a pat on the back here and there from the fans in attendance.

"Whoah, wait." Guido said, climbing the turnbuckle and pointing to Block as he entered the aisle. "Would ya mind coming back here for a moment? We have a proposition for ya."

Hesitant, Block did in fact enter the ring. He was feeling a bit apprehensive, though. Tony took the mic from Little Guido. "So, the new kid in ECW... Block. Call us crazy, but we think you may have irritated two of the wrong wrestlers. Seems like you have Big Show and Sandman gunning for ya."

With his hands on his hips, Block nodded his head while still catching all of his breaths.

Tony continued. "So, it also seems like you could use some help if ya know what I mean. A little... protection plan."

"Where's the FBI going with this?" Styles asked.

Little Guido took the mic back. "This isn't the old ECW, this is the new ECW and you have no friends backstage or in this crowd. But, you're in luck. Ya see, the FBI is looking to expand. Call it a win/win situation because you need protection and we could always use another member."

"Call me crazy, but I don't think Block is italian." Styles said.

"Maybe he can convert." Tazz said to Joey's silence. "Or maybe not, I don't know."

Block accepted the microphone from Guido and spoke. "Thanks... but no thanks." then he dropped the mic and went for the ropes but was suddenly attacked by Big Guido who layed in a barrage of punches and boots to the abdomen. Then the big man dragged him to the middle of the ring and performed a power bomb to perfection. Then the rest of the FBI layed in kicks and a couple moves. After that, they swung Block over to Big Guido who was now on the ring apron. From there, he picked Block up in a press slam and threw him into the crowd. At that point, the crowd went beserk!


Joey screamed. "ECW IS BAAAAAACK!"

Little Guido smiled. "We're the FBI! If you're not with us... you're against us!"

ECW on Sci-Fi went to commercial with the camera zooming in on Block being flung over a safety rail by fans at ringside. After the break, the ring was cleared and the 6-man was about to happen when a camera zoomed to the entry ramp. Low and behold, much to the shock of everyone in attendance, none other than the psycho herself Mickie James was standing in front of the bricks with her WWE Women's title draped over her shoulder. Many booed, until they listened to her words.

"Ok, now what the hell is Mickie James doing here? Can't the WWE leave us alone?" Styles asked.

Mickie smirked out of the corner of her lips. "I know what you're all thinking. This chick doesn't belong here, go back to RAW. But, the thing is... I don't want to." . Then, to even more shock, Mickie flung the belt carelessly into a trash can. From there, she poured lighter fluid in. The crowd gasped and started realizing what she was doing...


She struck a match and watched it burn to a roar of cheers from the crowd.

"She's burning her WWE title!" Joey exclaimed.

"I don't believe it myself. But, what does this mean? Is Mickie part of ECW now?"

From behind, Heyman came out with a smile on his face and a belt in hand. "One and all, welcome the latest addition to the new ECW roster. Welcome... the first ever ECW Women's Champion. Welcome... Mickie James." and he handed her the belt. "Now, let me explain myself before i'm crucified for this decision. If you were like me, you watched Mickie come up through indie promotions, down south getting hit over the head with a guitar, and now a psychotic lesbian angle. I saw this girl and all my eyes could truly see was squandered potential. I regret not signing her way back when she tried out for ECW. But now i'm making good on that regret. In ECW, and in our new women's division, Mickie's style of wrestling will shine and she will not be held down to suit the needs of less professional and less talented women who are nothing more than eye candy."

Suddenly, out came Trinity attacking Mickie from behind. Of course, Joey screamed catfight as the two went at it. Paul laughed and gestured to the women. "Ya see, ya see, this is what i'm talking about! ECW needs more of this!"

The two girls fought off of the stage and down the aisle, with Trinity in control. Once they made it to the ring, however, Mickie quickly took control and nailed her adversary with a tornado ddt that knocked her out. Quickly, the FBI came running in and Mickie slipped out of the ring and to the back, picking up her new ECW Women's title on the way.

"Oh man, what else could possibly happen?" Styles asked. "At any rate, we need to take one last commercial break and I promise we will have the 6-man tag main event when we come back."

Main Event...

ECW had gone to break and came back rather quickly. Three of the six men were already in the ring. Angle had just entered. Credible and Dreamer had already been introduced and were in the proper corner. Angle was met with mostly boos. Tazz credited this to the ECW fans being not too sure about him just yet. Angle would just need to prove himself and solidify a spot.

Then came Balls Mahoney, then Sabu and then the lights went down, the pyro went off and RVD came out to the loudest pop of the night. He quickly ran to the ring though as the action took off fast. There was no order and that was the way everyone liked it. Van Dam had taken the fight to Credible while Sabu and Angle paired off. Dreamer and Balls' brawl spilled out of the ring and entered the crowd when Balls clotheslined Tommy over the safety railing much to the delight of the hardcore fans.

In the ring, Credible low-blowed RVD and then attacked Sabu from behind. This gave Angle and him a chance to double-team the legend. They layed in a couple shots then Justin irish-whipped Sabu to Angle where a belly to belly suplex was performed and Sabu flew over the top rope, down to the floor very hard.

Thinking quick, RVD rolled up Angle for a school boy pin, though it was broken up by Credible who stomped down on the whole f'n show. Meanwhile, Dreamer and Mahoney made it back to ringside, both with small cuts on their faces and small trickles of blood. Tommy rocked his opponent with a couple punches then swung him into the steel steps. Tommy spread his arms, tilted his head back and roared his favorite phrase "E-C-FUCKIN-W!"

Then he charged but Balls back body dropped him right onto the steps. The crowd collectively gasped and oh'd at the thud of Tommy's back on the steps.

Styles gritted his teeth at the sickening sound. "Ah! Tommy landing right on the steel steps!"

In the ring, Rob was victim of the double-team until Sabu came back in with a steel chair that rocked Angle and rocked Credible right out of the damn ring. Sabu then body slammed Angle and RVD executed a rolling thunder manuever out of nowhere. Sabu then exited the ring and popped Credible with a few shots, but Justin fired back and rammed Sabu against the ring apron. Justin then turned to the announce table and started taking the monitors and etc. away. He smiled wickedly and signaled for a piledriver.

Rob was about to help his partner when Angle grabbed him from behind and german suplexed him nearly into oblivion. A cover was made but RVD kicked out. Angle then irish-whipped RVD and after a few close counters, the two ended up colliding with one another. Meanwhile, Tommy and Balls were now brawling up the aisle towards the stage area.

On the outside, Credible had Sabu in his grasp but Sabu busted him open with a monitor. This shot knocked Credible out temporarily. Sabu then set his opponent out on the announce table. The crowd's noise level started rising as Sabu got back into the ring and set up a chair accordingly.

"Shit, this is when we move, Styles!" Tazz exclaimed and moved away from the table.

"Wait, he's not gonna... OH MY GOD! INCOMI..." Joey's mic was cut.

Sabu had hopped from the chair onto the top rope then launched himself with a devastating leg drop that damn near destroyed Credible. Joey's headset was caught and he ended up upside down with his feet straight up in the air.


Elsewhere, on the stage, Dreamer tried to pick Balls up for a Spicoli driver but Balls blocked the move and lifted Tommy up on his shoulders for his own version of the death valley driver. But Tommy struggled and moved around so much that the two men ended up falling off of the stage and crashing down below.


Back in the ring, Angle and RVD were back up. Angle went for a hip toss but RVD reversed it then Angle broke out of RVD's hip toss. They exchanged a few blows and Angle went for a belly to belly but RVD broke out of that and hit a fine facebuster, followed by a spinning leg drop for the pin but Angle kicked out. Van Dam then climbed the turnbuckle but Angle rose back up at a lightning speed and performed his trademark suplex from the top. The crowd applauded the move. Kurt then got back up and went up to the top rope again. This time it was a moonsault. He jumped but RVD moved and Angle's abdomen was in some serious pain. Out of reflex, Kurt stood up clutching at his stomach. RVD saw this golden chance and grabbed the steel chair left by Sabu, tossed it to Angle and performed a picture perfect Van Daminator that seemingly knocked Angle out for good.

There was a pin. 1... 2... NO! Angle somehow kicked out. RVD's jaw dropped and his eyes went wide, he never expected such a fight from Kurt tonight. Just then, slowly, Sabu re-entered the ring and picked Angle up, holding him for RVD. Rob then hopped to the top rope and was looking for a jumping sidekick but Angle ducked and Sabu was kicked in the jaw and knocked back to the opposing corner. Angle then hit his signature Angle slam. 1... 2... and no! Barely, RVD kicked out. Angle then set up for an anklelock and locked it in. RVD was in pain and close to tapping when Sabu threw a chair into Angle's back. Angle collapsed to the mat and Rob crawled away. Then, purposely out of revenge, Sabu kicked RVD in the back of his head which rolled him out onto the ring apron.

"Am I on? Am I on?" Styles asked repeatedly, finally getting straightened out. "My god, we are witnessing the new ECW and I love it!"

Sabu then irish-whipped Angle but it was reversed and Sabu collided into Credible who had just crawled his way back onto the ring apron. Angle went for an anklelock on Sabu but Sabu worked out of it and whipped Angle into the corner. From there, Sabu set up a chair and was going for a running splash off of it when Angle caught him and executed an amazing Angle slam down onto the chair, destroying the steel and perhaps Sabu's body also. Angle rolled onto Sabu for the cover but RVD came out of nowhere with a five-star frog splash and covered Angle. 1... 2... 3!

"IT'S OVER! IT'S OVER!" Joey screamed. "It will be RVD versus Sabu versus Balls Mahoney, if Balls is even still alive, for the ECW World's Heavyweight Title next week on Sci-Fi. My god, what a rebirth of ECW!"

"ECW really is back!" Tazz exclaimed. "Tune in next week, god knows what'll happen next!"

The show went off with RVD's hand being raised and the ECW fans going ballistic.