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Chapter 12- "Heatwave" Part 2

ECW Tag Team Title Match: The Hardy Boys VS Morrison and Matthews (c)...

The Hardy Boys were in the ring, having just made their entrance. Nitro and Matthews came out but Nitro wasn't Nitro anymore. He had adopted the persona of John Morrison. All four wrestlers were ready to do battle when Heyman's theme song played and the fans erupted when they saw Heyman being accompanied by the Dudley Boyz. Paul declared that this was now a four-way dance for the ECW Tag Team Titles. Everyone was confused, even the fans. But, as the Dudleyz entered the squared circle, Heyman gestured to the entry way. Emerging from behind the curtain was none other than the duo known as LONDON AND KENDRICK! The fans became unglued, Chicago was rockin' now. Bubba, London, Matt and Nitro were picked to start things off. And remember... every match in ECW is EXTREME RULES!

The competitors circled each other, the crowd solidly behind the returning Dudleyz. The action was fast and furious for a solid twenty minutes. The tables were injected into the match. Joey Matthews being power-bombed by Bubba, off the top rope into the table. A Dudleyville DeathDrop followed, hitting the bullseye, targeting Paul London. With London and Matthews seemingly out of the way, the action only intensified when The Hardy's brought in the ladders. Two ladders. Jeff performed a memorable Swanton Bomb off a ladder, into the crowd, through a table that Bubba was on. Both were taken out. Four men left standing thus far. Devon Dudley, Matt Hardy, Brian Kendrick and John Morrison. With ECW Tag Title gold on the line, everyone stepped up.

Matt and Brian formed a temporary alliance against Devon and Morrison. Fists flying, exhaustion starting to settle in. Twist of Fate on Devon, NO! Devon blocked and shoved Matt to the ropes, resulting in him being backdropped over the top. Then Morrison surprised Devon with a superkick, landing right on target. Kendrick and Morrison tussled next, resultin in Kendrick experiencing a very painful corkscrew neckbreaker. Morrison covered, it was academic. Morrison and Matthews remained ECW Tag Team Champions.

ECW World Title Match: CM Punk VS RVD VS Sabu (c) in a sudden death three-way dance...

"ECW fans, prepare for the 'coup de grace' if you will. This next match will not only define the new ECW but propel it into the future. All hope of ECW's survival rests on the shoulders of three professional wrestlers who want nothing more than to leave here as World Champion. Tazz?"

"Could not of said it better myself, Joe. What we have here is the potential for something absolutely amazing. Set the dvr's people, it's fight time."

Killswitch Engage filled the arena and the fans went absolutely beserk. Why not? After all, this was CM Punk's old stomping grounds. The insane ovation filling him, consuming him, driving him, CM Punk made his way to the ring with an unbreakable look of determination. The fans began a chant of welcome home, Punk had never felt better. Out next, Rob Van Dam! The one of a kind wrestler entered the ring with a health dose of cheers and boos. It was obvious who this Chicago crowd was backing tonight. Last but certainly not least, the ECW World Champion himself- yeah, remember him?- Sabu! The Champion made his entrance to roughly the same response as Rob Van Dam. Once all three wrestlers were in the ring, each to a corner, announcer Justin Roberts could begin...

"Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is your main event of the evening, and is for the ECW World Championship!" . The fans popped, "First, he weighs in at 222 pounds and hails from Chicago, Illinois. He is the Straightedged Extremist... he is CM Punk!" the fans roared. "And one of his opponents. He weighs in at 235 pounds and hails from Battle Creek, Michigan. He is Rob... Van Dam!" cheers came, some boos accompanied, "And finally, their opponent. Weighing in at 220 pounds, hailing from Bombay, Indian. He is The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac... and ECW World Champion... Sabu!"

Justin Roberts exited the ring and the bell sounded. Takedown time, all or nothing. Acting quickly, Van Dam and Sabu teamed up. They got the advantage on CM punk with some punches, followed by a nice double vertical suplex. Then RVD came down with a somersault senton and Sabu dropped a leg across Punk's throat. The fans were hating this. RVD kept on the offensive while Sabu exited the ring, grabbing a chair and returning. Rob irish-whipped Punk into a corner. Sabu set up a chair and then it was time for Air Sabu! But, Van Dam followed this up with a monkey-flip that ended up plastering Punk's back against the chair which was still standing. Sabu pointed to the sky, Van Dam provided the fans with a look at his signature pose and taunt.

Not content yet, Sabu picked up the chair and slammed it down on Punk repeatedly. Then, when Van Dam turned around, Sabu chucked it into his face! The crowd popped, Sabu layed down a beating before standing Van Dam up and shoving him into a corner. Sabu set up a chair next, booting the still down CM Punk and tossing him out of the ring. Sabu then backed in a corner and charged. AIR SAB... RVD MOVED, NO ONE HOME! Sabu crash landed hard in the corner. Van Dam stumbled over to the chair and grabbed it. In a swift motion, he ran over to the opposing corner and made a b-line for Sabu, nailing him good with a nasty-looking baseball slide with the chair! The crowd oh'd. Rob pulled Sabu away from the ropes and hooked the leg, 1... not even close to a 2! On the outside, Punk was dazed but climbing onto the ring apron. Van Dam wedged the steel chair into the corner closest to Punk. RVD stood Sabu on his feet and swung him but the Champion reversed and Van Dam was sent back-first into the chair. And, while holding onto the 2nd rope and still outside the ring, Punk lifted his right boot and kicked the chair, kicking RVD's back in the process! Rob let out a cry of pain and stumbled forward, Sabu dropped him with a ddt!

"Hey Champ!" Punk called out. Sabu turned and was met with a introduction to Air Punk! The uninformed know it as the springboard diving clothesline. Crowd pop, hook of the leg, 1... still not even close! Punk silently cursed himself for attempting a pin so soon. But, at least now the momentum was beginning to swing a little more in his direction. He turned his attention to RVD while Sabu rolled under the ropes, catching a breather. Punk tried a whip, Van Dam countered and surprised Punk with a short-arm clothesline. Van Dam followed it up with a stomp and a quick little moonsault. 1... not even 2! Rob noticed Sabu now standing on the apron, he went over to attack but Sabu caught him off guard with a shoulder-thrust to the abdomen. Sabu pulled back, sunset-flip was next! However, RVD latched onto the ropes, refusing to be pinned. Punk stood and dropkicked Van Dam in the upper back, knocking him forward through the ropes, down onto the floor in a heap. CM bent down to pick up Sabu, but the Champion countered, rolling Punk into a small package, 1... still no 2 reached in this match! Both men up and swinging, Sabu missed a clothesline, Punk missed one as well. RVD up on the ring apron, both Punk and Sabu noticed, so they each swung, each missed. Van Dam grabbed them both by the hair and dropped to the floor, driving them throat-first across the ring rope.

RVD entered the ring, he lifted Punk up and scoop-slammed him down, and the same to Sabu. Then he stacked them on top of each other and dropped down with a little Rolling Thunder! Punk recieved the worse of it, clutching his abdomen and rolling out from underneath Sabu, out of the ring. RVD picked Sabu up, looking for a nothern lights suplex. Sabu put a stop to that by countering into a very decent tornado ddt. The ECW World Champion crawled out of the ring and peeked under it. When he found the object of his desire, he pulled it out and slid it into the ring. After that, he extracted another. Two tables and a bent steel chair were in the ring now. Scratch that, another chair had just been added into the mix. However, before Sabu could get back in the ring, Punk hit him with a forearm to the back of the head. They exchanged blows from there, ending up in front of the commentator's table. Sabu wanted to slam Punk's head into the hardware, Punk refused and answered by bashing Sabu's head down onto the table. Out of absolutely nowhere, RVD came flying through the air, splashing down on Punk, CM's back pressing against the very edge of the commentator's table.

The match was just now starting to take its toll on the competitors. Sabu took the opportunity to crash Punk's face into the table then roll him onto it. The Champion punched Van Dam back down and then grabbed another steel chair. All eyes were on the ECW Champ as he climbed into the ring and onto the top rope. Styles and Tazz got the hell out of dodge. ARABIAN FACEBUSTER FROM THE TOP ROPE, THROUGH THE TA... PUNK MOVED! PUNK MOVED! SABU HIT NOTHING BUT WOOD ON THE LANDING! Sabu was down, possibly paralyzed. It looked sick, no other word could possibly describe what had just taken place. The Chicago faithful roared and cheered. Punk climbed into the ring, RVD followed suit. It was time for Straightedge versus 420. RVD smiled and performed his taunt, most of the crowd following along. Punk smirked and did his own version, the entire arena right along with him. The referee pushed the table and chairs to the side.

Collar and elbow tie-up. RVD went for a hammerlock, Punk reversed into his own then pushed Van Dam away. RVD charged, Punk swerved. They faced each other, inches away. Punk hit a forearm, Van Dam did the same, and then again and again. Punk ran against the ropes, RVD leap-frogged. Punk hit a springboard rever-secrossbody. The momentum made them roll and RVD ended up on top, 1... still no 2! Both wrestlers up, collar and elbow again. Neither man giving an inch until Punk kneed Van Dam, the crowd cheering very loudly. Another and another, followed by Punk whipping Van Dam into the corner. But, RVD reversed and Punk was the one sent into the turnbuckles. RVD charged, shoulder-thrust after shoulder-thrust. A monkey-flip next? No, RVD forearmed Punk a couple times and then set him up on the turnbuckle. RVD climbed, a superplex was what was coming next. Van Dam tried, Punk stood his ground and sent a nice punch into Rob's gut. RVD doubled-over, CM hooked in a possible Pepsi-Plunge. The crowd roared in anticipation. Punk tried, RVD blocked this time. Both men jockied for position high above, each with no desire to give-in at this possibly all-important moment in the match. Momentarily, it seemed as though RVD gained the advantage, and he back-dropped Punk down hard onto the canvas, and held on, barely able to prevent himself from falling too. Punk was down, RVD found his opening. FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH!

Could this be it? Remember, this was the move that eliminated CM Punk when these two wrestlers had their first match. RVD crawled over and hooked the leg, 1... 2... NEW... NO! Sabu dove in with utterly not a single shred of a second to spare. Close call, huh? The match continued. Sabu and Van Dam exchanged blows, Sabu snuck in an Arabian Piledriver. Hook of the leg, 1... 2... not yet! Rob Van Dam still had life left in him. Favoring his back, Sabu slowly walked over and set up one of the tables adjacent to a corner. Then he grabbed a chair and dropped it over Rob's skull! If that wasn't enough, the Champ lifted RVD and layed him out across the table. Sabu was looking for another attempt at his signature move but CM Punk interfered with the proceedings. He climbed up and battled Sabu on the turnbuckle, causing the Champ to drop his chair. But, Sabu was resourceful. Sabu performed a SUNSET-FLIP POWER-BOMB ON PUNK, THROUGH RVD AND THE TABLE! But, while doing so, Sabu inadvertenly hurt his already aching back. Therefore, was unable to capitalize and pin the possibly finished CM Punk.

"Man, Styles, I don't think these three dudes can handle much more. It's gotta end soon or someone's gonna end up on a gurney."

"It just goes to show you how much the ECW World Championship means. How coveted and rich a prize it truly is."

Slowly, clawing and scratching his way, Sabu crawled over and covered CM Punk, who hadn't moved an inch as of yet, 1... 2... NO! The Punk fans cheered. Determined, Sabu draped an arm across RVD, this just had to be it, 1... 2... RVD LIVES! With broken shards and scraps of table being tossed from the ring by the referee, Sabu painfully picked himself up and that steel chair. In visible pain, Sabu attempted a triple jump moonsault and... succeeded! Landing right on RVD! 1... 2... NOT QUITE 3! The match continues. Sabu posessed all the momentum, every single ounce of the good stuff. What would he do next? How could he put away one of these wrestlers? He stomped down on Punk once, then set up a table on the other side of the ring. Sabu grabbed Punk and dragged him over to the table. But, in the nick of time, Punk came to life. He smacked Sabu's head off the table. Sabu stumbled back into the corner, Punk came up with a quick rising knee, really reeling Sabu's head back. Punk turned the screws, rights, lefts, whatever he could think of. Then he set Sabu up on top and climbed high. PEPSI PLUNGE THROUGH THE TABLE! The Punk fans popped huge for the always exciting manuever. Punk winced and grimaced, his knees hurting him. The Plunge was always something that nagged CM Punk. It was rather effective but had its downside. Punk turned Sabu over, revealing a large cut across Sabu's face, from which he was bleeding profusely. With crimson spilling, Punk covered, hoping this was it, 1... 2... NEW CHAM... RVD BREAKS IT UP! Somehow, someway, Van Dam mustered up the strength and gusto to stand up and pull Punk by the boot.

Punk scrambled to his feet, went for a swing, RVD ducked and hit a bridging german suplex. 1... 2... Punk kicked out. Van Dam spotted the bloody and battered Sabu as the referre cleared the ECW ring of all wooden debris. Rob picked up a chair and waited for CM to stand. When Punk did, RVD casually tossed the chair... VAN DAMINATOR! Spot on, bullseye! The fans began booing rather loudly, Van Dam covered his opponent, 1... 2... PUNK GOT A SHOULDER UP! The crowd was stunned yet exstatic! Is that even how you spell exstatic? Hell if I know. Everyone thought it was lights out... over and done. Not only the fans but also Joey Styles and Tazz, nevermind the ECW locker room. Punk was busted open, not dreadfully so or as bad as Sabu but bleeding nonetheless. In the corner where Sabu lay, a puddle of crimson pooled underneath him as he clutched his head, feeling as though it had been nearly ripped in half on the table.

RVD executed a spinning leg-drop and then sat Punk down in a corner, wedging a steel chair between the ropes. Van Terminator time, people. RVD climbed to the top rope on the opposing side. Little did he realize Sabu coming to life and throwing the other steel chair directly at him. Van Dam's body was rocked, his balance destroyed, and he fell backwards, landing in an extremely painful heap on the hard floor outside the ring. Hearing the thud was enough to cripple you, nevermind feeling the actual impact through your own damn body. Briefly forgetting about Punk, Sabu stepped out on the ring apron and prepared to fly. ASAI MOONSAULT! Who did it hurt worse? The barely conscious Rob Van Dam, or the possibly already injured ECW World Champion?

CM Punk was alone in the ring, unaware at first of the damage done outside the squared circle. He stumbled over to the scene. Holding onto the ropes, he looked down, crimson slowly dripping from his wound. He reared back, took a deep breath and then performed a slingshot somersault senton down onto his two opponents. All three wrestlers down, barely moving at all. The death-defying risks, the blood, the pain, the endurance and exhaustion. It was all adding up as the match lingered on and on, all three men drained of nearly all their energy. How much longer could the contest possibly last?

A minute or two later, Rob Van Dam and CM Punk were climbing into the ring. Sabu wasn't long in following their foot-steps. A stand-off between all three men. The crowd applauded, their claps and cheers growing in volume as the three wrestlers stared each other down. Weakened, weary, bodies aching, bleeding, they stood. This was it... the moment everyone had been waiting for. The end wasn't near, it was here. But... how could it come about? Would Sabu retain his championship? Would CM Punk claim gold in front of a hometown crowd? Could RVD play spoiler, take the belt for himself? It could all happen in the blink of and eye. Actually, it probably will. Or... it could be dragged out for just a little bit longer.

They stood, matching almost the same exact stance as when the match originally began. Who dares to make the first move? Sabu elbowed Punk then went to town on RVD. But, RVD retaliated with some rights and lefts of his own. Sabu smacked Van Dam one last time then turned to run against the ropes but, instead, ran right into CM Punk. Punk locked in a double-underhook. Van Dam looked to interfere, Punk lifted Sabu up enough to use his boots to keep Van Dam at bay. Then Punk ordered the fans, "I WANNA HEAR IT!"


Double-underhook backbreaker! Welcome, indeed. Too bad RVD was was on top of his game and took down Punk with a lightning quick spinning heel kick. Quick pinfall attempt, 1... 2... not quite! Both men up rather quickly, fighting for their lives. Sabu joined the fray. It was a three-way fist fight until Van Dam bonked Punk and Sabu's skulls together. They each stumbled away, each to a corner. RVD turned his attention towards Punk. He executed a monkey-flip but Punk landed on his feet, ducked a swing from Sabu and hoisted the ECW World Champion into a fireman's carry. Van Dam saw this, attempted to break it up, Punk swung Sabu around and knocked him to the side. GO TO SLEEP, SABU! The Champion was out like the proverbial light. Punk spotted Van Dam out of the corner of his eye. Punk swayed a roundhouse, hit a side slam! ANACONDA VICE! The Chicago fans ignited in excitement. Thinking on his feet, so to speak, Punk layed a boot across Sabu's chest whole keeping the pressure applied on Rob Van Dam! 1... 2... NEW ECW CHA... RVD squirmed out of the Anaconda Vice and broke the pin at the same exact second, sending this crowd into a frenzy! Punk was stunned, he thought he had it all figured out. He miscalculated. Or maybe he underestimated Rob Van Dam. Either way, he wasn't the ECW World Champion.

RVD scrambled to his feet, Punk was already up. He waited for Van Dam to turn. GO TO SLEEP, ROB VAN DAM! Good night, see you folks later, 1... 2... NEW ECW WORLD CHAMPIO... VAN DAM KICKED OUT! CM Punk punched the mat in utter frustration and hooked the leg once more, 1... 2... Van Dam still had gas left in the tank! What the fuck would it take to end this battle... this war? All three men were drained, running on E. CM Punk needed something to keep down one of these guys. He knew what it would take, he had to go with the GTS one more time. Determined, Punk hoisted Van Dam up once more into the fireman's carry. GO TO SLEE... SABU WITH A SCHOOL-BOY ON PUNK! 1... 2... 3! SABU RETAINS THE ECW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

"Your winner... and STILL ECW World Champion... Sabu!"

"What a match!" Styles eclaimed excitedly, "In the end, Sabu retains his championship."

"You said it, Jo... what's this?" Tazz wondered.

"CM Punk seems to be explaining something to the referee. We're recieving word that we should check out the replay of the pinfall."

"Ok, well... I guess... roll 'em."

Replay footage clearly showed that CM Punk's shoulder were not on the mat but on RVD. He had held onto the fireman's carry purely by reflex. If anyone was pinned, it was Rob Van Dam. But, he had two wrestlers on top of him. By default or not, both Sabu AND Punk were pinning Rob Van Dam down to the ECW canvas. The fans reacted the the instant replay, clearly voicing their opinions...


A disgruntled and dissapointed Rob Van Dam had already retreated backstage. A hurt and most likely injured Sabu was hobbling up the aisle, ECW strap hanging from his hands. CM Punk stayed in the ring, hands on his hips, demanding this ludacrous decision be reversed. Punk gestured to the replay screen, explaining that he didn't try to kick out because he thought he was safe, due to his shoulders being on RVD's body, not the ring mat. Referee Scott Armstrong exited the ring to converse with Justin Roberts and other ringside officials. Justin Roberts explained the situation to the Chicago crowd, "By virtue of two wrestlers involved in the same pin. Referee Armstrong has declared that this contest be extended an extra five minutes."


The bell rang, signifying the restart of this already elongated main event match. Sabu turned back, most of his face covered in crimson. He cursed and flung his hands up, claiming he had won and the match wasn't restarting. Just before he could hit the backstage area, Sabu turned back one last time. Rob Van Dam had entered the ring and was ready to strike Punk from behind. Whether Sabu wanted it to or not, the match had officially restarted. Van Dam rolled Punk up, Sabu ran down the aisle, maybe moreso painfully hobbling at an accelerated rate. Van Dam had the roll-up cover, 1... 2... No! Punk kicked out, Van Dam stumbled forward, running into Sabu shoulder-first, who had just climbed on the apron. RVD turned, Punk popped him with his signature combo of slaps and punches, ultimately ending with a swift kick to the head. But, RVD ducked the kick and dropped Punk with one of his own! Punk appeared out, Van Dam hooked the leg, 1... 2... NEW EC... SABU came off the top with a diving splash to break up the pinfall attempt. In obvious pain, Sabu rolled Van Dam over and covered, 1... 2... NO! Shoulder up! The match lives on! Sabu stood RVD up and they exchanged blows, Van Dam getting the advantage with his educated feet.

Punk rolled to the side, using the ropes to get himself up to a vertical base. Van Dam charged, Punk backdropped him over but Van Dam managed to hold on. Sabu picked up a chair, threw it at Punk but he dodged and the weapon smacked into RVD's skull, knocking him off the apron, almost into the first row, unconscious. Punk grabbed Sabu, GO TO SLEEP! For the second time this match, Punk performed that manuever, third time overall. Sabu didn't move an inch after the fact. CM punk dropped to his knees, exhausted, the fans begging him to cover. Punk collapsed on top of Sabu, 1... 2... NEW ECW WORLD CHAMPION, CM PUNK! HE DID IT! HE PINNED SABU! PUNK PINNED SABU!

"Your winner... and NEW ECW World Champion... CM Punk!"

"I don't believe it!" Styles commented, "We are witnessing history. In his hometown, CM Punk has just immortalized himself by winning the ECW World Championship."

"Not to mention, he defeated two ECW legends in the process." Tazz added.

The dam broke, the bell rang, the fans became unhinged. They saw what they paid to see... what they wanted and needed to see. The ring cleared, still on his knees in disbelief, CM Punk was handed the gold belt and given his moment of glory. What a victory, what a match, what a night! Extreme Championship Wrestling was here to stay and CM Punk was living proof of that. The new Champion stood, both hands on the belt, holding it high above him, displaying his great accomplishment to not only Chicago, Illinois but the world! But, as the new ECW Champ celebrated his victory, one more surprise came. And it was in the form of...


The crowd was consumed by a resounding hush. Time seemed to stand still, even CM Punk was utterly shocked into near paralysis. Standing at the top of the stage? Samoa Joe! What in the world was Samoa Joe doing in ECW? Let me rephrase that, WHAT THE FUCK IS SAMOA JOE DOING IN ECW!? Sadly, as the Pay-Per-View closed, we were given no answers. Joe simply stared at CM Punk for few silent and tense moments, then vanished behind the curtain. That's how ECW Heatwave ended, on that ominous yet highly exciting note.

THE END... for now


Shane McMahon's... "The Highest Level" includes Stevie Richards, Morrison and Matthews, and Raven.

Paul Heyman's... "Hardcore Alliance" includes Tommy Dreamer and The Dudley Boyz

CM Punk, RVD, Sandman, Samoa Joe, Shelton Benjamin, Sabu, Big Show, Matt Sydal, Colt Cabana. The list continues with... Balls Mahoney, London and Kendrick, Elijah Burke, Ron Killings, Little Guido, Super Crazy and Mike Knox. And we can't forget The Hardy Boys, Kevin Thorne, Shannon Moore, Kofi Kingston and Big Daddy V.